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Millions of years from the earth we walk on now, this world was diseased by itself. Human technology advanced, far beyond what we could manage now. Many species were thrown into extinction in the process, countless chemicals seeping through the planet’s ground. Souls were hardened as sacrifices were made. We became more sickened by the year. Humans divided themselves by the wealthy and the smart, who reside in large cities, and the poor and “unfortunate”, who reside in run down, feeble villages. The families with no power were exposed to the deadly toxins, created by the experimenting smarts. The chemicals were breathed in, consumed and so on by them. These chemicals merged with their blood and human features to breed a new parasite, birthed with a taste for their host’s blood, and became a well known disease. It spread from village to city, one by one tainting human blood. The disease took notice of scientists when it hit them. They didn’t want these parasites, for they found they break down the human’s flesh and cartilage, and in the slow process, inflict unbearable pain. In about six months, a pill was made to kill the parasites inside the body. The parasites were driven from their human hosts, and weakened by the lack of human blood in their systems. Satisfied, the wealthy moved on to their projects. Surely the parasites would go extinct, die one by one without nutrients? Well, not quite.
The parasites vanished from the human’s view. Over years, the few that were left found earth a satisfying snack. Fertile soil was enough to scrape the species past extinction. Multiplying, over time the parasites were able to strike small villages. With a new substance in their systems, they were able to... change the human body. Unexplainable changes. First came violent changing of the human appearance, more or less deformity. However, infants and elderly persons could not survive the changing. The human was left with some sort of deformity on a certain body part, unlucky ones left with worse blemishes, and given something like powers. “Super hero” powers, a child may call it. The new elements first would strike pain before allowing the human to control it. Many went suicide, scared as hell about the sudden outbursts of such powerful energy. The magical abilities were unimaginably powerful, thus very few were able to hold their powers and use them only at will. Even less mastered it. It was not long before other villagers saw their deformed, magic-welding village-mates. They went ballistic and crawled to the wealthy for help.
The diseased persons broke havoc into the society. Do know how wrongly people were driven by then, they were blinded by many goods of the supers. Riots erupted in cities, but were far worse in the villages. Homes of the deformed persons were let to burn in pursuit to slaughter the “harm”.
Then villagers found that all the Deformed Persons were... missing.
Government sent the threats into confinement, isolated from any city or village. What could they do with these monsters? They were defiantly a threat to their perfect society, they would always say while discussing. The only hopes for peace was sending these beasts far away. Far from earth, so they couldn’t harm humans any more.

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