Any Historical Time-Periods Will Do (F looking M)

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  1. Hey loves... I'm back (sort of) and I'm just looking for a couple of partners (maybe 2-3?) hopefully to write with, but I will say that I have been down on myself for these past couple of months due to some personal issues affecting my life right now. But please don't be worried, it's nothing major by any means... I just have a lot of things happening that's making me very stressed out and deeply depressed. And the only thing right now that will lift my spirits up again is roleplaying with someone. So, please be gentle on me for now lol, and I hope this won't affect any of you from writing with me because of what I said. Also I'd like to add is that my posts tends to be very sporadic, but I will try my best to post at least once a day for my partner(s). I hope you guys don't mind?

    So, with that said and done, do I have any takers? :)

    For now, I'm only interested in anything historical (as said in the title). If you don't see an era in the list you don't like, feel free to suggest one to me. I'm very diverse when it comes to anything historical, so don't be afraid to ask! :)

    - Arthurian Times
    - American Frontier/Wild West****
    - Victorian Era
    - Georgian/Regency Era
    - Time-Traveling****
    - Scottish Highland
    - Civil War****
    - WWII/40's
    - 50's​

    - No character sheets/bios
    - No pictures of any kind; describe your character(s) in the role play itself
    - 4+ decent sized paragraphs for each post
    - Have a good grasp on your spelling and grammar
    - Please be semi/advanced knowledgeable in any of the time-periods
    - Be willing to play multiple characters
    - Absolutely no one-liners, god-modding/power-play
    - Threads or PMs is fine
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  2. Pity, you seem really fun to roleplay with, it's too bad I'm utter trash at historical roleplays
  3. Hey there! I'm sure we can work something out. What genres do you like? :)
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