answering the call

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  1. sev sits in a waiting hall to the council chamber waiting for the other to arrive. he cleans his rifle to the point it seems he has OCD. thinking of the other that were called and calculating the odds that they will be useful to this mission he mutter to himself his voice steely and cold near the oint of emotionless. "you won't fail me" starts taking his rifle apart and putting it back together cleaning every small part
  2. The other infact was Zora, she walked up the corridor to the main hall, she was never late nor early but always dead on time, her white hood imprinted with red designs was over her head creating a shadow over her eyes, only her mouth visible, her katana strapped to her back with various knives hooked into pouches on her trousers. Zora stopped as she entered the main hall and looked towards the man sitting there, her partner on this.
  3. hear the footsteps of the woman and turns to her putting his rifle back together. he gives her a gretting nod before shouldering his rifle headin to the council room motioning for her to follow him. on his way he places his helmet back on and hooks it up to the rest of his suit and starts doing a system check on it
  4. Zora watched him as he placed his weapon back together giving him a slight nod back as he gave on to her, she didn't like to make to much of a friendship with the few partners she had, as to her it would mean less of a loss to her if they were killed. As he started to move she followed along next to him her hood still over her head and covering her eyes. None them have spoken a word since they met, not yet anyway.
  5. continues walking to the inner chamber a voice come over his radio " sev, this looks serious...try not to upset the council". with the same unfeeling tone of voice he answered " as long as they don't short-arm me....i won't kill them".he would do regardless of conciquences . he had never cared for the council or even the glacttic union. he was a soldier....a killer in fact politics and peace are bad for business in his opinion. turn a quick glance to her " i take it you got the call as well"
  6. Great a cold hearted killer who would kill anyone he wanted too without hesitation is all she needed to partner with right now, Zora looked slightly to her left towards him not revealing her eyes but keeping them covered "I would have no reason to be here if I hadn't got the call and heard what was happening" She said with a calm tone before looking away from him again
  7. nods and enter the main council room. inside is a large room filled with people each one represention a planet and species. at the center sat the three leader of the council one being human" the human counciler looked to them " you two have been called here to investigate the disappearence of numerious civilizations on the outer rim of the galaxy"sev looked at them and steps forward " council you called me here for a poke around?" the counciler looked at him harshly as many other murmmered to those around them as if sev's words and even pressence put them on edge " you were both called here due to you great skills...we are prepared to pay the both of you handsomly for your service to the union" sev nodded and stepped back
  8. "Seems they don't like you so much, you should watch your mouth" Zora grinned at him from under the shadow of her hood as he stepped back next to her again before looking up slightly towards the council leaders "How many galaxies have gone missing so far and their exact position would be of great use" She spoke a little louder, she hated having so much eyes plastered on her for a long time so she tried her best to get her answers as quick as possible.
  9. grins from under his helmet despite the fact he has always hated working with others he mused to himself that maybe this new partner for now maybe interesting maybe even useful in the futue. the counciler looks to her " thirteen that we know of you will head to the most recent one the planet Dagios" sev nods and looks to her then speaks into his radio " prep the Raven for launch". motions her to follow him " we'll take my ship its fast and quiet.." starts heading to the dock where his ship is
  10. Zora nodded "Thank you Councillor" She bowed slightly before turning towards Sev then following him out of the hall towards his ship "I hope your ship has good accomodation, I get grouchy and not very nice without a good sleep, it is a couple of hour flight to Dagios" Zora said as she walked with him
  11. " its a three hour and fourty-five minutes and 55 second flight..there is enough room for essential things sleeping, eating, bathing, and chaing clothes" tabs a button s the dock door open and shows a medium -sized black obiviously a military ship built for fast and powerful stealth attacks. types in the code as the door open. he walk in and closes as soon as she enters the ship. " there is an extra room down the corridor on the left side. i'll be in cockpit" turns head to the cockpit
  12. Zora nods as she listens to him explain and when he points out the spare room before starting to walk down the corridor towards it, some of the crew who were already on the ship gave her looks but she never gave on back. She was always taught you give away your identity through your eyes.
  13. walks into te cockpit and looks to the pilot " launch" the pilot nods and undoack the ship and begins the flight to gagios " looked up the files for your partner.....there weren't any to you" sev sits into the co-pilot seat and nods " good than maybe she'll do better than the last partner the council had me work with.... a trigger happy glory seeker" the pilot laughs " yeah, how long did he last...five maybe six minutes...and you had to infiltrate an entire prolian military science base by yourself" sev shows no visible sense of humor and nods " five minutes 37 seconds" the pilot turns to sev " sev, you really creep me out with that crap.." sev doesn't react and turns to look outside the ship " have the cloakign on before we come to planet..don't want to fly into someone's cross hairs"
  14. Zora enters her room and the door shuts behind her, she turned the lights off completely blackening the room, the only light coming through was the light from the orbiting planets and starts. She removed her cloak and stood staring out into the spacy nothingness, she loved it dark and she loved just looking into space "Another few days" She reminded herself quietly on how long until she can go back to what she does best on her own
  15. the sound of a door nearby sounds out as it open as sev walks in leaving the door open. a hange on the wall is filled with dog tags he has kept from various people he has worksed with and dies. a remider to him as to why its not smart to work with others. removes his helmet not shutting the door and sits on his bed and begins cleaning his rifle again while reading on the mission details
  16. Zora turns her head slightly towards her own door as Sev walks into his own room, she then looks back out of the window and crossed her arms over her chest as she watched the ship move further and further away from her home planet. After about another 10 minutes she sat on the sofa in her room bringing her feet up and her legs to her chest as she though through her mind about the disappearing colonies.
  17. after cleaning it rifle he sets it one a mantle above the dog tags.grabs onto two bars above him and faces the window as he begins to do pull ups then come down and does a abs workout. he has always been this way towards keeping in shape. he knew in space the temptation of lounge around was all to common and that attitiude will lead to death. " one...two....three" continue until a voice over his radio come out " sev, we have about one hour 'till we arrive at the planet". " ok" sev responded and dropped down and grabbed his rifle and helmet. and leaft his room then knocked at her door " we're close get ready.... we are dropping in from orbit"
  18. Zora sat where she was on her sofa her legs tucked up to her chest and she didn't even move to look up her breathing slow and her eyes closed, someone would think she was sleeping but she was still alert and awake. After a few seconds she swooped her legs back down the side of the sofa and pulled her robes over her head and sat thinking for a little while longer. The room darker now as they were in a darker part of space.
  19. he walks into the drop room gather his stuff and securing it inside and runs a systems check on both pods " is the cloaking on here". voice over the intercom " even better sev..the new pods have a material that actually negate sound waves...amazing what science can do with the right funding". sev nods and enter his pod " make sure me and out guest has a safe landing..well safe as humanly possible" he chuckled ever so lightly and still had a coldness to him.
  20. Zora picked up the little gear she had, she never carried much, only the essentials to keep her alive, she preferred to keep light on my feet. She headed down to the pods and stepped into hers "These things even safe, the last guy I saw use one of these would've been much safer on the exploding ship"