AnthroSapien (A Tumblr base Rp/Seeking help and players)

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  1. AnthroSapien
    is post apocalyptic warring/fantasy. For the Ultimate Power and Superior Race.
    Set between the Human Race The Atlantans' Abominations.
    that we've come to known as 'Anthros' Our planet as been torn apart into three territories/Kingdoms.
    1) HUMANS
    2) ANTHROS
    along with random lands, that govern by their own rules. Where maybe..Humans are the Anthros slaves, or the Anthros are the Humans slave(like in days of old).

    Think.. Game of Thrones (A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE) And truthfully there is just one ruling crown, The human race. The Anthro and Human/Anthro domains are being tormented by real ruling crown. So really there is JUST ONE! territory. But there is a hidden utopia between Humans/Anthros. That the human race wants to find and destroy. Saying ' it isn't right...'

    If you don't known of (or live this utopia) your either a human, living in the ruling land, were Anthros are used as a slaves. ( the cites Dany freed. ) Or your a human or Anthro slave, that ran off to these 'unclaimed lands' to try and live better and happy life, free from those city's rules. (you could have also ran off from the city..with your Anthro lover, or just good friend. But if your caught, with a slave for whatever reason it's death for you both)
    I was thinking we could use FCs from Animated, Live-Action, even CGI films/series. But if course, original character artwork will be allowed too.
    I already made two character Tumblrs
    One being the character, I will play Evangeline (who is a human, and was taken in by tribe of rats, leader Nicodemus. Becoming his ward, and speaker for the rats.) Nicodemus (hopefully I want someone to claim Nico, when time comes, its not fun playing with yourself)

    Both pages are sill under construction, as is the same main Tumblr RP page of the RP. You can find the link on Eva's page. FYI, I love Nico's cannon name, so it stays. But he isn't the some rat from NIMH
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  2. I would be interested in doing this RP. My character would be an anthro/furry type character who was a former slave, who served under the abusive 'care' of a wealthy human family. I imagine that in the RP, he would appear or enter in the process of running away.

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  3. So.... cx What now?
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