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  1. What's the point of being a Superhero, Honestly. You stop crimes and save the day but at what cost. What do you do when you're too late and someone dies but the criminal is still there? You know they did it, There's blood on there hands...So what do you do? You kill them, It that simple. Superheroes never really make a difference, More then half of the animals they deal with either are crazy and escape the death penalty or escape the prison within the month of there incarceration. Superheroes have proven to be ineffective, The old ways are don't work anymore. Someone needs to show this kind of behavior is unacceptable...The Crusaders will, They shall exterminate the infestation on American society and abroad, No Villain is safe...Not Anymore.

    The Crusaders are a team of Superheroes that were push to far and cross the line and killed someone. These Heroes decided to team up and become the renegades of the hero community. They will face not just Super Villains but terror groups, Other Heroes and any other injustices.

    So Anyone Interested.
    (Click me!)

    Appearance: (What do you look like)

    Code Name: (Superhero Allies)

    Secret Identity: (Public Identity)


    Gender: (Male, Female, Both, None)

    Race: (Human, Alien, Mutant, Other)

    Personality: (10 descriptive words or a paragraph)

    History: (At least 2 paragraph)

    Powers: ( Limited to 3)



    What made them cross the line?:​
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  2. This sounds like an interesting idea! ​
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  3. Oh hell yes.
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  4. Quite interested indeed. Do you have a preference for appearance (pic vs description)?
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  5. @WeepingLiberty Doesn't matter really, Just no real pictures but surreal images are acceptable.
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  6. Do you want completed Character Bios here or PMed to you? ((Feels awkward having the only questions thus far.))

    Edit: I know this RP isn't set to start yet, but I'm the optimistic kind.
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  7. I assumed that since this is just an interest check, we're not posting CSs yet. :?
  8. Usually not, but I had extra time on my hands and I wanted to know where to leave the product of that time.XD
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  9. [​IMG]
    I'll join as well. Although i'm busy as signature states, I have room for one more. Especially for a role-play like this one! c:
    I call making a speedy-character... One of speed 8D. I've been having a crusader (hero, anti-hero, villain, etc) OC list in my head forever.
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  10. Oh happy to see people interested, You guys can pm me or post it here. I'm still writing mine up also.
  11. Sad days, I have to start all over because my computer decided to destroy the folder I was keeping my CS's in. :cryingeyesout:
  12. I'll make twins they might be up later after school.
    Speedster + shadow manipulator >:) I already have their CS's started slightly
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  13. I'm interested. Would you allow me to start as a "broken" character that got pushed into the insanity he originally fought against?
  14. "Broken" As in extremely powerful character like Superman?
  15. Broken as in mentally damaged.
  16. Duuuuude this is what I need in my life. Anti-heroes ftw!


    We can't use real pics? :( Not even for the under the mask identity?
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  17. Well as long as he isn't killing innocent people and a threat to the team i couldn't care less. Your character, I want to give you guys as much freedom as i can.
  18. So how many people are ready for posting characters, I am.
  19. I've known who I want to use for a while, I just haven't written the bio yet. But I can get on it as soon as the OOC goes up! :D
  20. I am! I have an idea in the works and I'd love to get started!
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