Any one play Nationstates here?

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  1. Someone in chat showed Isabellas this now they are poking at it.. curious to see how they run a country now.. seems very simple.. you just get like 2 issues a day to resolve..
  2. Ahhh Nationstates....I run a country full of nuts, illiterate naked people, with no government or money to speak of...


  3. I can't believe that thing still exists!
  4. Yay! Vandoosa's economy is developing now..
  5. Nation States is still around!? ._. Dang. I remember spending 5 minutes on that site and promptly not giving a shit right afterwards. And the only reason I gave it 5 minutes was because the creator of the site also wrote Jennifer Government, a book I had read just before for shits 'n giggles.

    Edit: HA. Has ads for the guy's books all over the site.
  6. Paorou is mean to his people!
  7. Vandoosa has the same happiness rating as Paorou.. He must force his people to be happy!

    All so Vandoosa has decided to stick with n nudity being illegal.. noone wants to see that! All so allowing more books like Harry Potter.. so Vandoosa Spirituality level might be dropping a bit.. But at least this might increase civil rights a lot!
  8. Godless heathens.
  9. We have 4 goddesses! That is much better than one!
  10. Somehow Amy got a powerhouse so fast.. Is he using slave labor?
  11. Isabellas country is losing spirituality and replacing it with economy growth and defense.. all so education..
  12. Godless heathens.
  13. How did Isabellas end up a corrupt dictatorship? Isabellas where sure developing more weapons was a good idea!
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