Any Fellow Witches Willing 2 Lend A Helping Hand?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Xiukmeo The Twilight, Aug 23, 2014.

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  2. Yeah, no one without an account there can see your thread.
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  3. I wonder… is this a clever trick to gain a higher member count? Hmmmm…
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  4. Gaudy Gaia Avatar: Check

    Atheist: Check

    Yaoi Forum: Check

    Blazblue Character: Check

    Passing Through this Thread and making sure I never return: Check
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  5. Luke: Why thank you.
  6. Okay I'm Ragna Terumi and I'm not RPing and meow I'm in my master's body. Could the fellow witches on this site give us a hand meow please? Master plans to reprogram Justin Bieber so meow he can start a satanic metal band and be a better spiritual satanist and keep the life or dearh /denouncing of fame-vows Bieber made to Satan meow. Meow master is telepathic with Mr. Bieber and has his permission to do so. Justin told master that he's a spiritual satanist and master wants to help change his life for the better. And give Master Satan some publicity. There's also Lil'za, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift. Who know master in the same way. So if there are any witches for fellow tulpas willing to help or anything then thank you. Meow! ^_^ I'm really happy posting this! In return we'll meow pay you. Literally send money your way astrally. Even if you vote you'll get more meow money. See ya~ ^_^ Meow.

    - Ragna Terum

  7. Fixed it - Luke
  8. Hmmm nope!

  9. So we both fixed it! I pposted what Ragna asked of on here.
  10. Well, when people click the link, they can't look at the site without making an account there (and how can they decide if they want to make an account if they can't look around?)

    So, the "closed to guests" problem is still not fixed

    Just trying to help :)
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  11. Ragna Terumi: Meow. Hello minibit My master meow posted what I was meow asking in his third meow post on this meow thread.
  12. Ok

    1. A little Roleplaying outside the IC boards (like "Fantasy Roleplays", etc) is ok, but the meows make your posts hard to read, and the "conversations" make them even more difficult. I think you might get more attention on your posts, and more help on your projects, if you toned it down about ten notches.
    2. I don't see any questions in your third post, and in any case I was mostly trying to help out your ad by letting you know that people still hit a registration wall when they click the link.
  13. Well what Ragna was asking of was for more help to control Justin Bieber. And the meowing is involuntary it can't be helped. Rags wasn't advertising Yaoi Dreams just getting the attention of the wotches-other than us-that use this site.
  14. In seriousness, they are not invuluntary, you are a human being behind a keyboard, and a member of Iwaku. We expect members to behave respectfully and cooperatively with others on the site, and to be considerate of other people when they are writing.

    So, I'll repeat; a little roleplaying outside the IC boards is okay, but please try to make your posts a little more comprehensible in the OOC; I suggest leaving out the meows and making it clear when you're switching characters.

    In addition, please do not go too far with your "control Justin Bieber" thing - promising people money when you have neither means nor intention to pay them is called scamming, and it's illegal. We don't want Iwaku caught up in any legal trouble, so yeah, please be mindful when you're saying things like

    That you're walking a fine line.

    Once again, just trying to help you understand the rules and mechanics of the site so that you can get along better and avoid trouble.
  15. What the hell is this.. Creepy.

    *Note to self, Don't click here again..*
  16. I'm just gonna leave this as it is aside from saying Ragna isn't human and he was the one speaking I wasn't even in my body at the time. So you do not have to reply.
  17. [​IMG]

    This shaman medium by profession cries ludicrous poser and votes this spam troll off the island. :rottentomato:
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  18. .....what did I just read....? That was like watching Nyan cat. Oh, my already bad eyes....
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