Any interest in something large-scale, complicated and probably angsty?

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  1. A brief introduction for you, here--I was watching The Wolf of Wall Street at one in the morning, and it actually spurred an idea for a gay online roleplay plot. How bout that?

    It's a shorter introduction than you were probably maybe expecting but that doesn't really matter. I'm too keen to do literally anything other than strain over a genetics project, you know? Anyway, here's what I think would be fun.

    My character (we're gonna call him Ari, because that's actually what I call him) is an eccentric young individual. Not in the way that he's elusive and introverted, but in the way that he's the complete opposite. He's outspoken, haughty and dangerously wild-eyed, his only real burden a deathly charming smile and wits sharp enough to cut diamonds. Naturally he's also a devoted sex, drug, and alcohol addict, and has been known to stir up all varieties of trouble on more than one occasion. Fortunately, his reckless behaviors are perfectly justified by a rather large sum of money just north of 3.3 billion USD (and always climbing), but that's about to change, because Ari is a bit of a scumbag stockbroker fraud.

    (Hopefully it's not too noticeable how vague his back story is, because as you can imagine I know zilch about finance. I should have paid more attention to the movie. Will do some research and emphasize his history in the actual roleplay, I promise. Anyway--)

    One simple fucking visit from the feds and in a day and a night, most of his profits, friends, wife, hookers--gone. He's struggling, stressed, drunk and high off his ass when he climbs into one of the last expensive things to his name--a smooth silver Porsche 918--with a dumbass objective to move just about anywhere to escape this and recollect what he has left. Anywhere. France. Switzerland. His drug dealer. Off a bridge. Whatever.

    (Yada yada yada, angsting all the way~)

    As you can imagine, cocaine and pain killers and God knows what else are not recommended for drivers, especially if they're already kind of tipsy and otherwise disoriented by anxiety or whatever the hell he's feeling. Ari crashes--no real surprise there. He doesn't think he's hurt (oh but he is), but he's got bigger problems than achy ribs. In order, those problems are a lack of money, a lack of coherence, and a lack of good outward personality. He can't call a cab, can't find his way home, and can't ask for help from any nearby business. They'll find him out, they'll know who he is. And if they don't, they'll know He's paranoid.

    (This is where your character comes in. Fucking finally.)

    (Y/C) is just a little younger than Ari. In sharp contrast to the former's high-rise, ecstasy-laced life, his is remarkably less high-rise and ecstasy-laced. He's a normal Philadelphian just trying to make a living, still struggling to cut ties with his family and the religion they'd forced on him up until they'd forced him out. He knew he'd never be happy in that house with them, so why stick around? He's not doing so bad out here anyway. He doesn't talk about it, not even to himself, really, but he likes studying Christianity. It's made every aspect of his world a little more pure, and he's learned how to forgive, even if his family can't.

    Aristides Nightingale is the least pure thing he's ever encountered, and he learns this soon after he encounters him kind of writhing around on the sidewalk beside a largely totaled Porsche. It's a nice car too.

    -Copious amounts of cursing and maybe some violence follow. I won't bore you by dictating the plot any further.

    So to sum it all up, I'm thinking your guy tries to take him home (because it's the Christian thing to do or something), probably kicking and screaming, patches him up, and they slowly grow close to each other (with a lot of resistance, because Ari's an obstinate little shit who's not entirely accepting of his actual sexuality). Y/C has a bit of love-at-first-sight syndrome, but is still uncomfortable with Ari because he's a little epicenter of sin topped off with anxiety, paranoia, and alcohol and drug addictions. Still, he finds himself committed to taking care of him--sobering him up, maybe getting him to pick up a Bible every once in a while--even though he's pretty much unbearable. Eventually he'll find out Ari's crime and has to make the decision of whether he wants to keep protecting him, because by then they'll probably be head-over-heels for each other or something. And we can go from there.

    I'm not strict about the nature and personality of your character, so long as he's got some kind of significant attachment to Christianity and a cruel family which would gladly lash out at him (and eventually Ari--good plot material, you know?) because of his romantic orientation.

    This is a MxM roleplay, just to clarify. The following elements will likely be incorporated somewhere: very explicit cursing (including some sexually crude and offensive language, so let me know if you're not cool with that), possible threat/mention of suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, graphic violence, possible domestic abuse, and Ari being a difficult lover. Implied rape, or actual rape? Maybe.

    If things do happen to get sexy or implicitly sexy between Ari and Y/C, I would very much prefer Ari to be, as they put it, "hella uke". His typical hardass, cocksure personality will remain.

    I do think that's about it, so if you have any questions or an interest in the plot, go ahead and reply here or just PM me. Thanks so much for your time dearies, I know this was a long one, ehehe. <3
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  2. I haven't seen a reply for this yet, and quite honestly, I'm surprised, because it's such a wonderful plot. I have never seen Wolf of Wall Street though, so I hope that wasn't a requirement or anything for doing this.

    Though I'm not really one for religion, I couldn't just stray away from this thread because it's too good to not even try.. or at least that's how I feel lol. I don't know much about finance either, so looks like I'll be right up there with you researching away.

    But yes, finally ending this message with an "I'm interested~"
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  3. Well thank you very much!
    & no, there's no requirements for that sort of thing, ahah. The finance and religion stuff is all pretty flexible. So you're fine. ^3^
    If you're still interested then I'd be happy to make the thread for us. ^^
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  4. You're welcome. ^^ Ahh, does it have to be a thread? q v q They make me super nervous because others will see it (/ v \) But if you really want to do them, I don't mind. ; v ;
  5. Oh no not at all, we can do it through PM if you like. c;
  6. If you don't mind. ; v ; I appreciate it.
  7. No problem. I'll send you my first post. ^3^
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