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  1. Ok heres a game idea i came up with...

    The idea is simple..

    -Answer the question the poster above you asked
    -Ask a question after answering

    You cannot correct anyone's answer even if its wrong, in this thread every answer is correct

    go nuts.

    And since i am the first poster i will simply open with a question...

    "Whats 2 +2?"
  2. 11

    What is the next question going to be?
  3. There is not gonna be one

    What is the point of this thread?
  4. The point is to distract people for long enough for the TS to take over the world.

    What is my cat thinking?
  5. Cat's thoughts: "My bowl is only half full... it is evident that I am soon going to starve..."

    Why can't I sleep?
  6. Because you touch yourself when you sleep.

    What is the Internet good for?
  7. Watching cupcake sex.

    Why aren't bananas purple?
  8. Because purple is lame.

    Why is everything Everly's fault?
  9. It isn't, it's Gwazi's. Everybody knows that.

    Are zebras black with white stripes, or white with black stripes?
  10. They're blue with gold stripes. :3

    Why don't more people praise the sun?
  11. Because people don't want to resemble the Mayans.

    Why are violets blue?
  12. Because blue is cool.

    Why are roses red?
  13. Because they were painted red by the cards.

    Why aren't you roleplaying right now?
  14. Because roleplaying takes up 1% of my Iwaku time.

    Why aren't you talking?
  15. I AM.

    Why is the sky blue?
  16. Because it's crying.

    Why is blood red?
  17. Because if you bleed, you're a communist.

    Why is Santa so jolly?
  18. Because he's paid to be.

    What's your pet thinking?
  19. "Feed me"

    Boxers or briefs?
  20. Neither; go commando instead!

    How much dakka is enough dakka?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.