Any Steven Universe fans out there?

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  1. With each new episode we are getting more and more clues to the history of the crystal gems, I am looking for some other SU fans to speculate with
  2. Never seen an episode.

    Seen tidbits and webms of some of the sillier parts. Heard about the Gitaroo man reference too. Was a neat little thing that I doubt many people, especially its target audience understood.

    Plan on watching it sometime though, looks a bit entertaining.

    As long as I ignore what tumblr says about it.
  3. I love Steven Universe. The writing is just soooo good.
  4. Not surprising considering the creator worked with Adventure Time.

    I don't watch it much simply because I've been too lazy to. But from what I have watched, I say it's pretty good. Entertaining atleast.
  5. Did you see last night's was amazing!!!!

  6. I missed it, but I loved the episode where Steven and Connie merged.
  7. That was awesome I loved Stevonnie, I really want to see steven fuse with Lars, Sadie, and Ronaldo. But seriously last nights episode revealed soooooo much on the gem's past
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  8. I'm definitely going to give it a watch later on if so.
  9. So what so you think of Lapis and Peridot?
  10. I thought the entire episode with Lapis was great. Mostly the story aspects about the Gems.

    And I hope they're going to do what I think they're gonna do with Peridot.
  11. What do you think they are going to do?
  12. The old antagonist route. Don't get me wrong, I do like the current formula, but I think the show could use an antagonist or two. It's perfect for it.
  13. Oh just wait this episode clears some of that up
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