Any very active partners interested in post-apocalyptic?

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  1. Hi! I'm new to the site but I have several years of experience in one[x]one role playing. I'm looking for somebody who is very active and posts a minimum of once a day, but preferably more! My responses are fairly short (1-3 paragraphs) and I prefer shorter, faster responses over slower responses that are a page long.

    As far as the plot, let's create one together! I'd be happy to take the reins or let you take them later but I'd like to test the waters first with a joint plot. I would really like a post-apocalyptic setting (the apocalypse can be caused by anything: war, zombies, disease, aliens, etc.) but I am open to other settings. Romance is great and I can do mature, given you are 18+ of course.

    I usually have several main characters (2-4) that are introduced gradually so I will be playing both males and females. I would love it if you played multiple characters as well but it's not a requirement.

    That's about it! I am brand new to these forums so let me know if you need any more information or if you are interested!
  2. Hey, Kheta ~

    I took a look at your Resume (you should take a look at mine), and I think we might get along well. I am very active and I like all the genre that you do. Still up for a RP? :P
  3. Hi Kai! I looked over your resume and everything looks good for the most part. I do have a habit of cursing and drifting to adult themes but I'll do my best to keep it PG-13 and censor appropriately. Aside from that, I am definitely still up for a game if you are. Let's take this to PM (there's private messages here, right?) to work out the details so the thread won't get cluttered with our specific game ideas. :)
  4. It just occurred to me that I don't have the required minimum amount of posts to send private messages! Excuse me while I post 3 more times with nonsense. :)
  5. Done! I am now able to send private messages. :)
  6. Hey there! Not sure if you're still looking for a game but I'd be more than happy to come up with something if you're interested. Your resume seems to line up with mine, especially with us both enjoying male slash pairings. Anyway, if you're still interested I'd be glad to start something up.
  7. Hi! Yes, I am still open for a new game. :) I looked over your resume and I think we'll get along fantastically. Did you already have a plot in mind? I don't have anything specific planned so let me know if you have any ideas!