Any Code Geass rp?

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  1. as i am a big fan of the series but not confedent enough to make a well done rp for it
  2. Sadly, I've never watched the series, and I don't particularly like series-based roleplays...

    But all the rest of you that do, come play with this cute mouse-girl!
  3. OMG i would love to do a rp about that show its my Fing fav. hated the ended are we doing OC?
    omg im crazy think about alot of things
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  4. idk its up to youhow do you wanna do this one i was thinking mabe a time period after R2 but we could also do one before like at the begining of the war before japan got beat pm and we can talk
  5. ok >.> this is top scerat informason *starts the PM count down* X3