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  1. This is probably gonna be written shobbily but was just wondering how many other people here suffer from higher then normal Anxiety when it comes to rping sometimes. I have this really weird tendency to freak out when trying to do any form of group rp X_X Like I'm totally alright with 1x1s but the second I start doing a group rp I just freak XD
  2. Same here. OnexOne's are fine, but group and Chat RP's stress me out and make me panic more than I ever thought writing could. I tried Group RP's twice before I decided they were not for me and swore them off. I stopped Chat RPing before I came here and told myself never again. Personally, they aren't worth the trouble.
  3. I hate my stupid goddamn anxiety so much, because it kicks into overdrive whenever I have to talk to someone privately - which, unfortunately, role-playing calls for. It's the number one reason why my role-plays fail 99% of the time, because I get too anxious to talk to people, even if I love the role-play and want to do it.

    I honestly don't know why I bother to try. My crazy brain doesn't want me to have any fun.
  4. I'm usually able to chat with someone one on one luckily, though there are some people who's personalities scare me D:

    Also @Opal I love that sig picture, any clue where it's from? (Also your avatar is nice too!) I just feel like giving out free compliments today~

    @Cosmic Leviathan Your avatar is nice too!

    I feel like the biggest problem for me is expectations. I always feel like when I go into a group rp I'm always *ALWAYS* below what is expected and people are just tolerating me as opposed to being interested in what I write.
  5. I'm deathly scared of the act of voice chat, to a point wherein I will outright refuse to accept or send calls through skype or discord out of anxiety. My first experiences with using the service was a six-month-long tirade of a group of really abusive guys where I was the butt of the joke, and I think that combined with the fear of strangers who can talk behind the shield of anonymity scare me to high heaven.

    That being said, I really do want to talk to people like I do with friends I know locally-- I just get shivers whenever I really want to go do it. I know the people here and in general aren't huge jerks, but the possibility gets to me.
  6. This ^ A thousand times this. I always feel inadequate somehow and that they're laughing at me and my writing behind my back. I mean, logically I know they probably aren't but the anxiety about it is there and never goes away and it can get pretty bad, so I just avoid that area in general.
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  7. I third this. Especially when you use plaintext when everyone else has very nice, intricate, fancy formatting on their posts and character sheets. I'm an agressive plotter, but I hate putting my arcs out there for fear of people messing it up when they play out.

    Waiting for replies, wondering if people have lost interest really, really blows too.
  8. Yea that's another thing. I mean I love looking at it, but I feel bad when I'm using fairly plain text and these other people have super duper awesome templates they use for everything and I'm just like "Oh hey guys!"
  9. Rping is one of my coping mechanisms for my anxiety actually. I sometimes get light jitters from reading new posts. Like I get all shy that someone read and responded to me. X3
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  10. I have no problems in groups. I dun give a fuuuuuuh

    One on ones though. D: I'm super nervous about playing with a new person I am unfamiliar with, so it's really hard for anyone to pin me down. You tend to work more personally with people in one on ones, and I am a turbo hermit. >>;
  11. I have a different kind of anxiety I hate failing people and I hate saying I'm going to do something and not doing it. I am always nervous or worried I am not good enough. I am not doing enough. But I'm also always worried people don't really like me. I'm always worried I am a horrible person or a badguy or someone everyone really hates. I don't like stepping on people's toes. And I say sorry so many times because I mean it when I say sorry, that it becomes a word that no one believes because I'll apologize forever and ever and ever, because my brain is like how dare I make someone upset or did something to this person. I had no idea I did this thing
  12. I have probably way higher than normal levels of anxiety on a day-to-day basis anyway... in group RPs, I debate over whether I should post now, if it would be better if someone else posted, if I should try to interact (what if they ignore it?), etc.

    In one on ones, I have difficulty not being overbearing and type A. I don't mean to be controlling and I don't want to come off that way but equal control is so hard to work out in rp and it's just.... eeeh! It's easier when I have people (like my beloved @Fluffy) that I can jove with and I feel like I can take more or less complete control in my post and then be okay handing the reins over completely for hers.
  13. Gwazi Magnum reads over this thread, wondering how to best put that he doesn't really suffer this problem in Group RPs. How the only 1x1's that he's in are parts of a larger universe group RP, while truly independent 1x1's wasn't something he's done in over 4 years. However, being terrible with words he struggles to find a way to explain it and simultaneously ponders if he should even bother posting. He thinks through how every RP he's been in has been those friends were formerly in and he was invited into, and how that might make his situation easier. Instead however, he decides to leave this thread alone for now, and go back to checking alerts.
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  14. It's probably not fair to call it anxiety but I'm always just... mildly uncomfortable whenever I try 1x1's. I dunno it just... doesn't seem like my thing. o_o I always feel weird about it... like I don't know what I'm doing.

    I always feel much more confident and comfortable in group RP's -- especially if it's one that I'm GMing myself. In fact, I've started to notice recently that pretty much the only RP's I do anymore are group RP's that I've started myself. XD I've completely given up on 1x1's, and it's just rare for me to find a group RP run by someone else that I'm really interested in joining.
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