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  1. Hello loves, it's Rin xx

    Having my first request be fulfilled beautifully, I am looking for other plot ideas.
    Yes- I do like my smut to have some of a plot basis!

    (Note: As I am a female, I am more fluid and natural as portraying a female character. That being said, I only do MxF or FxF, I am so sorry for the inconvenience. )


    - Teacher x Student
    - Step Sibling x Step Sibling
    - Boss x Employee
    - Fucknemies x Fucknemie (Two people who kind of hate each other but have an amazing sex like; Fuck-enemies)
    - Stranger x Stranger
    - Best Friend x Best Friend

    And I have more that I can't possibly think of at the moment, for some odd reason. If you are interested, please PM and let brain storm together.

    I don't bite... unless you're into that ;)
  2. I'm willing to do a teacher x student
  3. I would like either:

    - Best Friend x Best Friend


    - Teacher x Student
  4. Stranger x Stranger
    ...bdsm i could use a pet.
  5. step bro on step sis? pm me
  6. Fucknemies is too hilarious a concept to say no to.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.