Another World .::. a one direction role-play .::. 4/4 spots open!

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    Hi! Welcome to my little role play! First off, I want three things to be followed before we begin with this fun role play:

    - No perfect characters. Please have them be quite flawed.
    - Please be active! I want people to role play with people who actually post, not someone who posts once a week.
    - Please try to be a little literate! That isn't too much to ask for, is it? A little proper spelling and grammar?


    Camping. That's right. Camping. Five friends go out to a special reserve in the middle of no where, wanting to have a little relaxation to themselves. What they didn't expect was five phenominiall, brilliam, extraordinharry, fablouis and amazayn boys from the boy band One Direction to be there as well. Being the only ten people to share one huge log cabin mansion, there is no one else. Just you ten. It can be quite dangerous as the nearest hospital is two hours of 70 mph driving away, animals who don't like humans can be very deadly, illness is quite easy to get if you aren't used to things in the wilderness and storms? You think you've seen anything comparable to what this place can get like? Wrong. The ten will have to get along, and who knows, maybe some romance will bloom up. If not, that's quite a lot of money wasted and it isn't the most sane to drive back alone... Remember, it's ONLY supposed to be just you ten. What if there's someone else out there in the woods? Haha, if anyone can live in the wild of that place for a while, I don't believe they will be sane... ;) Have fun!

    { in role play is red, out of role play is white }
    .::. 09/26/14 ;; this role-play was made and opened! I'm still working on Zayn's, Liam's, Harry's and Louis' descriptions. Sorry about that.

    .::. Everyone has arrived to the reserve! No one is really allowed to leave until everyone in the group of their gender is ready to leave...


    { You HAVE to be a lad as well as a female character. That way it is fair for everyone. }

    .:: ONE DIRECTION ::.
    Louis Tomlinson :: 22 :: Male :: no set-up yet :: open
    Harry Styles :: 20 :: Male :: no set-up yet :: taken (stormfly)
    Liam Payne :: 21 :: Male :: no set-up yet :: open
    Zayn Malik :: 21 :: Male :: no set-up yet :: open
    Niall Horan :: 21 :: Male :: no set-up yet :: open

    { It is set up as current time. So Louis is not single, therefore, will be harder to get the attention of that your character may want. Zayn will be even harder to get o be in love, as he is engaged to Perry at the moment in this role play as well. Niall, Liam and Harry will be single as rumors are so confusing. So, we will just say those three are single. }

    .:: THE GIRLS ::.
    Name :: Age :: Female :: Louis Tomlinson :: open
    Name :: Age :: Female :: Harry Styles :: open
    Name :: Age :: Female :: Liam Payne :: open
    Name :: Age :: Female :: Zayn Malik :: open
    Nyra Miller :: 19 :: Female :: Niall Horan :: taken (stormfly)

    { Key::
    Name :: Age :: Female :: name of future boyfriend :: spot availability }

    .::. MAIN HINTS -
    .:: Being his close friend will automatically make him start to crush on you. By the time you are best friends, he will have a full huge crush on you.
    .:: Once you become good friends with Louis and Zayn, they will start to also crush on you. But, they will break up with the girl they are dating/engaged to only once you become best friends.
    .:: Keep close to each individual hint for each boy. Make sure your character doesn't fall under what they tend to not like. Otherwise this might prove difficult.
    .:: Bromances are always welcome, as stated. They are all best friends, but the two names that are listed are the one that the boy can have heated moments with.
    .:: Love triangles are quite welcome. In fact, I almost encourage it. But, becoming more than best friends with a boy who you didn't chose is not a option as well as having heated moments { as in clothes coming off. kissing and hugging is okay. :) } with a boy that is not your set-up. Flirting and becoming VERY close with them is okay. ;)
    - For the girls, the romance and heated up moments are only for the girls with a (*) before their name. If that is not there, then there are no heated up/romance moments allowed with the same gender.
    - For your boy, keep track of the relationship between him and the girl he is set up with. Please keep me updated because I might not read everything. And only you can determine where they stand. Not me, not the person who role plays the girl, but you.
    - It IS possible that the boy you are dating, once you get to that point, will and can break up with you. It is also possible to become enemies with the boy you want to be set up with. Don't worry, you can hopefully fix everything. You can't hate each other forever. :)

    - By the way, as stated somewhere on here as well, you MUST role play one of the lads as well as a girl, so everyone can get their fair share of romance. And try to stick to their personalities as close as possible. The boys are what they are known to be like, accept for Harry and Zayn. Despite what most know/think, Harry isn't too much of a flirt. HE actually will be the hardest to get close with and the easiest to make mistakes with as well as Zayn being a slight more of a flirt than what we know...

    Joining Form
    { Delete everything in the (parenthesis) please }

    Full Name: (first, middle, last)
    Nickname: (things she is called by)
    Family: (siblings only please and if they are younger or older)
    From: (City, State, Country)
    Best Friends: (Save for me, because we need all five girls to complete this)
    Known as: (like mine. Are they a flirt, bad girl, mysterious, joker, ect.?)
    Natrual Hair Color:
    Hair Color: (if she dyed her hair)
    Common Hairstyles: (braid, ponytail, bun, down, ect...)
    Make-Up: (what type, color and how much)
    Eye Color:
    Glasses, Contacts or none?:
    Skin Tone:
    Favorite Clothing Style: (country, big city urban, rural city, girly, gangster, ect...)
    Jewelry: (earrings, necklaces, braclets, ect...)
    Fears: (+3)
    Dislikes: (+10)
    Favorite Color:
    Favorite Animal:
    Favorite Food:
    Favorite Movie:
    Favorite Book:
    Favorite Sport:
    Favorite Country:
    Favorite Song:
    Favorite Band:
    Favorite Singer:
    Favorite Football {soccer} Team:
    Favorite Drink:
    Favorite Candy:
    Favorite YouTuber:
    Single or Not?:
    Boyfriend Description { if in relationship }:
    Past Boyfriends { if any }:
    Boy You Will Role-Play:

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