Any ideas on a good Hell?

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Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
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With Isabellas wanting to get away from the dark side now they have to think of a good Hell to send the sinners and infidels off to.

I was thinking how I really needed to go to the bathroom at the time but I could not because I was working.. and was out of breaks.. Then it hit me! A Hell where you have diarrhea and have to wait in line for the toilet for all ETERNITY!

Or maybe you are starving forever and have to watch a fat person eat food in front of you and at the same time feeding bits of the most delicious foods to the fat dog sitting next to him... This would be the perfect Hell for October Knight... He loves food.. He better make sure he is not on the dark side...

Or maybe you are someone from the North that loves Winter and yet you are stuck in Georgia for ever and no matter what you can never seem to move to your dream place of cold... This is the Hell poor Alan lives in right NOW... He should probable be nicer to someone who's name should never be misspelled...

I want everyone's opinions. Think of the worst Hell you can think of! I want ideas!
Maybe you're afraid of heights and are forced to walk a tight rope between two Skyscrapers. Should you make it across, there's always another one waiting, and if you try to stay on the sky scraper, a strong wind will knock you off. When you fall off, you will fall all the way to the ground, only to respawn back on top of the skyscraper ;)
I would say being thrown in an endless desert, forced to see mirages of food, water and fans (or other types of cooling devices). Heat and sun that never ends would suck!
- Having a non-stop headache would be brutal.

- A hell where the only alcoholic beverage would be boiling hot whiskey, this would suck for the alcoholics who HAVE to drink.

- A world where everywhere you went had mile long lines like at amusement parks. Bathrooms, payphones, the movies, restaurants, the car wash, ect ect.

- A place thats like Las Vegas or Reno with no Booze, gambling, strippers or buffets.
A Doom-esque Hell.

One of you. Endless hordes of them. Every other mortal soul that had been damned beyond redemption in life is in the same kind of trouble. Think of Valhalla, except you keep dying forever.
For a test on Dante's inferno...we had to design a specific torturous level of hell for sinners.

This is what I came up with for addicts.

Imagine a thousand hooks, varying sizes and cruelly barbed jabbed haphazardly and viciously through your skin, organs, and muscles. Above sits a demon with countless hands dancing the damned like marionettes...yanking the chains attached to the hooks to make them dance and smash into each other. Always pain...always agony. As in life they let a substance control their fate, so now they are controlled like the puppets they let themselves become.

Or for the liars, the vicious rumorists, those who...while not sinning themselves, spurred others toward infidelity or any number of the sins. Their fate would be an immersion into a pit of insects. Flesh eating creatures without name to burrow beneath their skin, to eat everything inside and burst from papery skin...only to repeat again. The especially vicious of these sinners would be immersed and stood within a hall of mirrors, their eyes glued on the sight of the pulsating bumps moving up and down their bodies as the agony continued without end. As in life they crawled beneath the conscience of friends and family, using close relationships to promote now creatures crawl beneath their own skin, eating them hollow as their lives had been.
I believe that there is a special place in hell reserved for pedophiles and people who talk during movies.
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People on cell phones who you can't kill and your voice goes mute if you try to yell at them to pay attention!
A Hell where your heart is slowly being pulled out by chains. Where, as it is being pulled out, the cold, heavy chains start slowly wrapping around it, making a cage for your heart. Soon, only to be a big empty hole in your chest. You have no emotion, but agony, sorrow and guilt. You can only feel pain and empty-ness as you are forced to look at the caged heart. Where it slowly beats, slowly turning black; slowly dieing. The pain increases as it surges through your spine and in you veins. Your body feels like its twisting, as you try to jerk away, only to be stopped by chains connecting to cuffs on your wrist. You are chained to a wall, with no way to move. As you are forced to feel the pain and emptyness for all of eternity. To never feel the emotions of love and happiness again. You are only haunted by those memories.

(by the way, I like Jack's imagery a lot. o.o)
Are you sure you're not just in fear of a long term relationship?
Being forced to live in a calm, normal suburban neighborhood filled with god-fearing white people.

Or just with white people in general.

You guys smell funny.