Any kind of role play!

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  1. I just want to roleplay. with ANYONE. I'm desperately bored at the moment and feel like falling asleep at the computer. I would like to make some friends along the way. ESPECIALLY if you're familiar with the roleplay character i act as, The Joker.

    Alot of things have been going on in my house and I need a stress reliever.. there's so much yelling.
  2. A mad man, eh?

    We have been away for quite a while.

    I may not know who the Joker is in its entirety, but I have read materials related to him. Never been a huge Batman fan (I was more towards GL), but I know him well enough.

    What do you have in mind?

    Throw us a bait, and we'll steal it off the hook.
  3. It doesn't have to be a batman based rp, just the joker will be in it :3 and depends your character.
  4. I can imagine an oxymoron situation for you though.

    She can be quite cruel, but whether she can follow through with it, who can say?

    If it proves to be interesting--

    and if time permits, of course.

    As I said, a situation where, perhaps, the Joker becomes a hero. For some strange reason.

    Oxymoron? It is almost like an insult to the Joker. Unless it is Nolan's. That one can be quite confusing.

    Shall we continue this conversation elsewhere, or shall we keep it here?
  5. Elsewhere would be nice, Message me if you would.