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  1. It was a lovely sunny summer day. A warm breeze lightly scented with the aroma of wild flowers blew across the grassy plain. There was not a cloud in the sky to hide the earth from the brilliant sun's presence. Atop one of the small hills there lay a masculine body. The man was unconscious, his face half covered with the hood of his tanned wolf's hide cloak. His long black hair splayed across his lean muscular chest. His frame was long and well chiselled, his skin a dark tan. He wore nothing besides a pair of black leather pants and boots, a tight belt hugged his hips holding a sheathed sword and dagger. A large decorative tattoo ran down his side as well as one on his wrist, the marking of his family line. His cloak and belt were ornamented with luminous blue gems, a marking of his class.

    Lucien lay unaware his surroundings had changed, unaware he was the last of his race, the Lyrakai. The impact of the explosion had rendered him unconscious before he knew his body was being flung through a portal his father had created. The rest of his homeland had been destroyed with no possible way of getting back to his plane of existence. His father had been head caster, the king's advisor. His mother was head healer. He had been graced with both their powers, an anomaly for even his world. He was a meager one hundred and fifty-six years old with a body of a thirty year old and the mind of a five hundred year old. He had had to mature quickly, the travesty of being born in the age of the dragons. He had seen death in the thousands with life only being created in the hundreds. The dragons were blood thirsty, rebelling against their masters, his people. He had known from an early age that his world was coming to an end.

    During the last explosion his father had opened a portal to a random location and it had been meant for the three of them to escape through, to make a new life elsewhere. But only he had made it. The devastation was left behind, along with the history of his people. He alone would have the memories and the teachings. Now he was in a distant land, no knowledge of anything there, with only the hope for survival.

  2. "Tumn, if you're going to help me, it would be best to not bite little holes in all of the bandages. Oh, don't look at me like that, I know that you're hungry. I can't imagine that cotton gauze tastes any good, though."

    The speaker was a young woman, perhaps early twenties. Light blue hair curled in layers around her pale face, and cascaded down her back in a long ponytail. Her eyes were a brilliant blue as well, and she wore no makeup. She clad her slender body in flowing and unrestricting clothes that were better suited for a gypsy than a midwife, but everybody in this town dressed in that manner. They were all people gifted with the ability of water, and even though she was no healer, she did occasionally help out the local nurse by patching up smaller wounds. Right now she was working on a little boy who had scraped his knee after falling off a bicycle. He had long since stopped crying, too amused by watching Tumn play tug-o'-war with the bandages.

    Lelia (open)

    "If you keep that up, I shan't feed you at all," the woman threatened playfully, and the tiny dragon released the gauze immediately. She smiled and finished the job, then sent the boy on his way and cut up an apple to put on the table. While the dragon started munching, she cleaned up and made sure nobody was waiting outside for any sort of treatment. As soon as she was done, Tumn was done as well and had jumped up to perch on her shoulder like a parrot.

    Tumn (open)
    Tumn (open)

    "Leila, he's back!" a woman said who popped her head in the door. Leila smiled and walked out, looking down the road. A man was approaching, driving an ATV with a trailer hooked on the back. He was supposed to have gone to get firewood and some plants that they needed, but judging by the crowd gathered around the trailer, she had a feeling that he had picked up something else. Curious, she wandered over and nudged her way through the people until she saw what the big deal was. Her jaw dropped at the sight of a man laying there, and she looked up at the driver, Preston, for an explanation.

    "I found him just lying there up on the hill. He's breathing but unconscious. I figured it'd be better for him to get a hospital bed than to lay around getting burnt. Not sure what happened, I didn't see any vehicles up there that he could have drove and he didn't have any hiking gear," he said, and Leila nodded. The stranger's clothing was foreign, yet he had no means of travel? Odd..

    The roar of something approaching made them all look up. It was a small tank, and it stopped at the end of the road and a bunch of soldiers jumped out. Leila rolled her eyes. Once a month, the soldiers would show up and ask if the town would join in their efforts during some war. The town, however, remained neutral, just as it had for decades before. They weren't going to get involved in a fight that they had no claim to. She frowned as the soldiers approached, then realized something was very different about them. They were carrying..

    "Get down! Run!" she yelled, just as the soldiers began shooting. Everybody started screaming and running away, grabbing children as they went. The soldiers were advancing more quickly now, and Leila knew that she couldn't just abandon the stranger here or he'd be killed without waiting around to see which side he was on. She approached the trailer again with the intent of driving the ATV away since Preston had run, but then the vehicle exploded from being shot too many times. Both the trailer and Leila herself were thrown backwards, and she found herself sprawled in an alley off to the side, coughing in shock.
  3. The explosion and landing was enough to jar Lucien back to consciousness. All around him he heard screaming of women and children. How long had he been out? He unclasped his cloak and let it lay on the ground as he stood to assess the situation. He was definately not home. The buildings around him were strange, but more immediately there were people in danger. Men carted women and crying children away from about ten men, all wearing the same clothing, shooting shrapnel from handheld contraptions. The threat would be dealt with. He knew his sword would be of no use to him here, so leaving it sheathed he walked out from between the two buildings. He erected a shield as he walked, but before it was complete a piece of metal zinged through the air catching him in his side. His hand went to the wound instantly, blood seeping down through his fingers. It stung, but it was no where near as painful as a poisonous dragon bite. His eyes turned to the man who shot him, blue magic flowing through him making his eyes radiate. He extended his hand and moved it to the left, effectively lifting the man and flinging him into a nearby wall, knocking him unconscious and loosing his weapon from his hands. Others turned to him, and in turn he dispatched each, turning their weapons towards each other or pushing them into something heavy, either way disarming them. Some would be left for questioning but not many. At one point he threw his force shield from himself to engulf a small child about to be wounded by their weapons, walking up behind the man and screwing his head backwards.

    By the end of the fight, their were two men left alive but unconscious, the rest lay scattered along the road. He dropped to his knees in the center of the road beside the huge vehicle they had driven in, a large metal box, a true waste of the precious commodity. The glow from his eyes faded until they were only a crystal blue. Although the wound on his side was small it still drained him of energy as the blood continued to flow. He placed his palm over it to put pressure there. There was no way he could just heal it, he had used too much energy dispatching the men. It was then that he realized he must have been shoved through a portal and began looking through the crowds of people for his mother and father. But if they were here, why didn't his father help him with the men? And why wasn't his mother rushing out to heal him? The people around him wore strange clothing, the women especially. The buildings had invisible panes, and the sun, at least that's what he thought it was, was so hot. He had heard the legends of having a sun in his world once. It was taken from them when his people had angered the gods leaving their world cold and dark.

    "Greetings, I am looking for Henmal and Namia Blacktalon," he called out weakly, "My name is Lucien."
  4. Most of the people were still running for their lives, but a fair few had stopped to turn and stare at the man who was so boldly approaching the soldiers. Being shot didn't even seem to phase him. Jaws dropped as the soldiers began dropping like flies, and as soon as the stranger was done, they all erupted into cheers and applauded him. He might be foreign and have power that they did not quite understand, but he had saved many lives by intervening. This day would be remembered for certain. They began talking excitedly amongst themselves, the smaller poor children already running to see what they could steal from the bodies, while being scolded by the Elders.

    "Excuse me, pardon me, coming through. Yes, it was very impressive, but he was shot if you didn't notice.." Leila nudged her way past the celebratory crowd and kneeled down next to the man. Not bothering with an introduction just yet, she pressed a hand to his side and stopped the bleeding fully by controlling the flow of his blood away from the wound. Once she had control of that, she coaxed his blood to push out the bullet. Likely painful, but necessary. She watched the bit of metal fall to the ground, then pressed a clean bandage against his side that she had grabbed before running over to him.

    "I don't know either of those people, I'm sorry. My name is Leila. It's a great pleasure to meet you, Lucien. I'm going to assume you aren't from around here," she said afterward with a smile, looking up at him. Tumn had crawled along the ground and was sniffing at Lucien's knee, cautious but curious. He had sustained no injuries, and Leila had already tended to her own. A few minor cuts and a bruise on her outer left thigh, that was all. Very lucky indeed.
  5. Lucien heard the voice before he saw the beautiful blue clad woman push her way through the crowd. He watched curiously as she immediately tended to his wound. He grimaced when he felt his body reject the foreign metal and sighed in relief as it fell to the ground. That was the hard part. He focused the last of his energy on healing over the wound, giving his skin a slight blue tint while the magic worked to pull everything back together and then it dissipated. His eyes turned to the dragon youngling present scenting him. It was an odd green color when he was used to only black dragons. He didn't know what that meant so he watched the creature cautiously.

    He sighed when the woman mentioned she had no knowledge of his parents. That meant they didn't make it through the portal and he was alone. These people didn't seem without means though so he might be able to make a life here. He smiled politely to the woman who called herself Leila. "A pleasure Leila. No I am not from here. I come from a world known as Lyrak. I was shuttled through a portal my father created just before it was destroyed." He ripped his eyes away from the small dragon to look her over. "You've sustained injuries. If I could get my energy back I could help you heal and any others who have been injured in the attack. Tell me...Do you make Sapphire Mint Tea?"

    He waited patiently for her response, not knowing the reason people were clapping and celebrating. Was it not natural for people to defend their home? This was not his home, yet, but the women and children needed to be protected from such attacks. Children were the key to any world's survival.
  6. "Sapphire Mint? Hm, not that I'm aware of. You'd have to speak to the herbalist, who is probably amongst the crowd that you see hooting and hollaring like a bunch of overly happy fools. The soldiers will be back thricefold, I don't know why they're so excited.." she mused, then sighed and shook her head. "Anyhow. We do have regular mint tea, that much I am certain. There is also a few others, but if you're looking for something to regenerate lost energies, I would recommend Dragonsblood Ale. Just a shot and you'll feel as though you've slept a week. It might make you dizzy for an hour or two, though," she went on absently, not realizing that she might be babbling a little bit.

    "Tumn! Be nice and introduce yourself instead of sniffing our new guest like a dog," she chided the small dragon. It huffed out a tiny wisp of smoke and skittered up her leg, perching on her shoulder as it eyed Lucien. After a moment, he began chittering like a small bird, tilting his head a bit. "He said hello and it's a pleasure to meet you. He can be hard to understand at first," Leila explained, then stood and offered a hand to Lucien. "If you come with me, I can take you to the herbalist and we can get you back to where you'd like to be. Health-wise, at least."
  7. Lucien smiled at her as he listened to her speak. She seemed to be talking a mile a minute and he was only catching on to half of what she was saying. His eyes darted to the dragonlet that she let climb her so freely. Maybe the green ones were the friendly ones? Then it chittered at him. It was the weirdest noise he thought he had ever heard. After Leila translated what the beast had said he bowed his head to him in respect as he had been taught to do. "As far as the herbalist goes, I believe they could help with the mint, but I would have to find a miner for the sapphire stone," he said accepting her hand up. He walked back over to where he had dropped his cloak and slung it over his shoulder. As he waded through the crowd with her, he politely nodded and smiled to the people cheering him.

    Thinking about what she had said about the soldiers he asked, "Do they attack your village often? Are there precautionary steps that I could help with? Since I have no home to return to, if your society would accept me enough to let me stay I would like to help in your defenses. I'm not hugely knowledgeable in the theory of tactics but I remember what my father taught me." He felt like he should offer. She had healed him with her powers and was still willing to help him get back to health, the least he could do was make sure she would be safe.
  8. Leila considered what Lucien was saying, now even more curious. A miner? He meant a real sapphire, then, but how would a sapphire stone be part of mint tea? Perhaps he meant to swallow it along with the tea, or put it in the bottom of the cup to soak. It seemed silly to her, but there was always a chance that sapphires in the place where he came from were different than the ones that they had here. She'd just have to find out. Nodding to a few of the people who waved as they passed by, her thoughts slid to the soldiers and she shrugged a little.

    "Not as often as they used to. Once a week or so. It's usually not an attack like this. They've never brought guns before. Normally they show up looking for volunteers for the war, but we always say no. None of us want to fight a battle that isn't ours, and defend people who think that we should be slain ourselves in cold blood," she explained, a faint frown on her face. "My people are leaving this town. Preparations begin tonight to journey to another city of water people. You can come with us," she offered, giving him a friendly smile since she wasn't sure if he'd want to or not. Probably, if he didn't know anybody else.
  9. "I wonder if maybe they attacked because of me. And if so I apologize. I never meant for any harm to come to your people," his brow creased in concern. This destruction could have very well been because the portal caused a disturbance the outsiders didn't understand and therefore found a threat. Them bringing him here could have caused the trouble. He weighed her invitation, looking on both sides. If he traveled with them he could help protect them. But what if him travelling with them would bring them more harm and possibly lead the soldiers to the other settlement. He kept the pace with her but a frown formed on his face as he was thinking.

    "I suppose there's nothing for me here if you are all leaving. I can make the trip with you but I don't know if its safe for you if I stay. I don't want to cause you more trouble." He was being sincere. He would see them to safety but then, unless something intrigued him to stay, he should probably leave them in peace. He was curious about her people, water people as she called them. His thirst for knowledge was ever present. He supposed he would learn as much as he could while he was there. "You call yourself water people. What does that mean exactly?" He hoped she wouldn't find his questions too personal. He liked her blue hair, it was unique. And the way she was so exposed, it was risky to not wear some kind of armor but perhaps they had another way of defending themselves.
  10. "I doubt that it was your fault. Tension has been building for a long time. Plans to leave this area have been in the works for weeks, you are not the cause of that. Don't blame yourself," she advised, giving him a reassuring smile. Though, in the back of her mind, she did wonder. Things had been getting closer and closer to violence between the two groups, but had Lucien been that tipping point that the soldiers were looking for to attack? Possible, but she did doubt it, as she had said. She was being honest with him. Chances were that the soldiers had no idea he was here. One would think that if they did know, they would have prepared with more than guns. All possibilities covered, that sort of thing. There were, after all, cities in the South with those who could control lightning and electric currents. It probably wasn't the same as what he had done, but it was still better than a bullet.

    "It would be good for you to travel with us and get to know the land," she agreed, nodding. She smiled as he asked what she had meant. As they walked, she waved a hand in the air absently and held up a ball of water for him to look at. She had pulled the moisture from the air, and now she bounced it from hand to hand without it losing the ball shape. After a moment, she spread her hands and it stretched to a long rope shape, which she snapped like a whip up into the sky. When she released it, it vanished. "Water people," she said simply, laughing a bit as they reached the home of the herbalist. She knocked twice and waited, wondering if he was even home or still out celebrating.
  11. Lucien smiled as he watched her pull the water from the air and form it in the shape of a ball. Her tricks were playful but he was sure if she wanted to be she could be far more devastating. "How interesting," he said as he watched the water vanish back into the air, "Can you control it if it were solid and cold? Or does it have to be liquid. I've never met anyone that could ever do that. Some of the more powerful magi I knew could wrap the water in magic to carry it around but not control the water itself." He very definitely wanted to travel with these people. He could blend in with them manipulating his magic to look like theirs. Perhaps that would bring them less trouble.

    He still desperately needed the tea though. She mentioned they had a mint tea, if he could just find a sapphire stone he could turn it to just and mix it with the tea to drink. He double checked him belt to make sure his dagger was still in its sheath. It was ornamented with three blue zirconia gems, all enchanted so that when touched and a particular incantation was spoken they all had different functions. The first was dusting sapphires for tea. It was handcrafted by his father and given to him when he was a mere fifty years old. He wondered how old Leila was. He wouldn't ask, his mother always taught him never to ask a woman's age out of respect for her. He waited outside what looked to be possibly a home with her. As he looked around the village he pretty much figured a sapphire stone would be difficult to come by.
  12. Leila smiled as he asked about ice, leaning back against the door as she waited for Phillip to answer it - or not, as the case may very well be. She pulled another ball from the air and waved a hand over it to allow it to freeze solid. Another faint wave and it turned clear, a solid ball of heavy crystal. She handed it to him with a smile and glanced back at the door. There was no sound coming from inside.

    "Phillip's not home. Let's go find him. Oh, wait. First.." she said, then paused and plucked a sapphire from her necklace and handed it to him. "Here. Don't feel badly about taking it, either. We have bowls of them all over the place," she said, waving a dismissive hand. She hopped down the stairs and gestured for him to follow her, moving back toward the crowd. A few feet away, she stopped and scanned the people thoughtfully. Nope, no, not him, no.. Ah! She smiled and drew her hand back as though about to throw something, then snapped it outward and a long rope of water coiled around the waist of the herbalist. She yanked him over to them and he blinked, then grinned at the stranger.

    "Ah! Well, Leila, you got my attention. This is our hero of the hour, hm? I assume you need something for that nasty wound," he said cheerfully, shifting his glasses as he smiled at Leila.

    "Not quite. All we're looking for is some mint tea, or sapphire mint tea if you have it. I don't have any at home," she said, and he blinked. Rummaging around in a pack at his waist, he pulled out a little packet and handed it to her.

    "Here you are! Free of charge, you understand. Sapphire mint tea, what is that? Sounds fascinating!" he said, then looked up as somebody else called for his attention. "Another time, perhaps?" he asked, saluting Lucien quickly before running off back into the crowd.
  13. Lucien smiled as she manipulated the water into ice and then was amazed by the large ball of crystal she produced. He gladly took it when she gave it to him and then followed her back to the crowd. He outright laughed as she got the attention of the herbalist by dragging him to her. If he had ever done that to any of the ancients back home he would have been severely punished. Everyone seemed so carefree, using their magics as if it never ran out. He nodded to Phillip wondering what he meant by 'hero of the hour'. In his mind he had just done what he thought was necessary. As far as the wound went, he completely forgot he still had the bandage on but underneath it the skin was pristine as if he had never been injured.

    He nodded again as the herbalist rushed off to assist another and turned to Leila. "I'm going to assume that since you can make the water you harvest cold that you can make it hot as well." He smiled at her. He was starting to really like her attitude. It reminded him of himself when he was younger, before he was taught discipline by his parents. "Do one of these homes belong to you? Perhaps after I drink the tea I can help you gather your personal items for the move." He put the clear crystal in a side pouch on his belt but kept the sapphire she had given him in his hand for safe keeping.
  14. Leila nodded and formed another ball of water, then concentrated until it was steaming. In her other hand, she formed a crystal glass and dumped the hot water into it, then handed it to him along with the packet of mint tea.

    "Making it hot takes a bit more since hot water isn't a natural form. Ice, obviously, is a natural form of water. The crystal is a gift, some of us can't make it. Nobody knows why," she explained easily, walking with him around the crowd and down the street. "I would appreciate the help, thank you. I don't have much but it's nice to have company when doing something as boring as packing. I'm certain that we can get you clothes from some of the others as well, since I would imagine you don't want to be stuck in the same things for days and didn't bring a pack that I can see," she added with a smile.

    She walked up to a small home, pulling a small silver key from the chain at her waist to unlock the door. After wandering inside, she went up the stairs and opened another door.

    "This would be my room. I rent it from the family who owns this home, since I don't really need an entire house for just myself," she explained, gesturing to the room. A hammock was slung in front of the wide window since she loved watching the stars while preparing to sleep. A blanket hung from it, dark blue and covered in white swirls. Along the left wall were a small dresser with a hand mirror on top, a crystal guitar, and a basin carved of stone. On the right wall were an empty satchel, a set of shelves decorated with intricate crystal figurines, and a single picture of a young girl with an elderly woman.
  15. Lucien thanked her for the steaming glass of water and immediately placed the tea bag in to steep as they walked. The aroma of the mint hitting his nostrils heightened his spirits quickly. Soon he would be at full power again. He followed Leila to her home and listened to her explanation of her living arrangements. He smiled as his eyes perused the contents of her bedroom, very simple and not much there but he could tell that each piece meant something to her. He had not been able to bring anything with him except for what was on his person when he was blown through the portal.

    He walked over to the picture and looked at the two females. He was guessing the younger of the two was her so he inquired, "This older woman, is she related to you? Perhaps a family member? Forgive me if its too personal of a question. Please don't answer it if it makes you uncomfortable." That was the last thing he wanted. He felt at ease in her company and hoped that she felt the same in his.

    He placed the glass down on the dresser and put the sapphire stone in the center of his palm. Unsheathing his dagger, he touched the gem with the tip, his thumb over the first blue zirconia on the hilt of the blade. He whispered the three words of the incantation in the ancient Lyrakai tongue and watched the sapphire turn into a very fine dust which he then dumped into the tea. He blew on the surface of the hot water and watched it start to swirl, mixing the powder into the liquid. Once it was well mixed, he took a small sip. Just as he remembered. He smiled at her as the incandescence of his eyes returned.
  16. "Oh, yes. Her name was Emera. She was an Elder here in town, one of the most respected. When I was young she took me in. I never knew my real parents, but despite her being so far past her prime, she never hesitated taking in another child," she explained, then laughed a bit. "I think I wore her out more than she'd ever admit. She passed on a few weeks ago, but she accomplished every single thing in life that she had ever wanted to do. She was finished here and wanted the next adventure," she added with a calm smile, looking at the picture fondly before moving over to pick up her pack.

    She set it on the hammock and began folding and rolling her blanket to attach to the bottom with a small pillow tucked inside, Once it was on, she turned and saw that Lucien had crushed the sapphire and was dumping it into his tea. That was fascinating to her, and it answered what he had meant about the type of tea he needed. Pondering a moment, she walked over to her shelves and pulled down a small bowl that was nearly overflowing with small sapphires. She moved to the dresser and set it down in front of him.

    "Take these, in case you need them later," she offered, then took a bundle of clothing from the dresser. She tossed it on the hammock and wrapped the mirror in a shirt, then tucked it into the satchel. The guitar and figurines, she melted all down to a ball of water and let it dissipate. They could be easily remade later. The basin, she filled with folded clothes and tucked into the satchel. Once the last of her clothes were inside, she wound up her hammock and tucked that inside as well. She picked up the picture and tucked that in between the soft bundles last, then looked around. Finished already and all that remained was a dresser that she had borrowed.

    "Would you like to look around the town? It'd be a shame to not see it before we leave."
  17. Lucien smiled warmly at her as she shared a piece of her past with him. The woman meant a lot to her, he caught that by the way she spoke about her. He very much wanted to run his fingers through her hair as his mother had done with him as a child, a soothing gesture that calmed him, but he remained motionless except sipping his drink. His eyes went wide when she set a bowl teeming with sapphires in front of him, offering for him to take them with him. "Are these not precious in this world? I've never seen so many in my entire life. I couldn't possibly take them. Maybe we could put them in your pack instead." She was extremely selfless in her actions. He liked that about her because he liked to believe he was the same but by no means was he going to take advantage.

    He watched her pack the rest of her things as he drained the rest of his tea. He could feel the sapphire infusing itself into his system revitalizing his magic. He still had not touched the gems when she offered to take him around town. He nodded, "That would be lovely." He pulled an empty leather pouch off his belt and dumped the stones into it, tying the top so none would escape and then tried to hand the sack to her. He had a feeling she might not accept it but he would try anyway. "I would very much like to meet some of the people I will be travelling with," he stated. Her society was very unique and so far he liked everything he had seen from them. They were kind and caring and treated everyone else like they were family. Unlike in his homeland where everyone was cold and barely tolerated anyone not of their bloodline.
  18. Leila took the small pouch of sapphires from him without a word of protest since she felt that arguing would be useless. She picked up her pack and slung it over her shoulder with ease - one good thing about having a lack of personal belongings, moving was a lot easier. As she walked past him, she slipped the pouch into his pocket with a smile.

    "They are precious in some parts of the world, but not around here. My people enjoy them because they remind us of the ocean. There are hundreds of thousands, all within a mile of where we stand right now. The place where we are moving to is the same - saturated with sapphires. It's the same as how the earth people prefer to surround themselves with emeralds, I suppose," she explained as she walked down the stairs, leaving her pack beside the door before moving outside. Most people were packing up their vehicles, chattering amongst neighbors as they prepared for the move. Nobody seemed to be in a foul mood.

    "Come on, I want to show you my absolute favorite spot in the whole world before I show you the shops," she said, taking his hand and leading him around behind the house. There was a dense forest, but an obvious winding path that led up a hill. It would take a few minutes to get there, so she figured she might as well get to know him while they walked. "So, Lucien, where are you from? Is it much different than here?" she asked, glancing at him curiously.
  19. Lucien was not used to the contact of others but he didn't take his hand away from hers, instead he entwined his fingers with hers enjoying the warmth. "My world of Lyrak was much different. The sun was taken from my people a few hundred years ago. Some said it was because we angered the gods, others said it was because it just imploded into nothing. I was so cold there, everything was and in time the Lyrakai turned cold in disposition as well. My settlement was in the jagged peaks of the mountains. Black stone towers that we cut our buildings and homes into. Sapphires grew scarce at about my eightieth year so we used our magic sparingly. My village was made up of a very small amount of people. We were the King's protection. My father was his hand of justice, my mother his healer. I was training in both arts. The castle was large but empty. It used to house the King's dragons as well. Large black scaled dragons that pack a nasty poisonous bite. I got bit by a dragonlet when I was young. It almost killed me. About a hundred years ago the dragons turned against us. They rebelled against the King's control and started destroying everything. The last bit was decimated when I came through the portal. My mother and father were supposed to come with me but they didn't make it. Our magi and healers were low on energy so they couldn't defend very well. Its all gone now," he explained. He couldn't believe he was just going on and on. He never thought he would be able to be so open with anyone. "I like this world," he smiled, "Everything is so warm. The people actually care about others and it doesn't matter if they are family or not. Your magic is very unique. To be able to control one of the four major elements is amazing. And here I am rambling. This is probably boring you." He looked down, watching the path as it wound through the trees.
  20. "No, it's not boring at all! It's fascinating!" she exclaimed, having been listening in rapt silence the entire time that he spoke. She was being completely honest with him. Never had she heard of such a dark and dismal place, so cold and seemingly distant. She could not imagine living without the sun in her life every day. Though she loved the rain, she was most joyous when the sun emerged and cast rainbows across the wet leaves. "Growing up in such a place must have been hard, I can't imag- Wait. Wait, wait. Back up a minute," she suddenly said, stopping in her tracks even though they were almost to the top.

    "The way you're talking.. You were around for most if not all of that," she said, then paused. He had said eightieth, not eighth, as she had first been thinking. She tilted her head a fraction, eying him closey. "Lucien, how old are you?" she asked carefully, not sure if he'd take offense or not.