Anthropomorphic Challenge #1

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  1. Anthropomorphic characters are rising in popularity, and are a common choice for player characters in many role-plays. The word anthropomorphic refers to anything that isn't human having human characteristics. With that in mind, your challenge is to create your own anthropomorphic character based on the below criteria, one that deviates from the "normal" Wolf-people, Cat-people, etc.

    Challenge #1

    Your character must be a water-based creature (dolphins, jellyfish, sea snakes, you name it).

    You must try to deviate from the mermaid stereotype.

    You will use this character sheet:

    No need for the scientific name, just tell us the animal
    Salt water, coral reef, river, lake, etc.

    Physical Description

    Picture: Bonus points if it's hand-drawn. This isn't about your skill as an artist, it's about exercising your mind!
    Appearance: a detailed description; right down to the last scale
    Pros: What physical advantages does your character have?
    Cons: What physical disadvantages does your character have?

    Emotional/Mental Description

    Personality What is your individual character like?
    Role: What role do they play in society?
    Ambition: What does your character want to achieve in life?


    The Entire Race

    Background: How did your race come to be?
    Lifestyle: What does your race do to stay alive? Do they travel together? Are there any specific professions they are known for?

    Your Character

    Regrets: Does your character have any regrets?
    Religion: Does your character follow a religion?
    Racism: Has your character experienced an racism?
  2. Hope this is what you were looking for :)

    Animal/Species: octopus
    Age: 23
    Salt water

    Physical Description

    Picture: rough sketch, but here you go :)

    Appearance: more or less full octopus as far as having no skeleton, though the core form does resemble a human torso. These creatures often twist their tentacles into the shape of hands and feet. Geana had orange pigmented skin and white hair.
    Pros: can squeeze through impossibly tight spaces, She is also an excellent swimmer.
    Cons: having no skeleton means she's not very sturdy and must rely on the combination of her limbs into the right formation to do anything out of water that might be physically taxing

    Emotional/Mental Description

    Personality extremely curious she doesn't know what she should leave alone and is often getting into trouble for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Role: Swimming instructor
    Ambition: She's not an ambitious individual. She just wants to be happy.
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  3. Name: Seneia- Most people call her Sen
    Gender: Female
    Animal/Species: Orca (Killer Whale)
    Age: 24
    Habitat: Salt water

    Physical Description

    (Maybe will attempt one later)

    Appearance: Sen is a 5'8" woman with a slender body. She stands tall for her race but nobody notices when she is in the water. She is marked like an orca, most of her body black with brilliant white on her hips up to the top of her ribs, her chest and her eyes. She has a small fin protruding from between her shoulder blades. Her eyes are a bright blue and shine against the white around her eyes. She usually wears a sun dress with a low back to cover herself but once she is in the water she sheds the dress. Her feet are slightly more webbed than a human, giving her better control in the water.
    Pros: She can hold her breath longer than most humans and maneuver easier in the water.
    Cons: A fin protrudes from her back, making clothing a pain to find and try on. She also stands out against most humans so this makes her very shy, not many others of her race are around.

    Emotional/Mental Description

    Personality Sen is very quiet but once she meets someone she likes she can't stop talking. Once someone meets her and accepts her she always ends up smiling. She is quiet for many reasons though. She disassociates herself from politics and anything that causes a debate. This is due to her own self consciousness. She doesn't feel anyone actually cares about her opinion.
    Role: She is the daughter of a liaison between humans and her race. Her mother tends to talk a lot and quiets Sen when she speaks.
    Ambition: Sen just wants to find friends currently. She also loves researching other mixes like herself.


    Racism: Due to the fact that Orcas are also called "killer whales" many people tend to shy away from her race, thinking the worst. She herself has been called a few derogatory names.

    Race: Her race does have the fin coming out of their back. The larger the fin the older the mix. The fin grows with age and will always be a part of them. If for some reason the fin were to be cut off, the mix would then die an agonizing death over two days. No treatment can help once the fin is removed.
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