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  1. Hello Everyone This is my "Post Wanted" For partners, As you can see i have many ideas and i am open to all even things arent on this list. I am a huge Sub but can Dom depending on what Rp. I am very Flexible but with a odd Schedule. But i do how ever have rules that follow,

    1. Please post at least a paragraph, No one Liners. ( I understand people have brain farts i have them too so evey once in awahile is fine. )

    2. All of these do not have to be romances or perverted but they can i do not mind at all.

    3. I am not a Grammer Natzi, But please make it where i can read and understand.

    4. If you're busy, Let me know don't just fade away and not let me know please.

    5. I will not agree to anything that has to deal with ponies at all what so ever.

    6. If you want to do a story with more than just 2 people let me know, the more the merrier i say. ^w^

    7. If you have questions, Ask away i do not Bite that hard ok, Some of you out there might like it 0w0'

    Oc x Oc
    Flippy x *Flacky ( From Happy Tree Friends )
    *Ichigo x Shirosaki ( From the anime Bleach. )
    Shirosaki x *Grimmjow ( From Bleach )

    *F x M Psychopath
    *Italy x Germany ( Hetalia )
    Dark Russia x *Italy ( Hetalia)
    North Italy x South Italy ( Hetalia )
    Ikki x *Agito ( Air Gear )

    Mermaid x Human
    Snake x *Raiden ( Metal Gear )
    *Haruhi x Tamaki ( Ouran High School)
    *Haruhi x Mori ( Ouran high School )
    *Haku x Zabuza ( Naruto )
    Kakashi x *Anko ( Naruto )
    Naruto x Hinata ( Naruto )
    Sasuke x sakura ( Naruto )
    Kakashi x Iruka ( Naruto )
    Sasuke x Orochimaru ( Naruto )

    *Neko x ???
    Kitsune x *???
    Neko x *Demon
    Demon x *Angel
    *Loli x Master
    *Godess x ???

    *Preistess x ???
    *Inuyasha x Seshomaru ( Inuyasha )
    Seshomaru x *Rin ( Inuyasha )
    Ace x *Luffy ( One Piece )
    Marco x Ace ( One Piece )

    *Clestrial x ???
    Reapper x *Angel
    Mercinary x *Target
    Ninja x *Princess
    Psychopath x Theripist
    Finn x *Marcilene ( Adventure Time)
    *Fiona x Marshall Lee ( Adventure Time)
    Mashall Lee x *Marciline ( Adventure Time)
    Prince Gumball x Marshall Lee ( Adventure Time )
    * Natsu x Gray (Fairy Tail)
    Sora x Riku ( KH )
    Sora x Kairi ( KH )
    Natsu x *Lucy ( Fairy Tail)
    Goku x Vegeta ( DBZ )
    Vegeta x Trunks ( DBZ )
    Gray x Juvia ( Fairy Tail )
    Gajeel x Levy ( Fairy Tale )

    So as you can see, im a huge fandom person xD , All the * Means roles i will want to be everything eles is fair game.... The Purple means Anime or Game series that i really wanna do the most.

    Message Down Below if your intersted please~

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  2. I would be willing to do Kakashi x Anko
  3. Really, Alrighty Then. Pm me for Further Discussion. Thank you :3
  4. I'm down for ninja and princess :D
  5. Sweet, Pm me for ideas and ect Please :3
  6. i would like to do some of the anime you have but i want to ask are Oc ok with some of them?
  7. I can do Natsu and Lucy or Oc X Oc or Ninja and Princess. ​
  8. Message me please :3
  9. I'd be up for LolixMaster, NarutoxHinata, SoraxKairi, or GajeelxLevy!
  10. nice, pm me on the one you really wanna do.
  11. I'm willig to do Reaper x Angel or Demon x Angel C:
  12. Pm me on which ever one you wanna do please
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