Any TMNT fans out there?

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  1. Hello world! It is I, your (new) resident MutANT! Seeking fellow fans of anything and everything TMNT! Preferably anyone who is willing to write for cannon characters and doesn't mind OCs~

    *Crickets chirp as almost everyone who clicked on this turns right back around and leaves after reading that*

    I'm sure this sounds more like a player-seeking ad, which I thought about doing, but before posting an ad I first wanted to know if there were even the kind of players I'm hoping to meet actually out there listening.

    See, I'mma level with you folks. I'm new to the fandom, it kinda reared up and BIT ME IN THE FACE and totally surprised the heck out of me but... well... here I am.

    So long story short, I now have this awesome fancharacter who has really inspired me to get back into actually developing characters and crafting my writing and really trying to push myself for quality and nudge at my limits again after a reeeeeeeeeally long slump... and after almost three months of -nightly- internet searches looking for somewhere to play her... I cannot find a g-damn thing.

    So I'm starting to feel kind of at a loss here.

    "So why don't you write fan fiction?" I hear you ask.
    WELL because group story telling is more fun! Nobody ends up having to do -all- the work by themselves and you never can be sure just what the other person is going to do in response to the actions you have your character(s) take.

    Ideally, I would really really -really- like to get in touch with someone who would be willing to write at least a few cannon characters - And NO, its not what you're thinking. My character, despite what -everyone and their mom- thinks because she's a GIRL, is not a love interest. I just really happen to enjoy the cannon characters and the world they come from, and part of the fun, for ME, of tootling around in a cannon universe is getting to put in elements that IDENTIFY it as that particular universe of which I am a fan. I really get a kick out of the idea of my character, whom I have slaved ever so hard on, meeting these characters that I enjoy and seeing how that effects both sides.

    THAT'S. ALL.

    And holy freaking crap, if I wasn't surprised with the massive fandom there seems to exist, the trouble I'm having finding a way to make that a reality.

    THAT BEING SAID; I'm not against using her in OC only or original settings. You'd have to sell me a little harder on them, but in the end, I just happen to have this character I'm totally in love with which I really want to use.


    Still with me? Fabulous! Have a cookie *beans with a cookie*

    I have quite a lot of info on this particular fan character I want to use written down, but I won't go into all of that here. In general, basically she is a she, formerly a human who wasn't really doing anything too interesting with her life. She was kind of average, maybe a little below average really, and I wanted to see what would happen if she was thrown into the crazy situation of finding herself unexpectedly mutated and gaining all the powers and disadvantages that go with it.

    She's not especially HAPPY to suddenly be a mutant, she struggles with the changes that forces upon the way she looks at the world, humanity, and herself, and the way the world looks at her.

    I have a few ideas floating around regarding her, but they really need a partner to help me flesh them out.

    Although I never rule out romance as an option for my characters (because who doesn't like a little fluff topped with maybe a bit of angst?), she isn't intended for a love story. She was specifically built, like the characters I hope for her to interact with at least on -some- level, for adventure. She can kick some major ass! Reluctantly... but she can.

    I'm just... gosh I'm so pumped for her and curious.
    Does she continue to see herself as a monster, and possibly even embrace that?
    If she meets the good guys how useful of an ally does she turn out to be?
    If the bad guys get their claws in her do they manage to use her, pollute her, disillusion her?
    Does she end up a bad guy herself if she's continually rejected?
    Can she overcome all the obstetrical suddenly placed before her or fold under the weight of them?

    I want to knoooow! And it would just make me so happy to find some friends who are just as interested as I am.

    uuuuugh I have no idea of I'm doing this right.
    Thanks anyway anyone who took the time to hear me out!

    Stay frosty~
  2. Okay I saw TMNT. Which made me think Michelangelo. Anyways I read and am interested.
  3. Well that's one at least :D *highfive*
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  4. alright i'm in, can i have Leo?
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