Any interest in a Savanna Survival roleplay? :3

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  1. I've been severely bored the last few months.. and I've been in a good writing mood for a while now. I want to bring back an old RP I've had for quite a few years about a college "field trip" gone wrong. Was wondering if anyone would like to take the risk with me and make our way back to civilization, crossing the wild African Savanna..? :3

    Have pity on me xD I'm desperate for a good RP lol



    We Got Takers!<3
    -Alice Falling
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  2. I'm interested!
  3. Wolf!! <3 F*CK YEAH! >:D

    Alice, hello there!! Good to see an unfamiliar face interested in the RP! :) Nice to 'meet' ya :D

    Hope we get a few more people in here. It'd be nice to have at least 5-6 people in here :3
  4. Hi!! I've been trying to be more diverse and go comment on other places instead of lurking! And I didn't want a good idea like this to go unnoticed!
  5. I am interested as well

    (btw.....LOVE the cat&dog gif signature xD that's like my rat with my cat lmfao!)
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  7. Ewww a rat xD joking

    Edit: Interested!
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