Any good WWII books?

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  1. This is a tricky question, but I'm supposed to do an essay on World War II...from the POV of a nazi tank crew.
    If anyone can think of a book written by some tanker crews (preferably tiger tankers or Tiger II tankers because those tanks are rather cool) I would really like to know.
    My current thesis is working on proving that the average soldier was, at his core, still just a normal human who was thrust in a shitty situation
  2. The Last Citadel is a historical fiction novel by David L. Robbins that takes place in the summer of 1943 during Operation Citadel during the Battle of Kursk. One of the point of view characters is a Spanish SS captain who is amongst the first commanders of the new Tiger tanks, and a lot of the novel details how the vehicles operate, what tactics were used, what advantages and disadvantages were inherent to the design of the vehicles, what damage and range the 88 was capable of, how they fared against the T-34, and so on. It's a fantastic story.
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  3. Oh, tank crews specifically, I got nothing.

    I really enjoyed the Guest of War books when I was a kid though; it's about a girl and her brother who are from England but are sheltered in Canada during the war.
  4. Seiji stole all three of mine!
  5. All Quiet on the Western Front?

    No, wait, that's World War I.

  6. Still a great book
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