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  1. The campus was buzzing with students, some yelling at returning friends from across the campus and others wandering aimlessly, confused and lost at the scary college life, and there was Ilya, stuck with the suffocating false pep from a tour guide. "Here we have the dorms that you'll be staying in, some of you may already have your roommates unpacking," unnaturally high with a fake smile plastered onto her face. It almost made Ilya cringe, but she was too busy dying under the weight of her belongings.

    At least give us some time to put our stuff somewhere. Ilya thought bitterly, following the other freshmen, already losing interest in the guide. While the woman's back was to her, Ilya made her escape, speed walking away from the crowd and quickly walking at a more reasonable pace. Look natural; she told herself reassuringly Tooootalllllly natural. She thought as she took out her phone, beaming to see several new notifications on the screen.

    CreamPUFF: is she dead
    Virus: no stfu shes probably lost the poor baby ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン JUST NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!
    Rook: She's Dead College Life Was too Much For Her
    Rook: Where Will We Host Her Funeral

    Virus: ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) take it back rn you piece of shit
    Rook: Make Me

    Ilya scrolled through the conversation, chuckling to herself as she made it to the dorms. To her luck, her roommate wasn't there, but clearly was here at some point, several posters crowding the room walls, a guitar that already irked her, and other things she didn't stick around long enough to examine. She tossed her back onto her mattress and retreated into the conversation, thankful for the advances in technology.

    CreamPUFF: did she just seen zone us all
    Virus: *crying* YAYA, PLEASE SAY SOMETHING

    Rook: Shes Being Murdered
    YAYA: My phone is at like -- 2% can you all calm
    CreamPUFF: are you being murdered
    YAYA: No lol
    Rook: Just What Someone Being Murdered Would Say I Rest My Case
    Virus: im going to report your account if you dont stop rook
    Rook: I Fucking Dare You
    CreamPUFF: o shit
    YAYA: Oh man, a brave one you are
    CreamPUFF: o btw my friends room is 234 theyre pretty into video games hit em up if you get lonely loser

    Just as the final message sent her phone's screen turned dark. "Finally crapped itself," she muttered, digging through her backpack and fishing out a charger, she was paranoid about leaving the room with her phone and other belongings in it. With a heavy sigh, she shoved the charger into her coat pockets along with her phone, picked up her backpack and pulled her beanie down just a little lower, grateful that it hid her messy hair better than her hood did.

    "Map, map, map," she told herself, luckily they were everywhere, taped to the walls, or just there on the display. She regretted tossing out the packet she got in the mail, and not showing up for the orientation, but you reap what you sow after all. Giving the paper a look over and quickly locating the library she hurried off but was stopped in her tracks after bumping into another person. Crap.

    "I'm sorry," she said nervously, her eyes darting around the area hoping no one else saw her blunder, some did, some didn't seem to care. I just wanted to charge my phone in the library.
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  2. Placing his baseball bat next to his bed, that is next the right wall, and the ball on the small table stand, Adrien looked out the window that is between his bed and his roommate's bed. The room had already been decorated by the two roomies. Adrien's side have posters of famous baseball players. His desk, near the drawer, has a couple of picture frames of his family as well as a cup full of school supplies. Adrien sighed tiredly as he finished unpacking the last box of clothes into the drawer next to the end of his bed. His phone rang loudly as it alerted the brown-haired boy about a message from one of his friends. He picked up the small device from the table stand, unlocking it and view the message.

    To: Minmin 〜 ☆
    From: YoYoMoon ʘ̥ꀾʘ̥

    | Hey, dipshit, are you coming over to explore the campus? ( ̄ー ̄)

    To: YoYoMoon ʘ̥ꀾʘ̥
    From: Minmin 〜 ☆

    | Yeah, just give me a few minutes! And don't call me dipshit, hurts my feelings~ (;Д;)

    To: Minmin 〜 ☆
    From: YoYoMoon ʘ̥ꀾʘ̥
    | I don't fucking care... Dipshit. (¬_¬) Peace. v( ̄ー ̄)v

    With that message, Adrien stood up from his sitting position on his bed and quickly put on his sweater that has a design logo of the college. He grabbed his wallet, phone still in his hand, and walked out of the room and then the dorm. He headed to where his friends might be. Near the library.

    After arriving at the location and spotted his group of friends, Adrien hurriedly walked to them, though the tall male had bumped into somebody. Adrien quickly turned to the person he bumped into, apologizing as his friends walked over there, already witnessed the event. "No, I should be the one to apologize! I wasn't looking to where I was going." He said, hearing the girl in front of him apologized. Adrien gave the female student a gentle smile, waving his hand at her. "Don't worry, like I said, it's my fault." He stated before turning to his friends, who were chuckling at Adrien and making fun of him, just like any best friends will.
  3. Ilya felt as though a burden was lifted from her shoulders as she heard the apology, but her relief was second guessed when she saw the chuckling group of boys that he approached. It was made clear to her they were familiar with each other, but she was a bit wary as to why they were laughing. They're not laughing at me, are they? Fuck, no they might just be laughing at their friend? People do that right? Ilya collected herself and continued her march, thankful that the map indicated she was not far from the library. Well, Virus threatened to report Rook, so I guess it's kinda similar? She was still on about the same scene from earlier, the incident unfortunately burned into her head.

    Ilya collapsed into a chair and wasted no time in setting up her laptop a bit amazed by how many outlets the desk had, even her local library didn't have this many. Immediately she felt at ease when she saw the Apple logo pop onto her phone's screen. She decided to wait a bit before returning to the group chat, in the mean time she unlocked her computer and opened a word document and an empty looking web page. From there she wasted her time editing it, cutting and pasting individual bits of coding, trying to ignore the glowing screen that was riddled in notifications from the group chat.

    "Finish the work, Yaya," she muttered to herself, typing a little more aggressively after hearing yet another ping "You can not succumb to temptation,"
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  4. Golden eyes watched the girl in the hoodie walked away and entered a building, which happened to be the library. "Hey, creepy old man, stop staring at the girl," Yoongi stated, giving his friend a poker face expression like he always has. Adrien blushed brightly as he glanced at his friend, flipping him off. "Shut up, Yoyo!" He exclaimed, glaring at him playfully as he walked over to the group of friend. They spent the next few minutes on the same spot, chatting and laughing away before they decided to start exploring the campus. Adrien took out a map of the school ground, opening and showing it to his friends. Once they decided where to go, the crew began to head toward the direction of their destination.

    After an hour or so of looking around the campus, the teens decided to go out and eat before they start exploring again. They reached a cafe near the campus ground, walking inside and stood in the line that was there. Adrien began to order for his friends and himself once it was their turn. He smiled charmingly at the barista, ordering their drinks and snacks. As they waited in a booth, the crew spent their time on the phone, sometimes chatting from time to time until their orders came.

    The group of boys left the cafe after finishing their little break, heading back to the campus to look around one more time before going back to their dorms. Adrien's friends kept bugging him about the scene with the girl, laughing at him and teasing the poor teen.
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  5. Ilya clicked refresh a couple of times before a proud smile adorned her features as she saw her work finalized. It was sleek, simple, but held its note of professionalism. With a few more clicks, logging into her email, and typing up a rather formal letter she hit send and the exit tab. Done. Oh god, I finally finished. She remained in her seat for a while longer now contemplating what to do next. The chat room was quiet, so there was no reason to start it up again. Soon the answer to her problems came as her stomach growled demanding food. With a sigh, she staggered out of her comfy chair and put her laptop into rest mode and packed it away. Briefly, Ilya considered saving herself the walk and going to the cafe that was nestled in the corner of the library, but experience told her that their coffee wasn't something she enjoyed.

    Eventually, Ilya settled for a donut and left the library, exploring the campus a little more a bit overwhelmed by the size. Her attention was stolen by her phone vibrating, alerting her that the chat room had come back to life.

    CreamPUFF ADDED Rook 2.0 TO THE CHAT!

    Virus: god you just wont die will you???
    Rook 2.0: Report My Account Harder Daddy
    YAYA: Holy fuck
    CreamPUFF: they've been like this since you left man lmao it's wild up in this house
    Virus: YAYAYA!!!!!! how is college for you? did you make any new friends?
    Rook 2.0: Or Enemies
    Virus: shut the fuck up
    YAYA: I bumped into someone and looked like an idiot, does that count
    Virus: omg
    Rook 2.0: Was They An Upper Classmen? They're Gonna Corner & Beat You Up
    CreamPUFF: stay vigilant young yoda

    Ilya had stopped outside the building that had the dorms, engrossed in her cell phone to be acutely aware of what was going on around her.
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  6. Dark colored locks bounced slightly as Yoongi placed an arm around his best friend, chuckling quickly as he poked his cheek, grinning over at him. "C'mon, Adrien, we're just joking around, bub." He stated before wincing slightly when he felt the golden eyed teen jagged him on the side before walking a bit faster. "Shut up already then." Adrien muttered as he glanced over his shoulder to glare at his friends behind him. Yoongi's eyes narrowed slightly before he looked over at a girl that stood in front of the dorm building while looking down at her phone. He opened his mouth to warn the brown haired teen but closed when said teen bumped into the girl again.

    Adrien was about to turn around to entered the build, only to bump into a person again. When he glanced over to apologize, he noticed it was the same girl he had bumped into early. "Oh! Whoops, sorry again! Didn't mean to bump into you like that... again." Adrien said, scratching the back of his neck. His eyes looked over at his friends and narrowed slightly at them upon seeing they were holding their laughers when they witnessed their best friend bumped into the same girl. One of them made a heart shaped with his hands, which made the dark haired teen blushed slightly, a rosy color dusting his cheeks. Adrien ignored them and went to helped the girl stand up, smiling awkwardly. "Again, I'm sorry for bumping into you like that. Didn't know where I was looking." He muttered, loud enough for her to hear.
  7. Ilya yelped, her phone nearly knocked out of her hands but just barely managed to stop it from hitting the floor with the help of her earbuds. Creampuff's last message held a note of irony. Stay vigilant, Young Yoda. she repeated to herself, just the slightest bit amused by the message. Carefully wrapping the earbuds around the phone and tucking it into her pocket only able to skim over the messages that her friends sent her as she put it away. Ilya turned around to confront the young teen and to her dismay, it was the same one from earlier. As soon as one of his friends formed the heart with his hands her eyes fell to the ground her black locks of hair seeming to try and hide her now blushing face.

    "I-it's fine, my fault, loitering, stuff like that," her ears were burning at this point "Bad luck I guess?" she muttered accepting the help but couldn't seem to muster a smile to seem even the slightest bit friendly. Ilya cursed herself as she dusted herself off and tightened the strap on her messenger bag, hoping the fall didn't damage her laptop that was inside. "Er...your friends aren't making fun of you are they?" her eyes remained on the ground, reluctant to get them off the ground, but she was willing to bet their reaction was even worse than their earlier collision.
  8. Adrien rose a brow at the girl who keep her eyes on the ground. He blinked owlishly before glancing over at his friends, the blush slowly fading away from his cheeks. A slightly pale hand scratched the back of his head as he let out a chuckle, about to response to her until one of his best friends wrapped an arm around the dark-haired teen. "Bad luck? I say it was fate~." Yoongi said, interrupting their small chat and wiggled his brows at the young man. Adrien punched the black haired teen on the arm lightly after he took it off him. "S-shut up, Yoyo!" He whispered-shouted at him, glaring daggers at the said teen.

    Yoongi chuckled lightly before going over to the girl's side, resting his elbow on her shoulder, pointing at the other male teen in front of them. "His name is Adrien, here's his number." He said, grinning wickedly at the brown haired teen as he gave the girl a small paper with the numbers written on it. The light pink blush returned when Adrien heard the blacknette's words. "W-wait, what!? Yoongi!" He shouted at him as he grabbed his arms and pulled him away, his other friends chuckled quietly at the scene in front of him. "You should call him later~." One of them said, chuckling more at the baseball player's glare.
  9. The sound of a light laugh only built her anxiety a little more, that tiny voice in her head telling her she was going to be laughed at for asking the question. Instead, she heard a new voice announce this was 'fate,' she couldn't help but giggle nervously at the comment, finally managing to pry her eyes off the ground to examine the scene. Ilya barely managed to pick up the teen who was trying to silence his friend with a harsh whisper, barely managing to catch the name he referred to him by. Yoyo. A smile crept on her face as she repeated the name in her head and immediately compared the duo to Virus and Rook.

    Her relaxation didn't last, as soon as Yoyo rested his arm on her shoulder her body stiffened. A small piece of paper waved in front of her along with a name to match the teen's face. Ilya's smile became a little more tight-lipped as she took the paper, just the slightest bit amused by the events that played out. "Ilya." She announced. Yoyo is trying to be an ice breaker. She thought to herself just the slightest bit determined. I can't really let his work go in vain? Creampuff would murder me if I blew a chance at making a new friend that he didn't hook me up with.

    "Name's Ilya." she said once more, clarifying her previous statement "Your name's Yoyo, right? I'll definitely take the advice when classes aren't breathing down my neck." the girl took out her phone, opened up her contacts and added the new acquaintance into her phonebook. Holding up the added number to show the pair, Just pretend it's the internet and you won't die today.
  10. Adrien, Yoongi and the rest of crew glanced at her phone once the girl named Ilya finished typing the brown haired teen's number. Yoongi rose a brow at short girl's statement, chuckling lightly. "Yoyo is short of Yoongi, but you can still called me that." The blacknette replied, grinning as he turned to the baseball player. "See, Adrien, you should learn from her." Said the friend with a matter-of-fact tone and crossing his arms. Adrien glared at his best friend once he flipped him off.

    "Shut up, Yoyo... But you don't have to callー,"
    "Unless you want to hang out or... Go on a date witーOw!"

    A medium-sized rock was thrown at the dark haired teen on the back of the head by Adrien. The other friends rose both brows as they watched the small event unfold in front of them, chuckling at the two boys. Yoongu turned around to glared at his friend, flipping him off with both middle fingers.

    "What the fuck was that for, dipshit!"
    "Quit saying bullshit that won't matter to her, you ass!"
    "Oh, please, Adrien, you know you like her~."
    "Oh myー! S-shut up already! And sorry for bring this in you, Ilya."
    "Tch, it was mostly your fault, Ad."

    The two friends kept on bickering to each other. Golden eyes narrowed at the blacknette while cerulean eyes held amusement in them. A pout formed in the browned haired teen as the other male teen had a smirk, both brows raised up.
  11. "I'll call you Yoyo, reminds me of my own username, which is Yaya." she bit the inside of her cheek feeling embarrassment creep on her cheeks once more internally reassuring Adrien he should not learn from her at all. Before she could actually say it, their dispute broke out, again. "H-hey now," Ilya responded holding her hands up in front of her with her signature nervous smile as if she was the one who was about to get picked on. Just as she took a step towards the two, the rock hit Yoongi, and she jumped back with a yelp.

    "Oh god, is he alright?" She thought as she stared at the scene baffled by how violent men could get. Her concerns were answered as soon as Yoongi continued their fight. She wouldn't be surprised if she learned these two had created a hospital bill or two, it was a rock for crying out loud.

    "I-It's fine," She responded as she waved away his apology with her hand now unable to keep up her 'Pretend it's the internet' plan. Ilya faked a surprised expression with a voice to match "Oh, it's probably late! I'm not sure who my roommate is, and I don't wanna keep them waiting or miss them. Have to establish the room line and all." she clasped her hands and took another step back "But, I'll call you, at some point, I don't know when, but eventually!" she ran into the building before she could hear an answer, even if it there was one.
  12. Adrien, Yoongi, and the other three boys watchd the female student after pausing their small fight to watched her leave before any of them could say a thing to her. The brown haired teen waved at her awkwardly before turning to his best friend to unpause the fight but said friend spoke up first before he even opens his mouth.

    "See what you did, dipshit! You ruined your chances of getting a girlfriend now!"
    "What? G-g-girlfriend!? It's the beginning of the campus, Yoyo! And besides, I just met her."
    "So, in movies, it's called love at first sight~."
    "Oh my god, Yoongi, shut up already..."

    Adrien groaned tiredly before getting a pat on the back by one of his other best friends, Eun. "Don't worry too much, Adrien. And, Yoyo, stop bothering him about dating someone, okay? Now, how about us go to our respected rooms and talk to each other later on, hm?" He stated as he walked away from the group of boys. Yoongi and Adrien grumbled under their breath before following the rest of the boys inside the building. Each of them waved at each other as they walked to their rooms that they were set up in.
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  13. Her luck had only gotten worse when she opened her dorm's door to see her roommate sitting on the bed with an unfamiliar male student, but judging by how close they sat they weren't just friends. The two didn't seem to happy to have a third wheel walk into the room, but Ilya only gave them a disinterested glance before retreating to her corner of the room and throwing a blanket over herself to create a poor makeshift fort. Unlocking her phone she took a sharp breath, quickly scrolling through the messages her friends sent while she was stuck in chaos. Suddenly three new notifications popped up, and a smile spread on her face.

    YAYA: MEN ARE SO SCARY!!!!!!! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

    Immediately after she sent her message, Virus flooded the chat demanding to know what had happened, with Rook, as always, being a throne in her side.

    YAYA: I bumped into someone, and we were apologizing, and his friend jumped in, and he didn't like it, and then they got in a fight, and he threw a rock at him. A ROCK.
    Rook 2.0: How High Are Uni Testosterone Levels
    YAYA: No it did not hit me, but that didn't make it any less bad-what if his friend DIED?
    Rook 2.0: I Mean You Sound Popular With The Guys. Little Shut In Gonna Get Some.
    YAYA: Did Virus's connection go out?
    Rook 2.0: Yeah It's Storming. Why'd His Friend Get involved?
    YAYA: I don't know! But I have his number, and I said I would call but I /CAN'T/. I'm a baby deer, scared of everything that moves. My only defense mechanism is pretending everything is a life sim.
    Rook 2.0: You Should Text Him TBH. Or You Really Will Become A Nun, Dying Alone, And Miserable With Only Virus And CreamPUFF At Your Side. I Mean Anyone Without Me Is Fated to Die Miserable. And Don't Give Me That Confidence Goals Crap We've Been Over This. I Just. Don't. Care. Pretending Texting Him Is Like One Of Your Otome Games.
    YAYA: Where's my variety then
    Rook 2.0: Can You Really Be Picky When You Can Barely Handle Skype Calls?

    Ilya threw the blankets off her, finally finding it difficult to breathe, thankfully to pair was gone. Probably off to his dorm instead. She returned her attention to her cell phone, switching from the chatroom to an empty conversation with Adrien's number. With a light sigh, she lied down on the floor with her phone above her face and fingers hovering over the keyboard going over possible conversation starters, anything except the million variants of 'Hi how are you?'.

    As soon as she began to type her device slipped from her hands and hit her in the face, the familiar 'send' sound the phone made whenever it sent a message caused a bubble of panic to rise. As she picked it she saw her nose had typed in just a single letter, she was thankful there weren't enough letters to trigger her illogical autocorrect, but there was no backing out now. She probably could've 'forgotten' and just avoid him like a plague.

    To: Adrien

    To: Adrien
    |Please ignore that! (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ My Phone screen is super sensitive. It's me, Ilya by the way, you didn't kill your friend YOYO while I left, did you?

  14. The dark haired teen walked up the steps to reached the floor that his dorm was in, sighing heavily. Adrien glared at the message that was sent by his friend, rolling his eyes. Oh my god, can he stop with what happened early!? Such a terrible wingman... He thought as he looked around the hall for his room number. The golden eyed teen stretched his arms after putting his phone away, ignoring the rest if his friends' texts. Adrien took out his key and went to open the door, walking inside. He closed the door behind him and let his eyes glanced around the room, noticing that his roommate had finished packing and left to go somewhere.

    Adrien shrugged slightly and walked over to his desk, pulling out his wallet, keys, and phone on its surface. He pulled off his sweater and let out a quiet yawn, placing the sweater on the chair as he grabbed his phone. The male teen glanced at screen of the small device and rose a brow upon seeing an unknown number with a couple of messages. But his face soften after his eyes scanned the texts, chuckling softly to himself as he began to type a respond.

    To: ☆ Ilya ☆
    From: Minmin 〜 ☆

    | It's okay! I'm pretty sure that must of happen to others before. Yoyo? Oh, him... I mean, he's lucky that I didn't threw that rock hard like I always do with a baseball. If I will of have use that strength, then he'll be in a coma or something... But don't worry about that idiot, he's fine.ಠ͡( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  15. Ilya tensed as she received the message, shocked to see he replied faster than she thought he would. Honestly, she was expecting him to be in the ER or still arguing with his friend. Instead of replying right away she locked her phone and rolled around on the floor lazily. Ilya was quick to discover she had nothing to use to carry the conversation even after managing to avoid the Hi plague. Taking the blanket that made her former fort from earlier and bundled them up, Ilya screamed into the cloth.

    Briefly, she considered Yoongi's suggestion about asking him out, but it was immediately thrown aside after coming to the conclusion they probably had nothing in common. She could almost hear Rook lecturing her about staying in the same place forever because of her pessimistic attitude. Shortly after her stress relieving scream she picked her phone back up again and began typing out her reply, pausing now and then to make sure her wording was terribly awkward.

    To: ✿✿Adrien
    From: Ilya
    ( ⁍᷄⌢̻⁍᷅ ) I suppose? But wouldn't you naturally have a stronger throw since you play baseball and all? I mean obviously you didn't kill the poor soul just yet, but maybe your level of easy going is different than the usual! But, how are you?
  16. Adrien croched down on the floor as he glanced around his side of the roomfor his table, opening the drawer and searched inside before glazing over his shoulder after hearing his phone alerted him of a message from the young female student. The brown-haired teen stood up from the floor and walked over to his desk, leaving the drawer opened. He took a seat on the comfy, spinning chair, taking the small device into his hands and let his golden ords scanned the word of the text in his phone.

    "Poor soul? More like an evil soul..." muttered the player dramatically to himself, but glanced around the room to make sure his roommate or anyone didn't come in and hear him say that. Adrien sighed softly and he looked back at the phone and began to type a reply.

    To: ☆ Ilya ☆
    From: Minmin 〜 ☆

    | Trust me, despite knowing my strength I always try to level it down! (ʃƪ¬‿¬) Besides, he'll survive it. Like he always does whenever he pissed me off~! (・ω・)b My level of easy going is perfectly fine... Okay, maybe I do over a bit. I'm fine anyways, thanks for asking. Yourself?
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