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  1. Simple. I post a question, and the next poster answers it with another question, and the following poster does the same.

    So, how's the steak today?
  2. How is the steak on any other day?
  3. How does any other day have food as good as steak?
  4. how do they make steak on any other day?
  5. How the heck did we get four posts going talking about steak?!
  6. "where did you gt that post from?"
  7. Why don't you acquire yourself another post first? =D
  8. Would a new first post really help him?
  9. (I'll definitely get back. Have you watched the Gifted yet?)


    She peeked up at him as they walked. It felt good to walk next to a famous man. A regular man. And was very sweet to her that he would walk her. It was also a little suspicious. CEO with a heart of gold.

    "So how has the business been going?" She asked as they walked "Its impressive how big it has become."


    She turned as she thought she saw something. She rubbed her arm and sighed. She would need to stitch that up later. It didn't hurt too bad though. It used to make her scream how badly it had hurt. Now she was okay. She paused as she decided to just walk to her next class. She rubbed her eyes and yawned loudly
  10. Am I the only one that can't make a connection between Bigfoot and posting about steak?
  11. Blair

    Once the headset was connected and hidden she grinned to herself "Go me." She heard a ring and chuckled to herself at the message

    Programming an idea for a game. Harder than I thought but hey it's fun


    She smiled thinly "I don't tend to have friends, so that actually works. But I still need to keep it hush hush. There's a lot of violence these days you know?"
  12. Must we all concentrate on Dawn's flaws?! D:
  13. Should we all accept our flaws?
  14. Aren't we human by having flaws?
  15. Are you saying all Humans are flawed?
  16. Are you saying that there is a such thing as a flaw?
  17. Could we move on to a question that requires less brain-think?
  18. How about goats?
  19. Do goats have large brains, though?
  20. Why not consult wikipedia?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.