Any interest in vampires/dragons/stuff like that?

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  1. New here and looking for a roleplay to join. I usually prefer joining new ones though. Easier to work into. Anyone interested in making a roleplay with a fantasy-eqsue setting? Or maybe something modern? I've a few ideas but they're all pretty rough

    • dragons linked telepathically to royal humans and protect them
    • modern day, vampire culture has gone to the point of creating dangerous opposition to humans and the humans have begun looking for a cure
    • X-men style roleplay
    • a rift in the fabric of the universe is releasing horrible, shady monsters in the world that nobody has ever seen before
    random thoughts... Any chance of pursuing them? Any ideas?
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  2. How about lycanthropes and vampires..? Or stuff like that
  3. I'm down for a roleplay with 'em. Needs a plot though.
  4. Hum.. Okay so there is a town where vampires are the nobles and knights and kings and the lycans are the warlords and the peasants. There are humans that can be either and there are half-bloods as well. But all kin of lycans are seen as trash?
  5. so vampire dominated society with lycans on the lower level. i suppose the lycans wouldn't be too happy about that
  6. sounds simplistic enough
  7. Okay so is that a plan?
  8. Yeah. Vampire ruling society, lycans are the lower class. Plot, I guess the Lycans are mad and rebelling. Backstory? And how are we gonna classify vampires/lycans? Everyone does it differently

    What if most of the humans became vampires in some huge thing where the vampires needed an army to beat down the humans and lycans, so they turned a bunch of people, and created their army? and a lot of people decided to be turned to be on the winning side of the war. So it's mostly vampire society now and they'd be running out of a food source
  9. Can this be medieval times? And backstory be like the vampires used to be ancient Egyptians who breeded and migrated to England and found lycans and kept them as slaves but eventually gave them sort on independence and now the lycans are sick of being ranked lower and want royalty.

    Okay, so like vampires recruit humans against their will and turn them into fledglings to fight in the war against lycans?
  10. What if the vampires were like the ancient Egyptians, right, and then they migrated and stuff (cause all the ancient civilizations like spread out into Europe) and then yeah a bunch of powerful ones settled in the UK, creating a royal hierarchy over everyone who lived there. And the lycans had lived in the UK previously, but the vampires recruited the humans and turned them to fight the lycans off of the throne and claimed it?

    So it was originally Lycan but the vampires took it, and pushed the lycans into the lower class, and that's why they so desperately want their throne back?
  11. Omg yes I didn't think of that, good idea! And sorry about the wait.
  12. It's totes okay. I began setting up a concept thread here. Could you check it out?

    It kind of desperately needs a unique twist tho. Lycans vs Vampires is so overdone
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  13. Uhm... a twist...Well it isn't over a girl if that helps at all.
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