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  1. Just come in and just rp
  2. It was the dead of night when someone managed to find themselves trapped in your walk in shower closet.

    "Hrmm...not on of my best plans..." they mumbled as he huddled in his white hoodie as he drew his legs up to his chest, despite how essential bathrooms were, this particular burglar didn't like bathrooms.

    Too many bad memories.

    He sighed and pulled his hood over his head dropping his knife as he leans his head against the white tiled wall, long black hair falling back.

    "At least I dont have to pee..." the trapped burglar mumbled.
  3. Kelley's head turned slightly. She thought she heard someone down the hall. Strange, her sister was out of the house and she was the only one there. However, it didn't phase her for too long. She was too busy waiting for her sister to get back with sushi, and oh god how Kelley needed some of the fishy, crunchy goodness. Her stomach grumbled just thinking about it. Where is she? Kelley thought as she poked her head through the purple drapes. She scanned the road ahead for car lights, though the road seemed empty for the time. She sighed, and went back to slouching over the table in wait for her sister.
  4. Veronica was racing down the freeway trying to get back to her house ASAP. She knew that her whiny sister would be starving, and was going to chew her out. Eventually Veronica came to a red light, and let out a huge sigh. Why couldn't she get the sushi? She thought to herself. Finally Veronica pulls up to the house with the sushi, and opens the door yelling, "I am serving fish tonight girl!" She exclaimed with a sassy tone.
  5. Meanwhile upstairs, the trapped boy decided to try and free himself once more! He picked up his knife and plunged it into the door stabbing it repeatedly, but no luck.

  6. "Yes! Ugh Veronica I swear you took forever. Do you still drive the speed limit, girl?" Kelley said as she plucked the bag right from Veronica's hand. "Just gonna-"
    Suddenly some one shouted.


    It didn't sound that far away... Was someone in the house? Kelley turned her head to her sister and mouthed 'what do we do?'

    ((whoops, accidentally said Veronica not Kelley. My bad.))
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  7. Giving up, he dropped to his knees and then laid on his side "What was I thinking? You did this to yourself, Jeff...."

    Sighing he gave one last kick to the door.
  8. After Kelley rudly took the sushi out of Veronica's hands, Veronica was about to straighten her attitude. Although before she was able to do anything she heard a loud yell coming from upstairs.


    Veronica looked to Kelley with her heart beating faster than ever, and to Veronica's suprise Kelley just mouthed some words. Veronica ignored whatever it was her sister said, Veronica did not have time to play around. Veronica hurried, and grabbed the phone with no hesitation. She kept trying to dial 911, but her hands were shaking so much it was really hard for her. Eventually Veronica dialed it, and it turns out there was no service. Veronica slowly put the phone down and, turned around to face Kelley, "Did you forget to pay the phone bill again?!" Veronica said in a pissed off, yet scared to death tone.
  9. Kelley followed behind Veronica.

    "Did you forget to pay the phone bill again?!"

    "We spent the money on sushi, remember!?" Kelley retorted as she threw her hands in the air. She felt flustered in the moment. More at her dumb self for letting Veronica buy sushi. This is what laziness lead to. Burglars and unpaid phone bills. "Maybe if you didn't drive so slow, we'd have a little extra money in the bank." Kelley started, already forgetting about the shouting from earlier.
  10. Jeff sat up realizing he could hear voices, why hadn't he noticed them earlier, he wasn't too sure.

    He pondered if he should stay quiet and wait for them to come inside so he could deliver his infamous line of 'Go to Sleep' then would lose it's scary effect.

    Since he's trapped in a shower.

    It was degrading but he settled with calling for help...


    He couldn't bring himself to shout for help.
  11. Courtney pulled up to the house in a cab. She wasnt due home for another 2 days but things happened and her school trip to DC was cut short. She would have called someone to come pick her up from the airport but she sort of liked being kind of independent... guess it came with being 17, plus she wanted to surprise them. Her sisters were probably enjoying free rein of the house right about now.

    She got out of the cab after paying the fare and walked up to the house. Then she stopped dead in her tracks the front door was left open. She sped up to hear her sister kelly yelling about driving slow and money in the bank. They must have gotten chinese food. She walked into the house lugging her suitcase and closed the door behind her. "You guys left the front door open, its like your inviting an axe murderer to come and kill us all." Then she smiled while raising her arms in the air. "Im back!"
  12. Jeff stiffens at hearing the comment of axe murderer...he didn't wield an axe, though he knew it was a saying, he felt like axes were old fashion.

    He sighs loudly "Who builds these things with only one way in?" He barks and tried kicking the door, only to succeed in hurting his foot.

    He growls irritably and continues to kick the door before screaming out of frustration and flings his knife to the floor!
  13. ((You didn't give any information, so I hope no one minds my character.))
    I slept on my favorite roost; a tall building near an alley full of rats. I woke up suddenly- something was here! I saw a cat coming to attack. I couldn't see well, the peregrine falcon was a bird of the daytime. A flash of wings and I had hit the sky, swerved to the nearest source of light, and smashed into an invisible barrier, a window, I supposed in the few seconds of consciousness, and went out cold, the band on my right leg with the symbols, "495" glinting in the light.
  14. Jeff jumped at the sound of something colliding with the window, he turned around and noticed the window that he had climbed and fell into not realizing that it was attached to the restroom.

    He stretched out his arms and tried pulling himself up but his fingers slipped sending him back to the ground. He settled with using his knife to look out the window, he noticed a bird, no a falcon spiraled on the out ground. He longed to examine it up close before a cat or something worse took the little one.

    "Sure glad Smile isn't here..." he mumbled.
  15. Kelley turned her head and saw Courtney by the door. She was surpised! She had no clue that Courtney would be coming back so soon. Overwhelmed with joy, she ran up to Courtney and gave her a tight squeeze. "Oh my god, Courtney! I've missed you so much!" Kelley let go and motioned for Veronica to come over. "How was the trip? Did it end sooner than expected?" She asked. Kelley heard something bang back down the hall. Oh she was stupid to forget about that... Oh whatever. If there is a murderer in this house, I'm sure they'll have the politeness to let us sisters catch up before they murdered us. Kelley nodded to herself and looked up to Courtney.
  16. Jeff sighe slumping back to the ground, he honestly thought this was funny. He out of all the Pastas he would be the one stuck in a hilarious situation.

    Jeff decided he would sleep. Someone was bound to find him trap.
  17. Courtney laughed, slightly out of breath from the tight squeeze, and hugged her sister back. "I missed you guys so much and i tried to call but it said the phone was out of service." She held out her arm so Veronica could get in on the hug. "There was like a massive booking error and one of the hotels we were supposed to be staying in couldn't accommodate us, and about half of the groups luggage was lost in the transferal between the 2nd and third hotel, so they just sent us home. What were you guys up to... 10 bucks say you ordered out, you left the door open again." Before she could forget she pointed to her suitcase. "I brought back souvenirs!"
  18. Souvenirs?!

    Jeff wanted one, but he figured that someone finding a killer in their shower was more likely to be shown handcuffs than a snowglobe or a t shirt.
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  19. Veronica was in shock from what is happening. First she heard someone coming from upstairs, while her sister who does not even know what a phone bill is, started chewing her out. Than all of a sudden her sister Courtney showed up out of nowhere. Veronica started crying, and ran to Courtney with big open arms. Totally forgetting about anything that was happening upstairs. Veronica wiped away her tears, and looked at her little sister with awe. "You have grown since I last saw you Court." Veronica said with a snickering tone. "By the way what did you get me? Better be a crown for the queen of this house!" Veronica said in a teasing tone.
  20. Jeff, who was now sitting down, started to play with his hoodie. He managed to cut holes for his thumbs in the sleeves, but that was about it...until he decided to try and escape once again.

    But the glass seemed impenetrable.
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