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  1. Just wondering to see what peoples plans are for today, or anything interesting that's worth sharing :)
  2. I'm going to be studying for a math exam I have to take tomorrow. After that, I'm going to work on nutrition homework. In between all that, I'll be entertaining my bratty 13 month old and try to clean up this mess I live in.

    Later on, a friend is coming over with a movie to share with me and my boyfriend. :D
  3. Final Fantasy XIV all day urrday.




    Already did household duties. Just relaxin' now. Maybe a movie later.
  4. Examine the skeleton code for my computing exam.
    Cry because I can't understand it.
    Read my history textbooks.
    Cry because I can't remember anything in them.
    Try to remember terms used in media and common themes.
    Cry because I can't.
    Try to solve maths problems on past papers.
    Cry because maths.
    Binge on wine gums and online games.
    Cry because I don't know what I'm doing with my life.
    • Probably find another MMORPG to play that's preferably free.
    • Chores.
    • Exercise.
    • Drink as I contemplate the inner workings of the universe.
    • Enroll myself in school.
    • Maybe eat those dumplings downstairs.
    • Cook... maybe?
    • Cry because summer vacation is ending.
    • Watch mindless cartoons the entire day.
    That's basically it. Though that's my daily routine instead of plans. Except enrolling myself in school. Doing that everyday is kind of crazy. ;n;
  5. Sleep, work in ~9 hours, do forum stuff, spend no money.
  6. - Dragons.
    - Dragons.
    - Dragons.
    - Cook dinner.
    - Dragons.
    - Be unconscious.
  7. Diana you just made my morning haha:)
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Not open for further replies.