Any Japanese RPers?

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  1. Hello there everybody, I'm The Last Outlaw for short, The main reason I'm making this thread is to meet people and just have companionship with someone from a country and culture I'm utterly fascinated with. I have been interested in visiting the land of the rising sun someday, so I wish to learn a little bit about Japan. If anyone is interested in just chatting and making a new friend, comment below or PM me, I promise I don't bit... much ;)

    Who knows, maybe we'll make a RP or too
  2. @The Last Outlaw If this isn't solely based on a roleplay request and you just simply want to chat, make a new friend, or something along those lines, I suggest asking a staff member to move this to general chatting.
  3. I also am interested in Japanese culture, both modern and feudal, so, I guess I could also use a native friend :P That being said, I can only help you search. I could tell you what I know, but chances are it's inaccurate.