Any HU soldiers out there?

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  1. If there is any HU soldiers out there, repeat this:

    I Pledge allegiance to the mask
    That I'll carry whiskey in my flask
    And anyone to diss HU
    I'll leave a bloody mess of you
    For we are family, you and I
    Three tears for you, we all shall cry
    All day all night, our flags will fly
    The Undead Army Till The Day We Die
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  2. Is this a... Jugalo thing?

    Cos it sounds like a Jugalo thing.
  3. Yes.
  4. Jugalo thing. Got it.
  5. Oh. I am just gonna. No. Leaving.

    Homophobic, mysogynistic frat rappers who try to be harcore are not my thing.
  6. Okay you don't like them that's your opinion, but when you dis them then your on my bad side, just saying.
  7. Wait, masks? I thought jugalos did face paint. Though to be fair, masks seem more practical. That paint must be a bitch to keep putting on.

    Good job, jugalos. Very sensible change.
  8. "HU" is Hollywood Undead, a mediocre rapcore band that occasionally puts out gems, if you're into the grungy, "fuck life" kind of music. Perhaps the strangest part of their act is not one album has a universal theme, it staggers drunkenly from picking up girls in a club and bragging about how how hard they're compensating big their dicks are, to how miserable life is and how horrible humanity can be.

    I have their albums on my hard drive. When the mood strikes right, I listen to them. Beyond that, there's not much to be said of them, aside from the usual dramas of band antics.

    Basically if you wanna put them on a scale, they're at least listenable and tolerable. The worst offenders are obviously ICP and their "Juggalos."

    For more information you don't give a shit about, dial 1-780-SEP-TIC1
  9. Stand up for the little shits man. It's ok, they rap about how hardcore their little white selves are while partying and getting women drunk so they can fuck them. That's cool. Thats what rappers do right? Oh wait, look, they are trying to be metal as fuck, only they could not be metal even if we dropped of in a smeltingvat at a steelworks. Oops, was that a diss. Well then, I ain't scurred.

    I think the only song I find good is the one where they decide to go swinger style music and that was real groovy. To bad its their only good song.

    Disclaimer, I am white as fuck. When I say white selves, I mean fratboy mentality 'white'. :D
  10. Keep it civil, Hellis, or I shall spank you.

    Goes for all present, mind. Including the jugalos HU soldiers I don't even fucking know anymore.
  11. I am civil D:


    Can I have a spank anyways?

    I shal leave now, this got wierd.