Anthropomorphic Challenge #2

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  1. Anthropomorphic characters are rising in popularity, and are a common choice for player characters in many role-plays. The word anthropomorphic refers to anything that isn't human having human characteristics. With that in mind, your challenge is to place your anthropomorphic character in a life altering situation based on the below criteria.

    Challenge #2 - The Climax

    In this modern setting, anthropomorphic creatures are viewed much like todays society- as myths. Your challenge is to describe a scene where a human or group of humans come across your character. Think carefully about the setting as well as how people would realistically react to seeing your character.

    Your goal would be to convey as much depth as possible in one single scene (this does not mean you have to write pages).

    Bonus: Write a scene with the tables turned! Have a human character find themselves amid a whole group of anthropomorphic beings.
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  2. An Anthro Within the Forest, darkgreen

    The creature quietly roamed the forest, stealthily climbing from tree to tree. Their agility was at its best, as shown in how she moved with gracefulness and quickness. She had the fur of a leopard, a golden color with black dots that were littered over her fur. Her only clothing was a brown loincloth wrapped around her waist and a ripped piece of brown linen that covered her furred breasts. And though she had the slight appearance of a leopard, there were differences in that and she. She had five-fingered hands, much like a human, aside from the fur that covered them. She had the hind legs of a leopard, however she had the ability to stand on them at 5 feet, 7 inches.

    Her name was Meanta. She was of the Gniult Sector. The Gniult Sector was centered around a fairly large tree that looks to be a magically constructed tree house. The roots are visible, and an arched, stone bridge leads to the Tree's entrance. Two mountains flanked the Tree with minor mountains in the rear. No human had the pleasure to reach it because they weren't aware of the mystical area. And that was how the creatures of the Gniult, who were like Meanta, liked it.

    Meanta was an ambitious, adventurous Gniultan. Though the Gniultans were forbidden to ever cross the designated line that separated Gniultans from the humans beyond, Meanta took no heed to the crucial rule. And this would soon lead to her careless mistake.

    On the particular day, Meanta had decided to test the borders. So, she crossed the Line of Restriction and began to advance toward human civilization through the forest. She had been traveling for a good while now, and she should have soon encountered a human.

    "Jack, over here. I see a deer," a voice whispered. It was a male's voice. Meanta had stopped her climbing, her lithe body resting--or rather, hiding--on a thick branch that was set high on a tree. She wanted to get a peek of the humans, for she was curious. So much so that it could cause danger to her and her people if she is discovered.

    Two men were tiptoeing in the forest, guns at the ready. They were hunting. Meanta knew this much but knew not of what they held.

    "That deer is a beauty. And all ours," the other man said, aiming his gun to shoot. His bullet struck the deer's stomach, and it fell over in pain, dying. Meanta flinched at the sound it made, though remained quiet. "C'mon, let's get 'er prepared." At this point, Meanta was inching closer on the branch, peering down at them. But this led in in the leaves rustling, and the branch cracked a little. Any more movement would cause it to break.

    The man that wasn't on his knees, tending to the deer, had heard the sound. His head snapped around, his gun held up. And then, he saw her eyes, glowing in the shadow of the tree. He was quick to shoot. The bullet did not hit Meanta, however it did strike the branch she sat upon. Meanta came tumbling down from the tree, landing on the ground with a thud and a groan.

    "Jack! Look!" the standing man said, looking appalled. Jack had already turned his head when his friend made the shot. " looks like a leopard." Meanta gathered herself, baring her teeth at them as she stood.

    "How the hell is she standing like that? Don't let her get away!" And after those words, Meanta went running. She ran until she couldn't anymore, and even then, she only took a breather before starting up again.

    She could only feel guilty and regretful as she came upon the Gniult.


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