Anybody interested in a Hetalia RP? (You can hate me later)

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  1. So...Hi :D
    {Please take note that this idea has been going around my head for maybe half an hour...possibly 45 minutes, so if anybody wants to input an idea/plot bunny, feel free to do so!}

    But it sounded kinda cool, so here it the basics...maybe?

    What would happen if the anime was completely wrong, and the fanbase was much more accurate? Sure, there are personified countries, but what's the deal with states and unmentioned countries like North Korea? And who's to say that their personalities are set in stone?

    For example...what happens if America and Britain had already forgiven the other, and were the adorkable brothers once more? Or what if Canada actually was one of the loudest countries, and everybody noticed him?
    And this might be stretching the limits, but *DEEP INHALE THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT A GASP*


    So basically this is a Hetalia roleplay where you, as fans and roleplayers alike, get to decide what the real Hetalia is.
    Yes, you can use Canon characters, OCs, Fem!Canon Characters, etc...
    consider it as a sorta free-for-all :D

    (Sorry, I have nothing against cats, but your chara must be human.)

    As for personalities, they are representatives/stereotypes of their countries, but that doesn't mean they aren't human! (Well, technicalities aside, they look and act know what I mean xD)

    So To Summarize the whole Character thing:
    ~Events/Past must be historically accurate,
    ~Must be a real, present day country,
    ~Yes you can be related to canon characters, though if somebody is said character you need to confirm this with them.
    ~And splitting up certain countries (like Prussia/Germany & Italy/Romano) is completely fine, as long as there is somebody interested/you want to play two characters.

    Dibs on North Italy!
    Somebody can take South Italy if they want, (actually
    please somebody take him, I suck at two characters)

    Oh, and all ships can be an option, but you must get an okay by the other country.
    And yes, you can have multiple countries fighting over one another (FrUk & UsUk, for example. France and America fighting over England)

    I have absolutely no idea for a plot, just a setting and stuff, which is exactly why this is an interest thread and not a roleplay xD...​

    My god this post is a mess, I'm sorry everybody, I kinda just spurted ideas out randomly without any order and stuff =_=
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  2. This sound interesting... but I have no idea what Hetalia is? But I would love to do this and take U.S.A.!!!!
  3. I can't...explain the amazingness in my own words xD @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming

    So Hetalia is, in the words of Urban Dictionary (thank god for Urban Dictionary):
    "A Japanese comedy online manga/anime taking place around the time of World War II. All of its characters represent modern day countries, such as Kiku Honda(Japan), Ludwig(Germany), and Feliciano(Italy).
    All the characters are the stereotypes of their countries. Such as Alfred(America) is often seen eating cheeseburgers, Heracles(Greece) loves cats, Feliciano(Italy) is addicted to pasta, and the most infamous one: Francis(France) is the extreme bisexual hopeless romantic.
    It was originally going to be aired on TV, but Korean protesters found its portrayal of the Korea character(Im Young Soo) to be offensive.(So it was canceled.) "

    If you haven't already figured it out, I'm a hopeless fangirl when it comes to Hetalia, so all I can say is watch it!
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  4. That sounds hilarious... and I love cheeseburgers... but really is that all they think Americans eat xD
    Definitely in for this, my take a moment to help out with plot though^^ but North America is mine lol
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  5. North America includes Canada, which in the anime/manga is the complete opposite of America, so...are you just meaning America, or ???

    And YES, cheeseburgers are the hopeless addiction many of us Americans face lol.

    Just realized I didn't point out that my chara's gonna be fem!Italy, because I just see him as being 100 times cuter as a short female xD
    Doesn't mean Romano has to be a girl though...actually it would be a cute big bro/young sis relationship I think xD
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  6. USA sorry lol. I think I am going to go for a Chubby adorable boy who thinks he is the best of the best lol. I hope more people join
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  7. Awesomesauce, glad to see the hero has already been prepared for the possibility of France and England (maybe also Japan and Canada, that's a thing) fighting for your fatty heart xD

    Idk, according to the anime section of Pinterest Hetalians are one of the biggest fanbases out there (not to mention that while the anime may be cute and happy, the fanbase can be filled with dark, bloody theories/headcanons/fanfictions/ LET'S NOT FORGET HETAONI GUYS!) Hahaha crap BLOODY CELERY, I just made this depressing...
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  8. I thought it was funny xD... but than again I can be pretty twisted lol
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  9. So, if anybody doesn't want to go research every single country that has been personified in Hetalia, here's a little (not-so-little) list I whipped up. There have been other countries mentioned, but they haven't been personified yet, and all I listed were the personified ones, so here ya go. This'll probably be updated whenever more people call dibs, or if they have their own country they want then just tell me what section it goes in.
    Don't forget that taking multiple characters is completely fine by me! Just be sure that you can handle however many you choose please.
    {This'll probably become the cast list eventually if we get to that stage, I just honestly don't want to whip this up later, it's much better to do it gradually in my opinion than all at once.}

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Red means Canon characters that've been taken and as far as we know will stay the same look-wise (and maybe personality-wise).[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#008000]Green means Gender-Bent Canon Characters, that means original male are now female and vice-versa.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Blue means OC Countries.[/BCOLOR]

    Axis Powers:
    [BCOLOR=#008000]~North Italy/Veneziano (Taken @Raven Haruka )[/BCOLOR]

    Allied Forces:
    [BCOLOR=#800000]~America (Taken @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming )[/BCOLOR]

    West Europe:

    Central Europe:

    Eastern Europe:

    Nordic Europe:

    Mediterranean Europe:
    ~South Italy/Romano


    ~Hong Kong
    ~South Korea

    ~New Zealand

    The Caribbean:

    ~Hutt River
    ~Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

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