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  1. Okay, during the weekends every rp I'm part of seem to go into a coma until Monday. Which means I'll have little to do most of it. So to the point: I'm looking for someone who's active, preferably during the whole week. A couple of posts a day is preferred, but any amount will do. And I prefer someone with decent/good grammar.

    As for setting: I prefer a fantasy, modern-fantasy or sci-fi setting, mostly due to me liking to rp as a non-human. I'm open for pretty much anything that isn't twilight though. :3

    As for plot: If you have a idea, great. If you don't, we can discuss it, and try to come up with something :3

    Hope to hear from someone :3
  2. Hallelujah, another anti-Twitard :) I'm really interested, but I don't really have many plot ideas. I usually post two-three times a day and check the forums multiple times a day. I don't post anything with more than seven grammatical errors and post a minimum of two paragraphs per post.
  3. Well, you sound like a promising candidate then :3
    Do you have any preferred settings? A lot easier to come up with a plot if we agree on that, eh? :P
  4. Not really but I have an idea:

    Have a "Planet of the Apes" sorta theme and have some sort of super being (I don't care what) has taken control of Earth and humans are slaves/pets. I don't care if romance ensues or not that's your choice.
  5. Having actually seen "planet of the apes" would probably have helped right now >_> But I know the general stuff about it! (I think)
    Okay, super-being controlling earth... Like, say, one very powerful person with great magic powers? Of a necromantic nature? Possibly even a more or less immortal one, like, say, a lich?
  6. Sure ^_^ sounds good. I was thinking the surroundings could be post apocalyptic oasis in whatever country you like.
  7. Well, with it being post-apocalyptic, I doubt the country will have that much to say :P
    "The war to contain the mortals was a long and bloody one. For them, at least. My forces only grew stronger for each of their's that fell. In the end there were only a few patches of land that the mortals can still live on. The rest is dead wasteland. But now there is no more war. Now there is only my eternal reign." - Zar'Vandir, Arch-lich, and ruler of the planet.
    Just an idea for the lich's view on the world atm :3
  8. That's good; I like it ^^. So how will the human and loch meet and whatnot.
  9. Ummmmmmmmmm....
    Lord Lich VonLichenstein is walking around the local village/town/whatever, inspecting it, or simply having a look at the simple lives of the simple humans? And/or, your's approaches him for some reason, begging him for more food for the people or something?
  10. Okay, anything else we should clarify then? Or should one of us start the IC thread?
  11. you need me to do a character sheet and what should the title be?
  12. If you want to make a character sheet, then go ahead :3
    If you do, I'll make one as well, but if not then not. :P
    And title....... "When the dead rule the living"? God, I'm horrible at titles >_<
  13. Name: Zaria of Hunter

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Village: Minasbeld; She lives in a shack in a hill just outside of Minasbeld that only has one room. There is a basement where she keeps various rare and exotic animals.

    Appearance: Like most of the people in Minasbeld, Zaria is very poor. She has to live off the land to survive which means she is usually covered in dirt or blood from a kill. Zaria also has sharpened teeth and a tattoo on her arm with her family crest.

    Personality: Zaria hates the oppressive gov't as well as the Lord and Lady who suck Minasbeld dry of all income and resources. She tends to be negative, dark and sarcastic. Zaria is extremely observant and focused. She often relies on her instinct.

    Weapons: Zaria will sometimes use her animals or a simple spear.

    Skills: Zaria is an excellent hunter and seems to understand animal instinct.

    Occupation: Zaria is an animal trader, trainer, and a hunter.

    History: Zaria's parents died on a hunt when she was thirteen. She's been keeping up the family business ever since and has travelled the world both hunting and collecting exotic animals. She's well known in her village as being a possessed woman as well as a heretic. However, no one reports her because she gives meat to the villagers twice a week.

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  14. Name: Arch-Lich Zar'Vandir

    Age: 964

    Race: Was human once, yet has been a lich for about 900 years now.

    Home: Nervora, his great fortress. Several of his lesser liches also live there.

    Appearance: Has long ago lost all his skin and flesh, making him a walking skeleton in robes. He has a slight green glow coming from his skull. Mostly wear dark robes, most of which are old and worn.

    Personality: Most see him as emotionless, yet he actually is a rather nice person. Few see it though, as he mostly does not care much for each individual human.

    Weapons: Mostly his staff, to channel his magic better and a sacrificial dagger, in case someone gets to close. Mostly unneeded nowadays though.

    Skills: The greatest necromancer in the world and has become good at managing his empire.

    Occupation: Arch-Lich, and ruler of the world.

    History: Grew up in a normal family, having a normal life. That was, until the revolution, at least. The young child, at that time known as Peter DeVance, was too young to be taken by any of the armies, yet both his father and older brothers were taken into the armies against the current leaders. None of the survived, as the rebels failed and most of them got slaughtered. Peter wanted little more than to bring his father and brothers back, finding necromancy to be the only way. Yet by the time he had mastered it well enough, there was nothing left to resurrect. That day, he vowed to make sure such a thing wouldn't have to happen again. And he decided that the best way to achieve that was to gather all the words bickering kingdoms and empires into one, great empire.
    A great many decades later, he regretted how many had to die for the cause, yet his goal was achieved. Now the only thing left to do was keep it that way.

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  15. Okay the thread is up under "The Undead Ruler"
  16. Much better than my name, I'll admit
  17. Who should post first?? >.>
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