Any Xbox360 Call of Duty (Black Ops or Ghosts) gamers out there?

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  1. Title says it all.. looking for new people to play with!
    My gamertag is the same as my Iwaku name :P OR add me @ 'Davina Marie xo' <3 my Harley Quinn HD account ran out of live x)
    If you've got a youtube, subscribe to me and I'll subscribe to you! Just let me know who you are, or link me straight to your profile! :)
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  2. Um. I have Ghosts for Xbox One and Black Ops for 360. I don't really play Black Ops. Although if you want to add me, the gamertag is

    'xAgent Caboose' just...without the ''s
  3. Too bad ya don't have Ghosts for 360 >< I have been on a ROLL playing Reinforce with my bf lately xD omg that is my new favorite game mode! I used to LOVE BO2 but now that Reinforce is out, I havent touched Black Ops 2 in almost 2 weeks xDD
  4. I did have Ghosts for 360, but then my family surprised me by getting me an Xbox One and my local GameStop let me traded in my 360 version for the One version without paying for it. Although I owned Ghost for about a week and I work at GameStop so xD
  5. Lucky x) hook me up! lol jk xD that's pretty cool though :)
  6. I still play MW3 more than Ghosts or any other Call of Duty. I enjoy it for some reason :C
  7. I have ghost, but it's for the Xbox One :3
  8. I want an XB1 so bad -.- I'm poor though xD and I don't wanna get rid of my 360 cause there's some games not available for the One that I love playing on the 360 :3

    I still play MW3.....well, I did...till I (stupidly) sold it >>
  9. :o You sold it?!
  10. I really only played Dark Souls on my 360 when the One came out so I traded in everything I owned for the 360 and got the One, Ghost and a second controller for free :3
  11. yes :( I was short on money at the time.. was living on my own >>

    :P lucky lol
  12. Well. I only haveeeee.

    Watch Dogs, CoD: Ghosts, Titanfall, Ryse, AC: Black Flag for the One.

    For my 360...I have too many games to name. Along with Original Xbox Games. I almost have a total of 100 games of just Xbox o.o

    -Not counting my Wii, Gamecube, Gameboy, and PC games o.o-

    I don't have time to play Video Games much anymore but I still get them D:
  13. O_O ..... that's a lotta frickin games ><
  14. Yeahhhhh. Use to have a Local Game store before GameStop was built in my Town. I was friends with the owner and then GameStop ran him out of business. He had Nintendo 64's, Gameboys. All of the old stuff, and he gave me a lot of it because he was running out of room whenever he went out of business ^^
  15. nice ^^ thats awesome!
  16. ....I still have Black Ops.. And a lot of other games, on the 360. I have practically all the COD games, 'cept for BO2 and Ghosts. MW3 is my personal favorite, though, of the COD games. My gamertag is 'BloodthirstyBot' (I know, terrible name XD). Not at my 360 right now but if you still need people to play with you can add me. ^_^
  17. I'll add you on my Harley Quinn account. :) My friend is playing on it right now, but when I get the chance to get on I will add you! :)
  18. Sweet! Which game? Or both? :)
  19. Mostly black ops 2, and mostly zombies.. I've played ghosts a couple of times, but it just didn't stick with me as much as black ops 2 did
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