Any Xat Rps?

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  1. Hello, Im making this thread to see if any of my old friends from Xat are on here, my names back on Xat are ( Manzo Yamashita, Shichiroji, and Bonez ) I also used to have a clan called Meko if that rings any bells out there.
    Other names I went by to were Hideko yamashita.
    Just repy to this if you remember me with your name and PM me.
    If having trouble remember, go to my profile and check out some of my edited pictures I have, I posted 4 that I used to use on Xat.
  2. What is this Xat place? O___O I have heard the name before but have not come across it...
  3. Its another chat site for RPs, you can make your own profile, and own chat room. Design it the way you like. Make others in the chat mods, members, owners, and guest
  4. That sounds like too much work! D:

    *Doesn't realize the irony of that statement until it's too late* >>;;;
  5. It's actually pretty easy, I mean it takes work creating the chat and getting it to the way you like, but once its complete its really fun cause you can run it the way YOU want it to
  6. *Whispers* It being hard was the joke... cause.. cause I admin a website.

    *Punches Shicho in the shoulder and giiiiiggleflees!* :D
  7. Ohhhhh, I caught on to slow -.- Leave me alone, dun laugh at me >.<

    -The moment he was poped in the hsoulder he ended the angery face and glared with a straight look no blinking.-
    Oh oh.. wanna hit now eh?
    -Punches her back in the shoulder-
  8. *FLOPS!*

    But now that the question is out there, have you ever been to any other kinds of roleplay sites? 8D I love checking out other places and seeing how people do things.

  9. Haven't heard anything expect you, but the only chats I been to was and
    Realchat is a plain and not very good, but Xat is one of my favorites