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  1. This, might I warn you, is just a fraction of what my little mind can come up with. It is just a mod podge of ideas, as of now. They may be ideas that have flopped in the past, or just never got any light, and I just want to show off those babies! Beware: Lots of content. Lots of pictures.

    • [​IMG]
    • No set plot. Not set setting, no set idea. I just absolutely adore this picture-- is someone willing to help me put a story behind it?

    • So, I found this song. If I were you, I'd run away now. This is where things go south. And in this song, this girl talks about this boy named Johnny. And this boy leaves a girl, after making numerous of promises to the girl. They end up breaking up, after a little fight. The girl talks of this 'family business'. Well, to me, the family business is undoubtedly a gang of... well, Gang Members. She talks about Uncle Rocko and The Guys With The Crow Bars, do you need anymore explanation?
    • I had an idea of where that can go. So, this character named Johnny breaks a poor little Mafia Baby's heart, and now, he's being chased from place to place by The Family. Perhaps there was another girl (or dude) that Johnny was interested in. Maybe he meets this person on the way, and they run away together while Uncle Rocko tries to, as the song states, bust his knee caps. Or worse, depending on the situation.
    • [​IMG]I was thinking it would be something like a Steampunk future, more or less. The girl/guy in the picture would be played by you or me, and she would be poor. (Or whatever you prefer.)
    • S/he had been living all of her life in the Junkyard, and s/he has even made a living there. The people in the city don't use the Junkyard anymore, due to flooding, so s/he lives almost without worry. S/he would sometimes go into the town to collect food and clothing, but her/his housing is among the broken beams and fried wires. (Again, if you were to play the character, you could change this. I just wanted to lay down the idea I had. Honestly, I'm not so sure if the person in the picture is male or female!)
    • S/he had been living in solitude for most of her/his life, and s/he is looking to find a friend- or, build one. With all of the spare parts s/he has accumulated- working or not, s/he has her eye on a Robot that she hopes to make, simply for conversation. What happens next? I dunno! Fighting Robot? BFFsies? Star-Crossed lovers? Who knows! (Trick is, we do!) I was hoping that it would be sort of like a friendship RP, but I can understand that even the best of friends have... those feelings, so if you preferred, this could be a romantic one, as well.
    • [​IMG]
    • I did this plot once over, but it had been unsuccessful. It might not do my former partner good to bring it up, but I'll give it a shot!!
    • I had an idea that this could take place in a jungle somewhere, and a scientist (Your character or mine,) would go there to do studies, or maybe it was because a plane crashed, and everyone on the plane died except for the one passenger. (Again, your character or mine.) That said character meets this one, which I do believe is male. But, if you (or I) so see it, he could be a she, or possibly an it.
    • I'm not looking for any particular pairing, but anything would do! FxF, MxM, MxF, whatever! It could be anything from a romantic roleplay, to a survival of the fittest. And if anything gets a little... heated, we can move it over to the Mature forms!
    • For another one I had in might, it would probably be a group roleplay. I'd have to find someone to help me organize it, but for the idea, it'd be something of a hybrid between Battle Royale and The Hunger Games.
    • One more is just about mermaids. Big woop. Mermaids.
    • Another one, thought questionable, is based off of the song Pumped Up Kicks. Basically, what I had in mind was that this kid named Robert has it. He brings a gun to school, and goes on the run with a friend of his. So far, that's all I have! We can work with it as we go.
    • One more-- I have an idea about a Hospice worker who falls in love with someone who is dying from something- let it be Cancer or let it be Bronchus. Anything, as long as it's something that causes the Hospice to be involved.
    • I've had this idea playing around for a while now-- inspired by two things. The Greek myth of Persephone and an image. I've used the image a lot, really, but I'd like to do a oneXone roleplay.
    • [​IMG]
    • The idea I had was: My character, a teenager, has a very strange and scary ability. Your character, whomever it might be, is a part time paranormal investigator for a TV show, or a website or whatever you so have, and they catch wind of a very strange occurrence in a small town. Your character then looks for mine, and they spend quite a lot of time together.
    • I was hoping this could be romantic-- anything goes. MxM, FxM, FxF. The picture I have, the character to me looks like they might fit in any gender, let alone a gender at all. It's up to preference. The only things I'm looking for in a partner is: Grammar, long replies, QUICK replies, and lots of ideas. I love vocal people, who can't keep to themselves. Please PM me if you're interested!!!
    • If you've seen my post earlier called On The Backs Of Angels, this is the same thing! I know I started out the first part preeeeeeetty lengthy, but I sure do hope I didn't scare anyone off! This is just for questions. At first, I was hoping that it could be romantic, with my character falling in love with yours! (( well, your character was to fall with SOMEONE, am I right? my character is the second best thing! ))I'm willing to roleplay with anyone, with any character. I was/am leaning towards a maleXmale roleplay, but I am completely okay with mXf, even if you wanted to do fXf, I am more than okay with that. If you want the tl;dr post, its basically just my character, Orel, talking abouthow he died and what he has to do to get his Angel wings. He follows your character around one day, and a the end, your character confronts mine, thinking that he is a human everyone can see. If things get a little... heated, we can move it to PM, or the [T] Mature section.

  2. If you don't mind a mxf then i would love to do this idea :) (I feel like I play a bit too many male character at the moment haha)
  3. I think I have a story for the very first picture if you're interested? I have a few ideas for it actually.
  4. I agree, that first picture looks like it can have an amazing story to it. I would like to work with you on this one if you are interested.
  5. I'm interested, I have been wanting to do a wonderful role play for awhile now. I can do any of those ideas and even help you come up with a story for your first picture, I'm pretty good at stories. Pm me if you might be interested.
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