Any Interest In A Group Inuyasha Next Gen?

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  1. I know, I know. Some of you are probably rolling your eyes at this fandom but I don't care. I LOVE IT. Anyway, I'd love to get a group roleplay going revolving either around the children of the canon characters or possibly a sort of AU set in modern times that follows demon characters trying to adjust to modern life (immortality and all). Or a mix of the two! I really want to dust off my Sesshomaru so yeah, any interest?

    Also I would expect this to be a roleplay with fairly high posting expectations, several paragraphs, to ensure we don't get Mary Sue OCs who type in one liners. Thanks in advance!

    If this takes off, I'll add in plot info and other such things here.
  2. I'm interested in this! I love love love Inuyasha, and your idea. Can't wait to see more!
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  3. I'd agree with an AU, but I don't think the post-inuyasha thing is gonna be much fun, unless you have enough creativity to make those monsters of the week.

    And as the Shikon Jewel is gone in the normal Inuyasha, there will be a need for a plot focus. If an everyday slice of life things happens, It might not live very long.

    But an AU would be awesome.
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  4. Thanks for your interest guys. If I get one or two more bites I'll probably get something started.
  5. Yeah I hope we get like 2 more people. I think small group would be ideal for this ^^

    Edit: Oh and I also would prefer just following the children of the Canon characters over the AU just cuz if im gonna RP Inuyasha, I'd want to in the same setting the show was in.
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  6. May I join this lovely adventure? I still love Inuyasha and would happily help in anyway I can.
  7. Awesome! Welcome~
  8. That means one more? Right?
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  9. Correct. One more!
  10. Yay! Is there some kind of cs we can work on in the meantime?
  11. Well at the moment I'm not 100% sure exactly what we are doing.
  12. I am leaning towards a mix of the two concepts. The setting will not be in the past but in a more modern setting. There will be canons and descendants of canons but I think coming up with some crisis set in the modern world that would cause canons to come out of hiding or slumber to deal with said crisis (suggestions would be fantastic) and their descendants would also have to come to terms with their heritage.

    The other option would be a full AU with no next gen aspect. I don't have the skill to constantly come up with new monsters and such to keep a next gen going in the traditional setting.
  13. But now I'm having doubts. The traditional setting would be fun..ahhhh. I wish someone else wanted to GM this mess. But alas, here I am x D
  14. I also think the traditional setting would be more fun XD
  15. Well friends, I don't think I have it in me to GM something like this properly. If any of you ever start an Inuyasha rp of any kind, let me know and I will be there for you in whatever capacity. Best of luck!
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