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  1. I don't know how many of you know Critical Role by GeekandSundry, but... I was just wondering if there was anyone from the #Critter community that's also a part of Iwaku.

    If you don't know what Critical Role is and you like games similar to DnD and Anime, you had better start watching it immediately.

    What it boils down to is this: A cast of voice actors, DM'ed by Matthew Mercer, go through a 5e DnD campaign. It is fantastic. Here's the first episode for all who are interested:

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  2. I have the first couple episodes of that sitting in my watch later list, but they're so damned long that I haven't gotten around to them yet because shorter videos that I'll actually finish in one go are always more attractive. I'll get around to it some day. >_>

    I do watch the Titansgrave tabletop RPG show that's on the same channel though, for whatever that's worth.
  3. I still need to catch up on the last couple of episodes. I love this show though. If I remember correctly I introduced it to @Grif ♥ and I also think @Fieryfly watches it.

    Tiberius is the best!
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  4. @Deuce I will have to disagree. I think that Mercer is the best. <3. *may have a little crush*
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  5. Mercer doesn't count! He's the DM! >:[
  6. He totally does! He's the GOD.
  7. Okay lookie right here.

    Clearly y'all need more Grog.
  8. This looks a lot like the d20 event at ConBravo...
    I love that D20 event, and I've already gotten 20 minutes in this video and I like it. :3
  9. Titansgrave is fucking fantastic
  10. I think both are fantastic, but if my opinion counts for anything I think Critical Role is much, much more enjoyable.

    Go watch Crit Role. Now. That goes for everyone.
  11. I dislike DnD as a system though :(.
  12. @Jorick @Hellis I have not enjoyed Titansgrave. XD. I enoyed the season 1 finale, but that was about it. Compared to the well-thought out epic arcs of Matthew Mercer's sessions, Wil Wheaton's sessions seem dreadfully flat, tbh. XD. That sky fortress thing could have had so much more to it, but instead it was just two rooms and two fairly simple fights that weren't too exciting.
  13. You people have just given me countless hours of shit to watch you realize.

    What's with the sound quality, Malkovich?
  16. Watched the first episode. Love the people, but the setting is just so... generic.... ;_;
  17. It's pretty Generic D&D Setting #0341 but it gets fleshed out later. The primary focus is on the characters and the players though, rather than the world itself.
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  18. I'm on episode 3 now.
    I'm really just there for the roleplayers.

    They perform their characters so well, and it's giving me tons of inspiration for my own games.
  19. I just finished watching the first episode. It was pretty great, definitely gonna watch more.

    So far Tiberius is my favorite.
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