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  1. Hey! My name is Moogle and I've been roleplaying for quite a long time. Since my partner I had started this roleplay with disappeared off the face of the Earth, I've decided to take it public and look to see if there is anyone that is interested in my idea. So without further ado, here's my idea:

    Over the time period of circa 35 years, a virus appeared that infects animals and turns them into bi-pedal anthrofied versions of themselves. Overtime, specifically through government experimentation, the anthros eventually developed speech and human-level intelligence. Once the public caught wind of the personality improvements among the anthros, there was a large outcry to free them and allow them to live outside of government experimental labs.

    While the anthros are a minority group, they do have the ability to reproduce faster than humans. This, however, has caused a need for anthros to have their own reservations where they can live as they please. However, the government controls a lot of what goes on in their lives. Anthros were never given full equality. This has caused tensions between the humans and anthros, and has brought on an era of distrust and conflict.

    In this roleplay, both muses involved will be anthros. The paring can be interspecial (fox[x]wolf for example) but must be either MXF or FXF. I have a shit ton more information(an entire 5 paragraph prologue) on the roleplay if anyone is interested. In the roleplay, I plan on their being tons of romantic development(definitely nothing too fast) and a good bit of action as well. There will eventually be a rebellion by the anthros in which they fight for equal rights. So if action and some kinky fun-times is your thing, then shoot me a PM and we can discuss this more ^-^. Thanks!
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  2. I am always looking for more partners :) I have no limit for this one!
  3. Still looking for this one ^~^
  4. I'd be interested in this.
  5. PM me. :D
  6. I'm opening this back up :3
  7. I'm interested in MxF....
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