Any ladies looking for a slime monster?

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  1. Hello there. Probably a weird title, and hopefully not the weirdest one you have seen. But anyway. Let's talk business. I am used to play males, sometimes females, but I would like to try something unusual. Which is why I present you my latest WIP character. Say hello to Monty.​
    Monty the non hostile slime monster (open)

    Name: Monty
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: None (But I will refer to Monty as "he". "It" makes many sentences look weird)
    Appearance: Monty is a blue thick and gelatin like mass of water and protein, with a maximum height of 2 meters and a weight of 120 kilograms when having his maximum rations on protein. When low, it will reduce itself to a minimum height of 0.2 meters, with a weight of 12 Kilograms. It has 2 yellow eyes, usually 4 limbless arms, and a semi solid pool of its own mass as "feet", which allows it to "walk" slowly across the ground.

    Background: Monty is the result of a mage's experiments. Said mage wanted to research slimes, curious of their diet, motives, thoughts, and abilities. Since wild slimes were not very helpful though, he bred his own version with slime probes and magic. This experiment gave birth to Monty, who turned out to be a lot smarter than expected.

    Monty helped the mage with his studies, and was his servant for a long time. It was fine with how its life was, but it was scared of other humans. Especially adventurers seemed to be sparking fear in the blue mass, because even the starters slew its kind. But that didn't stop the mage from sending Monty to the world. Not only where his experiments finished, but it felt as if Monty was on this world for more than studies. With protest and a bit of anger in the back of its mind, he ventured out to see the world.

    Personality: Unlike his wild cousins, Monty doesn't recklessly attack humans for their (food & body) nutrients. Not because he is afraid, but because he knows that attacking them has rather unpleasant consequences (like stronger adventurers hunting him).
    Monty has quite the ego, and is proud of himself and his abilities, up to the point where he considers many humans inferior to slimes. But he can also be kind if spoken to correctly.

    One should not carelessly attack Monty though. Force may be just his plan B, but just because he is not hostile and hesitant does not mean he is harmless. He does not like to fight, but things will get ugly when it is angry. For more info, read the abilities.

    Died: Protein
    Monty's entire body is mostly made of protein and water which it gathers from various sources. Plants, meat, insects, and people on rare occasion.

    Weaknesses: Monty is mostly made of water, which may be good in many ways, but it is bad for him to be struck by lightning. Monty is also weak against specific types of magic, and certain protein combinations can make him feel sick and in pain.

    Slime Mimicry
    Monty is made up of slime/goo. This enables a wide pallet of useful abilities for him.
    -His body is semi-solid, allowing him to shift his shape in any way he desires (including density), and making him almost immune to physical damage.
    -Because his body is not depending on organs, and Monty is able to control every aspect of it, Monty is able to resist and fight back any and all forms of poisons, toxins, venoms, ect, and either reject or absorb them. The control of his own body goes so far that he can even reduce or turn off his sense of pain.
    -Having no lungs comes with the advantage of not needing oxygen. Meaning that Monty can not die from suffocating.
    -A human body's muscles have limits. Monty's body does not have these, making him stronger than normal humans.
    -Unless a room is waterproof, Monty can squeeze through any opening.
    -Monty is able to scatter himself into a wide mess of blue goo, and re-gather from it with no scratch.
    -Having been the assistant of an alchemist for a long amount of time made Monty a trained potionbrewer. Combined with his ability to fully control the nutrients in his body, Monty can be used as a mobile laboratory.
    -When trusting someone enough, Monty can grant another person the advantage of using Monty as a symbiote. This will give the person an enhanced condition (more strength, speed, stamina), a living armor, and an additional pair of eyes (Probably the most useful ability for fighters).

    Despite common belief, slimes do not completely depend on humans for their protein. Even a slime of Monty's size can survive on plants only. But human nutrients are considered a delicacy for slimes, so watch out.
    Monty does not leave traces of its slime as it moves. A quickly building membrane acts like a skin for it.​

    And then there are my rules. I apologize if I ask for too much, but I have to insist on these.

    -I can and will post numerous times a week, if I am interested enough in an RP and won't be suddenly ditched.
    -If you do not post for about a week, without letting me know why, I will drop you flat. No questions asked.
    -Story line is a must, not just sex sex sex sex sex and more sex. I love learning everyone's characters.
    -My posts will !Never! be one sentence. I do not feel that is fair to anyone to work with and not right of me to do. I expect the same of you.
    -For myself, I generally write about 1-3. But that's just me. I'd at least like the common courtesy of my partner posting at least 1 paragraph per post. Just don't give me a one liner, cause then I won't post back. The same is the case for when you throw an extreme amount of over 5 paragraphs at me that is filled with useless information.
    -Genre based; I am a huge fan of magic and special powers. I tend to use these a lot honestly.
    -Grammar and punctuation is generally a decent thing of mine but I will make mistakes. We all have the ability to keep them at a minimum, so let's make use of that.
    -Don't ask me to do a gay/lesbian/orgy sort of thing, it will never happen. Not even if you bribe me with a million bucks and a new charger. It'll never happen.
    -Let's have fun, if either of us have a problem; lets talk about it! I'd rather solve an problem than ignore it.
    -No kids or pregnancy in my rps, I just don't find them remotely that fun to work with.
    -Don't expect me just to move the story line forward, we need to work together. And lets bounce idea's off one another.
    -My Genre's really base around Fantasy plots. I do not like Modern remotely. We live in that time line, and we all know it's boring. If it wouldn't be, you wouldn't be reading this post.

    Now then. As for a plot, I am not sure. I did try a knight x Monty roleplay a while ago, but it didn't turn out that well (my fault, which made me edit some parts of him). I am willing to try another one of these to test out if the changes are effective, but I am also open to any other ideas. Got any questions? Ask away~

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  2. How about witchxMonty? Say the witch come upon the abandoned Monty and she makes him her familiar? Do you want romance o-o
  3. Well he technically wasn't abandoned. More like released from his duties, but that still might work. And I indeed want romance, with some smut as frosting.
  4. I don't know if you're looking for more than one roleplay, but the best way to find out is to ask! With a character like Monty, I'd make my own character someone that tries to tame Monty(think Rune Factory, if you've played it) in order to have someone help out in her day to day life.
  5. I am currently having 3 roleplays, with 2 more in a planning stage. That is enough for normal people. Fortunately for you, I am not normal, so let's see...
    I am familiar with the RF series, and love almost all of them. Played RFF, RFToD, RF4, and RF3, in that order. But do you mean you want to use Monty on a farm?
  6. Well, I wouldn't mean using him on the farm, since I play RF4 and focus more on the making of things to get income. If you've got too many Monty roleplays, however, I'd be glad to find another idea with you that uses another one of your characters. Especially since the three in your profile's media seem a tad bit more interested. To me, at least. Maybe it's just my preference to humans.
  7. Some change wouldn't be bad at all, so how about we move this to a pm. Just let me know which character you are interested in the most and we'll see what we can work out together.
    Also, you have a point. I have enough Monty roleplays by now, so time to change the prefix.
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