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  1. This'll be a bit long. I've not played for a while and I just sort of want to throw a few different ideas in here, see if I get any attention. Also, I'm only wanting MxF, and I only play females. I don't know how to write for guys and I don't particularly enjoy it either.

    (Disney) Beauty and the Beast – You should know the drill. Girl is taken prisoner by (or in some renditions, exchanges herself to) the beast, is forced to stay with him, eventually sees the good in him and falls in love.

    Now, much as I want to play this story, I don’t enjoy smutting with anthro characters, which means if you fancy getting into smut early on then you need to play a human/humanoid beast. I’ve known people to play them with split personalities, as practitioners of dark magic, or as shape-shifters or even demons. Whatever you feel comfortable with, really. (OCs encouraged)

    (Disney) Tarzan – I think I rely too much on dialogue sometimes. There’s really no better way to get over that than to have a language barrier between the characters, forcing body language and inner thoughts to take the focus for at least a while. This one would be more focused on the learning aspect of things, and given the nature of at least one of the characters in question I’m guessing that it wouldn’t be hard to have as many smutty scenes as you wanted. (OC encouraged)

    (Inspired by) Rush - A formula one driver becomes infatuated with the journalist who has been covering his performance. Things get heated very fast as he realizes his racing suffers or improves based off both her attitude towards him on the day and his own personal level of frustration, then decides to get to the root of the problem. (OC needed)

    Ransom in a Bottle – Pirate captain takes a hostage in order to escape from a military town. Upon escaping, he realizes this hostage is the daughter of a high-ranking officer, and she might actually pull him in a lot of money if he ransoms her back; she’s taken onto the ship and kept in his cabin for the time being. Problem is, she doesn’t really want to go back, and he starts to rather like having a woman around. (OC needed)

    Crossover - Elsa (Frozen) x Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians). I just really love this pairing, to be honest. I kinda wanna mess around with them and see how they bounce off one another. (Canon characters with slightly more flexible personality fields).
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