Anybody For A Romance?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for anyone interested in a romance RP. I love lots of drama and plot twists, like forbidden love, supernatural themes (ghosts, vampires, werewolves etc.), or two characters who start out as enemies but then end up falling for each other :D I really prefer to play the girl but i can play guys as secondary characters :)

    Anybody interested?

    [​IMG]Please? :D
  2. Hello I am also looking for a romance Rp. I would be willing to do a werewolfXVampire, depending on the plot.
  3. Ok did you have any ideas on plot? I'm open to pretty much anything :)
  4. To be honest the only plot I have on mid is the usual war amongst clans and two fall in love type of plot.
  5. I'm okay with that, :) Do you want to be the Vampire or the Werewolf?
  6. ummm I usually play the werewolf, so how about I mix it up for myself and play the vampire. Do you want to be the guy or the girl, I can play both equally.
  7. okay, if you don't mind I'll be the girl :)
  8. I'd like to do a romance rp, but if possible, I'd like to double up, since I also like playing females.
  9. Hi Severusx, I'd love to do an RP with you :) I'm fine with doubling up, did you have any specific plots you wanted to do? I noticed you like horror, I'm new to it but willing to give it a try if you like :D
  10. Well, I don't have any for sure ideas for romance,
    I'd like to do a romance, if that's alrigh.t
    I'm doing a few horror atm, so it'd be a nice change.
  11. DrEaM_ReBeL - okay so when did you want to start?

    Severusx - okay well i have a few ideas, what setting did you want? Fantasy? High school or college? Medieval? etc.... XD
  12. I like high school typically :D
  13. Okay what kind of high school? :D
  14. Maybe a private one.
  15. all right, so what kind of drama can we incorporate into it? :D The classic story of the popular kid falling for the least popular one? The teacher falling for the student? The school bully who falls for his/her victim? Two outcasts fall for each other? Exchange students?

    I could go on :D
  16. I like the outcasts one, but go on~