Any Final Fantasy VII Fans Out There?

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  1. I'm looking for Final Fantasy VII fans.

    My main reason in saying this is rather boring. I'm looking for interviewees for a paper for a class... My topic is FFVII fandom, hence my search. I can do the interviews over PM, email, text chat, or video chat. (If you're going to give me your email or something like that, do it over PM, so it's private.)

    Other than that, this thread is about discussing the GOOD things about Final Fantasy VII (the entire Compilation is fair game, if anyone was wondering). All I've got to say is, don't start arguing with others if you don't agree with them. I've seen fans get pretty nasty, I don't want that here.

    I'll start. I really like Vincent's cloak/cape thing-y in Advent's all raggedy and flowy-like.

    All right, you guys take over!

  2. I admit.. I fawned over Cloud like a true fan girl when I first started playing this game. He was just super cool.

    And then Cid came along, and Cloud took a back seat for a while. Cid is just so entertaining.

    Never was a big fan of Sephiroth, but I can see the appeal in him as a villain, I suppose.

    Aeris was the only female character I liked from the game. She was sweet and very...natural. She was herself, and she didn't try to hide it.

    I kinda wish I knew where my disks were. There were a lot of side-quests I didn't finish that I want to do.
  3. Cloud just seems to be one of those characters whom it is easy to fawn over like a fan-girl.

    I have to admit, though, that I'm a die hard Vincent fan.

    I have to say, though, there are very few characters I really dislike, and most of those I'm supposed to dislike.

    I do like Cid a lot, he amuses me greatly. My sister and I spend a lot of time debating over whether he or Barret is censored more. I think we both prefer Cid to Barret, though.

    I personally like Sephiroth, but like a villain. He isn't someone I like to hate, he's just someone I like. There's a little bit of dissonance there because I like Cloud, too...

    As for Aerith, my only wish is that she lasted longer. She's the only female character whom I like completely. I like Yuffie's spunk, but I want to kill her when she steals my materia. I like Tifa better in other parts of the Compilation than in the original games. As for the female Turks, specifically Cissnei and Elena, I could take them or leave them. It's a special girl who can get Cloud into a dress. (He wouldn't have done it if not for Aerith, not even for Tifa.)