Any body out there interested in a Tryelle series rp?

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  1. Not many people have heard of the series, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone out there has!

    I would love, love, love to do a Wendy x Finn rp, and have a plot pretty much worked out. All I need now is someone who actually knows the series and would be willing to play Finn.

    Plot With the king and queen gone, and Wendy now the ruler of both kingdoms, along with her husband Loki, things were peaceful for a while for the Tryelles. Wendy continued to push for acceptance of the all classes, although she was met with quite a bit of resistance. She thought things would work itself out, at least until the nobles began to rebel against her. Their first strike was to kill her husband, leaving her to try and rule both kingdoms on her own. When she began to fail, the nobles made a move to over throw her, but fortunately for her, Finn, along with the other trackers come to her rescue. With the kingdoms in a state of constant unrest, it's now up to Wendy to find a way to restore peace, and finally have everyone come together rather than remain divided by the classes.

    Simple, and a bit basic for now, but I have ideas for it. :)

    What I would like from my partner is fairly simple. I am looking for someone who is willing to play Finn, along with any other characters they would like to create. A post once a day would be nice, and more would definitely be welcomed. I would also like someone who can give me at least three decent sized paragraphs. I'll accept more if you're willing to give them to me. As for everything else, details can be worked out as we go along.

    If you're interested, feel free to drop me a line here or send me a PM.

    P.S I will love anyone who knows the series straight off the bat!

    P.P.S I will love you even more if you agree that Wendy should have ended up with Finn instead of Loki!
  2. No one? :( Is there really no one out there who has read the series other than me?
  3. Still hoping I can find a partner for this. @_@
  4. Nope, not gonna give up on this. There has to be someone out there! @_@