Any artists willing to draw her?? Please?

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  1. Hello! So i've been playing this character Marie for a long while and I would like someone to draw a picture of her that I imagine her looking like! I've always tried to find anime images and realistic anime images of her but none of them are really HER
    So grab your pencils and sketch books and lets draw :)

    this is how I'd like her profile to look :) Doesn't have to be the same art work but I want it to be like this!

    Hair style- [​IMG]
    Hair color- [​IMG]
    Face shape- She has a heart/square shaped face, it's in the middle of that!
    Eye color- [​IMG]
    Eye shape- [​IMG]
    Nose- Small refined nose (Don't have a picture)
    Mouth shape- [​IMG]
    Lip color- [​IMG]
    Skin tone- [​IMG] First Pale
    Body type- Marie is 5'5 and weights 114 lbs, she has a small chest and is petite but her bottom is very round. Her arms are thin and her legs are average (between thin and average) and they are long as well while her torso is kind of short but not noticeably short. She has broad shoulders and you can see her collarbones. She has small, wide feet and long, thin, small hands.

    I hope this makes sense XD and I hope someone will be able to draw her!! I am not very good a drawing so I'd like to see her for real and not imaging a random anime character as her cause she's much more than that!!
  2. I don't know about if anyone is going to draw it. But if you have trouble finding art... It might be you looking at the wrong art type? I might suggest you looking at different art styles perhaps? Or even consider looking at particular fandoms where people might have their own original characters drawn out. I know The World Ends With You or Kingdom Hearts has similar styles to the character description you outlined that you could use. Kingdom Hearts OC Design Example
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.