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  1. I am looking for someone who would be interested in a high school horror r.p
  2. [MENTION=1322]Pendulum Ghost[/MENTION]: Sounds quite interesting actually, any ideas for a plot yet?
  3. Yeah it is an idea I have been trying to r.p for awhile. Would you like for me to pm you or post it here
  4. [MENTION=1322]Pendulum Ghost[/MENTION]: Either one, it doesn't matter to me much.
  5. After Hours

    There have been rumors that has been passed around for years. Every student has heard of them at some point, but no one knows their origins. There are several different versions, mostly likely deliberately changed to make it more terrifying than the originals. The majority of the rumors center around being out after hours. Tells of ghosts, and spirits ready to drag away anyone who was foolish enough venture after dark. The complex itself vast, the school grounds has seen countless additions, with the original building remaining intact and abandoned as the school grew and branched out.

    This building is said to hold the violent ghosts that most of the rumors speak of. Horrors and accidents, all manor of stories have sprang from it's foundation. From here it is said that the ghosts spill out from their resting places and drag the living back to be eaten, and torn apart. But of course these stories can't possibly be true, there is no taint in the history of this school. Perhaps the answer is simply because of sleepovers students have had in the dorm rooms over the years. You can imagine the creativity of a group of students exploring the grounds at night. The games they'd play the stories they'd would no doubt create. It is of course harmless fun and amusement right? Or is there some truth behind the stories, mysteries that surrounds the town and the school. Maybe there is a history that was erased, and purposely forgotten.

    Your are a student here, and the rumors are wildfires in every classroom. If there is a forgotten history to be discovered would you seek it out. Or pretend to ignore just like everyone else has.
    (the plotline, is centered around being a mature, horror story, let me know what you think)
  6. [MENTION=1322]Pendulum Ghost[/MENTION]: Wow, I like it. Its a very interesting plot, I would love to be part of it.
    Are there any specific characters that you would like to play? As in, personality, gender, or anything along those lines?

    Also, were you planning on having this be a Group? Or, 1x1?
  7. Just a one x one, I want to play as a girl. I have kept the idea vague for a reason. The idea is to have a group of friends or just students wanting to explore the old building in curiousity. This idea can change, main reason I want to do a one x one is because every other group r.p I have been apart of people just left. I will be driving the plot forward but it isn't a strict linear roleplay. It is meant to be loose to make it interesting and fun. As far as personality for my character that is hard to explain.
  8. [MENTION=1322]Pendulum Ghost[/MENTION]: Haha, alright. Sounds good.
    Just let me know whenever you want to do this RP then.
    I'll try to post as soon as I am able.
  9. I will post it in the one x one and send you a link, you can describe your character within the roleplay and post a picture if you wish. ^^
  10. [MENTION=1322]Pendulum Ghost[/MENTION]: Alright, sounds great~