Any female adventurers out there?

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  1. Let's put the most important information on the top so you don't have to waste your time.
    It is MxF, plays in a medieval timeline, it is planned to have more story than smut though that can be adjusted, and special powers are present.
    Now let's go more into detail.

    There are many legends from the past, and many tell of great events. None is greater than the one of the Crystal Wars though.
    It is an ancient tale that tells the story of two legendary warriors who traveled through the world, fought of monsters, saved people and towns, and played an important role in the Crystal Wars. Their greatest encounter was the one with the god of destruction, Omega, which ended their lives but also saved the world.
    Many years have passed since these events, and the existences of these two warriors is doubted by many. Many, but not all. Your character would be one of the few to believe that there is truth in the old legends, and thus makes her way to find out what she can about these two warriors.
    She will find one of said warriors after a few years of research, sealed inside a crystal which would be hidden in an old cave. Followed by too many monsters, she has no choice but to wake him from his sleep.

    And from this point on, we would continue.

    World details (open)

    Pretty much medieval, though this world is filled with magic and unusual crystals. These crystals can have many uses, ranging from casting spells on their own once activated, being a source for power, or anything else you can imagine.

    -Crystal Wars-
    The Crystal War was a time period which lasted about a hundred years. Crystals were discovered at the beginning of that time, and they were quite valuable. So valuable that many have killed others to get their hands on them. The small battles turned into whole battlefields, and the only thing that ended them was (according to the old stories) a huge discovery. Crystals could be found deep under the earth. This was discovered during a Cataclysm, caused by a battle with Omega and the two heroes. Crystal dust rained down from the sky after a huge explosion and a seemingly endless see of Crystals was revealed inside a crater.

    Crystals exist in many kinds and shapes, and are usually big enough to grab them with one hand. They can have elemental properties, varying energy levels, and rare ones can even cast spells on their own, allowing even normal humans to fight of colossal monsters. They can also be crushed to be used as dust, which allows them to be used as ammo or even fuel for barriers or other arcane inventions.

    And now the last part, which is what I expect from YOU.

    -I understand that not everyone out there has the same amount of time for roleplays as others, but i must insist of at least 7 posts during the week (or once a day). It's no fun waiting several days for a reply, which i am sure you can agree on.
    -Proper grammar and punctuation is a MUST. When your character has an accent, stutters, or has any other specific way of speaking, that is an exception.
    -At least one paragraph (Min 4-5 sentences) per post. I simply need something to work with, and if you post one liners, it is a symbolic knife for my Muse's back. I will post 1-2 paragraphs so that you have something to work with as well.
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  2. Ohhh! I'm interested in this. You can check out my RP resume, if you like, but this is right up my alley. I can post once a day, sometimes that will come late at night, but it will come. If I do have a slowing period, I'll let you know.

    Umm...I think I even have a charrie all ready for this one, with a few minor adjustments though.

    Let me know, and I'll get back with you.
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