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  1. As I walk down the halls that don't require more than five people, my eyes nervously glance about with each movement that they happen to catch. My hands clutch at the books that I hold in my arms, the edges digging into my stomach. With clammy fingers that struggle to get a good grip on them all, I flinched with a turn of my head each time someone came past a little too close. My breath caught in my throat while I silently, unknowingly, held my breath. With a flickering gaze I looked and desperately searched for the right door, begging to get to the right one quick enough. By the time I step into the room my heart aches while I quickly drop my things on the table, feeling a small amount of relief wash over me. With this relief I let out a few sharp huffs of air after having mainly held it for the duration that I'd weaved through the figures in the hall. Even after I've sat, the feeling of fright and an almost claustrophobic sensation linger. In the middle of classes, this will often occur at what I find random intervals.
    With three minutes left to leave, I quickly turn in a paper before returning to my seat. Most are lined at the door, eagerly waiting to get out. A friend playfully holds in my chair, preventing me from taking my seat. Suddenly afraid that the teacher would turn to speak to me, with new vigor and near desperation I panicked with this same dreadful feeling as I attempted to get into my chair, even as the bell rang. (Events of the past.)

    What do any of you think? Is this anxiety?
  2. Yep, that sounds like anxiety to me! O_O

    OR being chased by an invisible dinosaur no one else can see.
  3. Just a regular day in the maths class when the professor asks if we have done the homework :D :D
  4. It's also called "being a young person".
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  5. What the OP described definitely falls under the category of 'anxiety' and not 'being a young person.' What would make it just a normal human insecurity would be the general dislike/dread of being called on in class, or delivering a paper you feel you did not do very well on, where after you might worry for a bit and then let it go. What makes it anxiety is when it circumvents your ability to function normally, lingers unnecessarily, or sends you into panic attacks.

    Young people can be insecure. All people can be insecure. Young people can also have anxiety. They aren't mutually exclusive.
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  6. Completely. :]
  7. Cheerfully withdrawn.

    It's called "Being a young, intelligent person with astute imagination".
  8. Do you have ADD?

    Anxiety could be caused by racing thoughts you can't seem to control that can pop out of nowhere.

    Basically what As said.
  9. ADD? I don't believe so.
  10. Are you a clever little scamp with creative exuberances who daydreams and believes in the higher passions of an extraordinary life?
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  11. o.o I believe not? I do not daydream.
  12. Okay, so you're a clever little scamp with creative exuberances who believes in the higher passions of an extraordinary life.

    Being anxious around others comes with the above. Life will change for you, in time, and you will learn how to deal with people at your own (and no one else's) pace. Don't try to label yourself with some condition and then fly off on a tangent about how you are THIS or THAT. I tried to explain everything away with "Autism" when I went through my younger years. It was silly. I wasn't Autistic - I was just awesome in my own way.

    Be thankful that you feel these things. Too many people are dead inside.
  13. Sometimes people need genuine medical help to get through these things, though. There's anxiety and then there's anxiety disorders, is what I'm saying. Lord knows I wouldn't be able to function at all if I didn't get assistance for mine. Idk if OP has one as well, just sharing my experience.
  14. Thank you both for your answers! o:
  15. I was coiled up pretty tight as an adolescent and have since settled into my own identity (as much as can be expected for someone in their late 20s, anyway.). I've seen the exact same thing happen with my younger siblings. Chances are you're just going through growing pains. But if you're very concerned, I would suggest consulting a licensed professional and not a bunch of strangers on the internet.
  16. Haha, I'm no longer an adolescent. These things did happen during that time, however, and still do although I'm into my early 20's as well. Pain is never really involved.
  17. Hmm. I'd say go speak with someone. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was around 22? ADD isn't exactly day dreaming. To me, a super aware person, simple changes in my environment I found extremely distracting which would lead my mind off on a plethora of tangents simultaneously.

    The abbreviated version is that I had ADD that frustrated the hell out of me for years because of rapid fire thoughts which turned into anxieties and eventually depression.
  18. Once in a while I'll become distracted, but I don't believe in the extent to be considered ADD. :o
  19. Well, in my case anxiety was merely a symptom and not the real cause. So, perhaps, there could be more underlying issues which cause the anxiety to manifest.