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  1. Antiutopia

    Millions of years from the earth we walk on now, this world was diseased by itself. Human technology advanced, far beyond what we could manage now. Many species were thrown into extinction in the process, countless chemicals seeping through the planet’s ground. Souls were hardened as sacrifices were made. We became more sickened by the year. Humans divided themselves by the wealthy and the smart, who reside in large cities, and the poor and “unfortunate”, who reside in run down, feeble villages. The families with no power were exposed to the deadly toxins, created by the experimenting smarts. The chemicals were breathed in, consumed and so on by them. These chemicals merged with their blood and human features to breed a new parasite, birthed with a taste for their host’s blood, and became a well known disease. It spread from village to city, one by one tainting human blood. The disease took notice of scientists when it hit them. They didn’t want these parasites, for they found they break down the human’s flesh and cartilage, and in the slow process, inflict unbearable pain. In about six months, a pill was made to kill the parasites inside the body. The parasites were driven from their human hosts, and weakened by the lack of human blood in their systems. Satisfied, the wealthy moved on to their projects. Surely the parasites would go extinct, die one by one without nutrients? Well, not quite.
    The parasites vanished from the human’s view. Over years, the few that were left found earth a satisfying snack. Fertile soil was enough to scrape the species past extinction. Multiplying, over time the parasites were able to strike small villages. With a new substance in their systems, they were able to... change the human body. Unexplainable changes. First came violent changing of the human appearance, more or less deformity. However, infants and elderly persons could not survive the changing. The human was left with some sort of deformity on a certain body part, unlucky ones left with worse blemishes, and given something like powers. “Super hero” powers, a child may call it. The new elements first would strike pain before allowing the human to control it. Many went suicide, scared as hell about the sudden outbursts of such powerful energy. The magical abilities were unimaginably powerful, thus very few were able to hold their powers and use them only at will. Even less mastered it. It was not long before other villagers saw their deformed, magic-welding village-mates. They went ballistic and crawled to the wealthy for help.
    The diseased persons broke havoc into the society. Do know how wrongly people were driven by then, they were blinded by many goods of the supers. Riots erupted in cities, but were far worse in the villages. Homes of the deformed persons were let to burn in pursuit to slaughter the “harm”.
    Then villagers found that all the Deformed Persons were... missing.
    Government sent the threats into confinement, isolated from any city or village. What could they do with these monsters? They were defiantly a threat to their perfect society, they would always say while discussing. The only hopes for peace was sending these beasts far away. Far from earth, so they couldn’t harm humans any more.

    The Deformed Persons were sent to a planet discovered about fifty years from their present time. This planet looks like the environment of the horror game Kholat. If you don’t know how this looks like, search Kholat screenshots or forest on Google Images. If that doesn’t give you the picture, try watching game plays. I suggest looking at game plays, because images don’t catch the constant violent storms of this planet *wink*.
    Anyways, as you can see, there is not much nutrition, and it doesn’t look very welcoming. The humans thought very little of the beasts, so didn’t think very hard of their needs. You probably couldn’t tell because of my bad and lazy typing skills, but you are role playing the Deformed Persons on the new planet. Do know, you will role play them first coming to their new planet. They will be knocked out in the confinement facilities. We can role play that part if you all want, but, they won’t see the ship they are being held on to the new planet. The humans aboard will literally throw the bodies of the sleeping Deformed Persons out, scattered, around the planet.

    1.No op characters! I do know that this disease has given “unimaginably powerful powers”, just don’t overdo it. I am ready to lower the magical abilities of a character.
    1. If you are, for some reason, going away and will be inactive, please let me know. Thus, someone with your permission will fill in for your character while you are absent
    2. This is pretty obvious, but acknowledge the extremely harsh environment of this planet.
    3. Fighting between characters is allowed in the role play, but keep it out of the OOC.
    4. Please no e-peen. Your character may be cocky IC.
    5. If you are taking over the story or not letting others join/interact, I will give you two warnings. Third is the killing of this character.
    6. If you are role playing a scene where your character kills the other, each of the players most post at least 1 post before death. Ask me for permission to do assassinations. This question is not taken lightly.
    7. Romance is allowed, but if it gets to butt-naked sexual, please do so privately (in a PM).
    8. When attacking, give your “prey” a chance to react. I can give you permission to take this rule out of the battle however.

    Full Name:
    Appearance(Description or image. No anime, drawn characters are fine.):
    Deformed part of the body(I understand an image will probably not have a deformed body part. Even if it does, put the description here and how it affects your character.):
    Magical Ability:
    Talents(4 at most):
    Weaknesses(at least 2):

    Article: Accepted Characters

    Emilio Gil Rosa ~ @Amai Kyuti
    Kahra M. Daniels ~ @Quin
    Chester "Chess" Dune ~ @Whisket
    Casper Bellamy ~ @Amai Kyuti
    Forbs Jack Webbs ~ @Binks
    Mikael Rönström ~ @Nephilim
    Analise "Ana" Francesca Garren ~ @sincere_and_silent
    Aylin Birsen ~ @Nephilim

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  2. I will be making a character shortly! This sounds awesome!!

    For the powers what are you looking for? Kinetic abilities, elemental manipulation, mental powers, shape-shifting, or something else? Or is it completely up to us? I'd like to know the boundaries before I make my chara because I usually build around the power. :D
  3. Completely up to you! Just don't overdo it, like, the limit of specific magical powers on one character is three. But if you only have one or two, then a specific power can have many ups and abilities to it. Also, you can make your character's magic a sickness to their mental and or physical-nesses, much like I am doing to my character. Those powers were caused by a weird and unrealistic disease/parasite, so it is highly likely that the power is twisted and sick!

    I should add some of that to the rules...
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  4. May I make a character as well? This roleplay seems interesting.
  5. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Emilio Gil Rosa
    Age(20-45): 23
    Gender: Male
    Deformed part of the body:
    Emilio has what looks like horrible burns that spread from his hands to his elbows. They are a constant source of pain for him.
    Goofy // Courageous // Enduring // Impulsive // Sympathetic
    The friendly one who keeps things light in tough situations, Emilio is a bit of a clown. He is reliable though and will help those who need it. His bravery can be an issue sometimes because he'd rather fight than run even when he has zero chance of winning. Emilio enjoys mouthing off at his enemies and irritating them with his nonchalance. When put through the wringer, he oftentimes comes out just like he went in.

    Pyrokinesis- He can generate, control, and absorb fire.
    Speed & Endurance- Emilio was a track runner before becoming deformed.
    Adaptability: You can put him anywhere and he'll find a way to survive.

    Backlash: Every time he uses his pyrokinesis, Emilio's hands are burned. They heal quickly but he has to suffer beforehand.
    Strength: Emilio's overall upper-body strength is not very powerful.

    - Emilio doesn't like bugs. Anything with more than four legs creeps him out.
    - He had a dog named Lito.
    - Emilio is gay.
  6. This sounds like it could be cool.
    I'll work on a CS soon here
  7. @Amai Kyuti: Emilio is accepted!
    @Eight of Diamonds: Of course!
    I don't have my laptop with me at the moment, so I can't work on my CS, but I will try to get it as soon as possible.
  8. Thank you! May I make two characters? I have a great idea for my second one and would love to create him.
  9. If you really really positively think a new character is needed, it's a yes. I just think a lot of twisted shit is going to happen, you may have to focus on one character to keep up and stuff like that.
  10. Mmkay. I'm usually pretty good with keeping up two characters. So should I wait a little bit then?
  11. Full Name: Kahra M. Daniels
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female

    Deformed part of the body: Kahra is legally blind. (See more under Talents.)
    Personality: Kahra is a mix between a smart-alek and a worrier. She is quite bi-polar in this sense, and goes back ad forth between the two depending on the situation. Ever since she lost her vision, her curious and happy self has faded into a more depressed and quiet one.
    • Eyes: Kahra is legally blind, but as a result of the parasite she can sense thermal radiation and see sound waves.
    • Heightened Senses: Because she is blind, all her other senses are a lot better than most peoples.
    • Cleverness: Kahra's cleverness and puzzle solving skills help her figure out most situations she is put in. Before becoming deformed, she was considered a genius.

    • Her inability to see clearly
    • She is quite small and does not have very much strength. What she lacks in brawn, she makes up for in brains.

    Background: Kahra was quite privileged in her early life, until her father, who worked as a government scientist, lost his job. Her mother was a very intelligent lady, but she was physically disabled and unable to hold any type of job. After her father got out of work, they moved into the slums. Kahra spent her life tinkering around with spare parts and trying to make the most out of her family's situation.
  12. @Quin: Kahra is accepted!
    @Amai Kyuti: You can make another if you want. I'd like to keep the genders balanced to, but we are having a great start already.
  13. THANK YOU!! :hug:
  14. Full Name: Chester "Chess" Dune

    Age: 40

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Deformed part of the body: Skeletal structure. His bones are larger and considerably more dense than normal, this has caused a few to being to protrude from the skin in places.
    Personality: Crass and blunt, Chester doesn't beat around the bush and does whatever it takes to get what he needs. Not outwardly rude but not civil.


    Immense Strength: Due to the size and density of his bones, coupled with his physical condition, Chester has gained strength on par or above a wild animal.

    Durability: The size and density of his bones seem to absorb most of the shock from being hit. claims to have survived being shot.

    Hand-to-Hand: Due to his past life and now incredibly strong arms legs and protruding bones makes Chester a force of nature with his bare hands.


    Poor Endurance: Due to the size of his bones and their weight Chester gets fatigued much faster than normal.

    Short Temper: Chester has always been irritable and prone to violence combined with his deformation it can lead to self-destruction.

    Background: Not a whole lot is known about Chester except that he was and is a criminal. claims to have grown up in a slum stealing and fighting his way to the top of the food chain, spending more time in prisons than out of them.

    Other: Loves Dogs.
  15. @Whisket: Chester is such an interesting character... consider him accepted!
  16. [​IMG]

    ~ || Caspar Bellamy || ~
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male


    Deformation: Extra Finger & Toe on each Hand & Foot, plus a Tail
    This makes him an easy target for heckling and bullying. He can never hide what he is.

    Melancholic | | Sarcastic | | Loner | | Idealistic | | Honorable
    He has no qualms with who he is, no matter how dreary he's feeling he is unafraid to let the world know. His tongue is sharp and its not a defense mechanism, rather a tool to dissuade annoying people from being friendly. Caspar prefers solitude to large groups wherein everyone is fighting to be heard. His attitude does not prove his values, however. He has high morals and will not be drawn into petty ideals such as bigotry or discrimination. Caspar is unashamedly self-serving.

    Teleportation | He can only teleport to places he has already been as he is incapable of solid displacement. The ability to go anywhere is possible but if he landed inside something such as a wall, he would be killed.
    Agility & Strength | Caspar was a professional acrobat before undergoing the deformation. His balance and flexibility is masterful.

    Solids Displacement | Whereas his teleportation automatically displaces liquids and gasses, solids are nor. This inhibits is ability.
    Lack of Motivation | Caspar only fights if he's forced into it or has no other choice.

    He never knew a real family as his parents died when he was young and his personality prevented him from being adopted. Caspar has very little experience with relationships since most men only dated him for his appearance. This has enhanced his natural contempt for the idea of love and commitment. The only thing he has retained his passion for is acrobatics.

  17. @Amai Kyuti: Casper is accepted!
    I just realized I forgot to put "Magical Ability" in the form... sorry :L
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  18. [​IMG]
    Full Name
    Forbs Jack Webbs





    Deformed part of the body
    Forbs' right arm is noticeably struck by the disease. The arm seems to have enlarged into what looks like it could be
    off of a beast's arm, and where his arm should end into his hand, the bone is cocked down as though it were broken.
    Near the bottom of the arm is raw flesh, noticeable muscles and proper forms. The rest of it look sand feels as though
    it were burnt by a forest fire, and has unnatural looking spikes, points, barbs etc. This violently pointed side reaches up
    Forbs' neck as well. Near his jaw, the points start to die to churned-up looking flesh. He is limited of movement because
    of this, the barbs on his neck seem ready to catch that moment to rip the exposed flesh on his jaw. His arm plays utter
    pain when it is moved sharply. This whole arm conflict hasn't really clicked in his brain, as Forbs is use to having all his
    muscles to work.

    Magical Ability
    Forbs' complete encephalon was struck of unabridged ability to "overwhelm" or "choke" an individual and their mind
    with voices of his own will. This form of magic is generally known as Audible Inundation, the ability to overwhelm someone's
    mind with voices. Forbs can manipulate even those with the strongest will into his whisper. Now, Forbs can't just
    hipty-de-doo into people's minds and literally deride them. The magic often gets him worked up, mingling with his mental state.
    It depends on what he feels at that very moment, or for this discrete being that ignites "adrenaline", it may be called. By this, I
    mean he gets carried away into his disdaining. He can literally tear someone's dreams, or start telling mortifying lies and so on.
    Thus, a terrible situation almost always follows.
    He has also had signs of Acid Secretion. However, this is not a good thing in his case. It has never been scientifically described
    to Forbs how these spurts are produced, but a liquid like acid spews from him sometimes. This comes in sudden outbursts,
    generally being coughed up and leaving his throat parched and burning of a sharp pain. On and off, acid can seep through the
    pores of his skin, mainly from the face. Acid Secretion isn't something like magic you'd typically think of for Forbs. It is
    undoubtedly stated these outbursts of acid are only a sickness to the boy, not a power. He has no idea how the hell his
    skin, not to mention his innards, can't melt because of this acid.
    Forbs is afraid of himself because of this magic. He is utterly terrified of this Acid Secretion sickness of his. He is confident
    about Audible Inundation, but now and then comes to hate himself for outright macerating people through it. He does well
    in burrowing these fears deep inside him to others, making him often look very valiant.

    Forbs resides to hiding all his secrets and softness, which he thinks is more of a sorrow, inside him. Some see Forbs very valiant as a result. He has no patience whatsoever, which most say that makes him have a bad temper. You could put a gun to his head, but Forbs would never obey a soul. He usually pushes people off and jumps into his own things. He isn’t afraid to break a bone.
    Most people see Forbs as a brute who thinks he’s better than everyone else. It is really the opposite. He knows that people are the same in the inside. It is the many who are pleased in deriding others have shaped him into what he that you see. His mind was beaten and twisted, thus he isn’t really sure whether he is like them, or despises them.
    By the way, good luck trying to crack his shell.


    Strength and Size – Forbs is very tall and active, and thus he has much strength. He uses his brawn
    power to his advantage.

    Audible Inundation – Explained above.
    Hand-to-hand Combat – Forbs has always had a knack with hand-to-hand.


    Acid Secretion – Explained above.
    Stubbornness – Forbs doesn’t acknowledge the fact that another person is right and his way is wrong sometimes.
  19. Hmm definitely interested, but not sure if I can join right now. I'll let you know later :)
  20. [​IMG]

    Full Name:

    Mikael Rönström




    Male (physically) but his mentality often switches between the two.

    Deformed part of the body(I understand an image will probably not have a deformed body part. Even if it does, put the description here and how it affects your character.):

    His deformity exists as dark inky patterns beneath his skin which almost resemble tattoos but are in reality deep bruises caused by shifting muscles and bones beneath his skin. The extent of these bruising patterns is dependent upon how often he uses his abilities.


    Treacherous if provoked // Snarky // Sarcastic // Blunt // Honest // Loyal // Genius // A little bit flirty

    Magical Ability:

    The manipulation and control of shadows or darkness.

    Mikael has a fine grasp on the control of shadows, able to elongate shadows from his own and to teleport distances, though he is limited by the availability of shadows in his area and the area in which he wishes to travel to. He can manipulate shadows to become prehensile weapons or defences but these can be flimsy depending on the level of concentration he maintains towards them. He's by no means a master. He messes up sometimes, directs the shadows the wrong way or into one another.

    He has a secondary gift- Healing. This is a useful ability, except that he can only heal his own injuries to a certain degree before they become obsolete towards his injuries. That is to say, they are only really effective on the wounds of others and can only heal his own injuries to a certain degree.

    Talents(4 at most):

    Strong Physical state: He's physically strong, though leanly muscled. He's nowhere near as strong as someone who possesses a strength-focused power but he can be relied on to put in the hard yards physically.

    Speaks several languages, namely French, Swedish, Japanese and Mandarin in addition to English.

    Due to his high intelligence, he has a great talent for concocting plans and predicting the outcomes of fights.

    Weaknesses(at least 2):

    The more he uses his umbrakinesis, the more painful and deep reaching the bruise patterns on his body become. If he over uses his power, then he risks the possibility of bruising his internal organs or rupturing something important with the shadow patterns.

    His healing ability, as explained above, is only truly, 100% effective on others. If he over uses it, it drains his energy and can also irritate the shadows underneath his skin.


    He was born in Öregund, a small town in Sweden, as the eldest of eight children and as the eldest male child, was immediately the 'man' of the family after his father left when he was twelve. As a result, Mikael had to use his smarts to keep his family afloat during his younger years and again when his mother committed suicide only three years later, when he was 15.


    Has a fixed pattern of shadows on his right wrist, which he both hates and admires for the beauty of it. It changes at times, subtly but mostly sticks in the shape of an elaborate tree. He used to have a similar tattoo there but the shadows replaced it.

    He doesn't truly have a sexuality. If he is attracted, then he's attracted.
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