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  1. I figured I would try my hand with another partner search. I'm an advanced writer looking for other advanced writers, and the following are advanced plots. In case I haven't made myself clear, advanced, to me, means 500-800+ words per post, minimal grammar and spelling mistakes, and lots of thought, structure and character development. Dialogue heavy posts are the obvious exception, but I'd still like something more than a few lines. Here's where I'm going to sound like a jerk, but I really don't mean to: If you know that you're incapable of meeting my expectations or mirroring my posts, then please don't try and write with me. Nothing bothers me more than putting effort into a post, making it nice, and then getting one two sentences in return. If this happens, I'll immediately drop the RP and put you on ignore for wasting my time.

    I'm really looking for someone that I click with. If you play both genders equally, are a good communicator, like to contribute to the plot, then I invite you to take a look at the plots and pairings below!

    • Dancer/Bartender (MF or MM, Slice of Life, Drama, Romance)
      • Character A is a relatively new dancer downtown in a major city of our choosing. The club is a seedy place, but the workers make good money depending on who they impress. Character B is a bartender who knows just about everyone and keeps an eye on the entertainment just in case something goes wrong. One night, Character A is physically assaulted, and Character B steps in to help. A and B form a reluctant friendship that eventually turns into something more.
      • Open to tweaking, we can add all kinds of details and conflicts. I have no preferences on who I play. I also think MM would be interesting but MF is not a deal breaker.
    • Junkie/Junkie (MF or MM, Slice of Life, Drama, Romance, Angst, Dark)
      • Characters A and B are both junkies who meet however we choose. They quickly form a co-dependent relationship based on their addictions, and the RP will follow the trials and tribulations of drug use, love, and everything that complicates their lives. Eventually, they'll probably end up in rehab but whether or not they stay sober is debatable.
      • This needs some work and I'm open to whatever ideas are thought of. Something like this will tend to get dark very quickly, so I hope whoever chooses this one isn't squeamish.
      • Depending on what gender my partner would like to play, I may already have a character worked out.
    • Cop/Cop (MF or MM, Slice of Life, Crime, Drama, Romance)
      • Two detectives in a unit of our choosing attempt to navigate the high crime rate in a major city on top of their growing feelings for one another.
      • Needs a lot of work and will require doubling or tripling for side characters and a more complete setting.
    • Kirk/Spock (Fandom, Romance, Angst, Sci-Fi)
      • As a child, Jim (me) travels to Vulcan with his mother where she is to be stationed for the next six months with Starfleet. He quickly finds out that none of the Vulcan children want to play with him because he's loud, obnoxious, emotional and doesn't like chess. After a few weeks of being alone and bored, he meets Spock and the two quickly become friends because Spock is also an outcast.
      • This will be a really long RP with the first half starting in childhood and then we'll move along to their time at the academy where they reunite. The big conflict will come between those times where Jim is sent away by Sarek for becoming too close to Spock.
      • The conflict is open to change, but I'd really like for them to miss each other and have their friendship ended against their will.
      • Also open for other plots, but this one is the only one I have prepared in advance.
    • Kirk/Bones (Fandom, Romance, Sci-Fi, Angst)
      • After an extended mission in space (possibly post Into Darkness) Jim (me) travels to Georgia with Bones for the summer in order to relax and get away from everything. Their relationship has gone hot and cold and neither is sure what any of it means, but they're both hoping that the summer will give them some kind of idea.
      • Open to other plots if you've got them!
    • Doctor/Patient (MF or MM, Slice of Life, Medical, Romance, Angst, Drama)
      • Character A is sick with [something that isn't cancer] and is in the hospital pretty frequently. They develop a close friendship with their doctor, Character B. Eventually, Character A starts to improve and wants to take their relationship to the next level, even if it is unethical.
      • Needs a loooot of work.
      • No preference for either role.
    • Survivor/Survivor (MF or MM, Zombie Apocalypse, Romance, Fun Weapons)
      • No one is quite sure how or why it started, but five years ago there was an outbreak of a mysterious virus that started killing people and turning them into the undead. Inside of a fenced in camp, two people try and go about their lives as normally as possible with the threat of the being eaten alive looming over their heads.
      • Needs some work when it comes to specifics of the world, the disease, how the survivors are getting along but I did promise fun weapons, so I hope you like crossbows.
    • Human/Werewolf (MF or MM, Supernatural, Romance)
      • Exactly what you'd expect. A forest surrounding a small town is inhabited by werewolves. The human population doesn't understand them, or try to get along with them, so tensions are high at all times. The full moon is the most dangerous and a human usually ends up dead, even though the werewolf population tries to keep to themselves.
      • Needs some work to make it less cliche, so I'm open to lots of twists and turns.
    • Human/Vampire (MF or MM, Supernatural, Romance)
      • Pretty much the same as the plot above but with vampires. I'd prefer traditional vampires as opposed to what you'd find in Twilight.
      • Needs work, so prepare to plot.
    • Spy/Spy (MM, Drama, Thrills, Romance)
      • Character A works for the United States government in a secret, off the books, department that is devoted to everything from security and counter-terrorism to cyber warfare, but Character A is a field agent with a successful career. Six months ago, Character A made a series of foolish mistakes that resulted in the death of his longtime partner and earned him time off to recover and collect himself. Now that he's back at work, he meets Character B. Character B is a double agent for an enemy country and Character A's new partner.
      • The specifics of this need work.
    • Survival Horror (MF or MM, Horror (obviously), Character Death)
      • Literally any horror scenario you can think of. I like blood and guts and the fear of a group hiding from a killer while slowly being picked off until there's only one left.
      • Would also take something based on Cabin In The Woods, but that's more a group thing. If you can think of anyone else who is interested in that sort of thing, please let me know because I have a bit of structure worked out already.
      • Also, sci-fi horror is really fun.
      • Doubling and tripling is encouraged because characters are going to die. There's no way around it.
    • Building An Empire (MF or MM, Futuristic?, Grey Morals, Dark Themes, Romance (probably))
      • Character A is a young chemist for a pharmaceutical company. After developing a new drug to treat [something benign and harmless] they find that the rats in the early stages of the trial become incredibly euphoric for extended periods of time and after more research, Character A finds out that they've created something better than heroin. Only a few of the rats experience massive internal hemorrhaging, and Character A decides that's worth the risk. Realizing what they have in their hands, Character A destroys the results from the trials and forges new documents stating that the pill was a failure. They bring the formula home with them, along with stolen equipment from the lab and began to make their own drugs in the basement of their home. Character B works in distribution and promises to make Character A a lot of money as long as they can get in on the business too.
      • Needs some work.
      • Side characters encouraged to make a more complete world.
    Aaaaand...because I'm weird.

    • Ask Me About My RPF (real person fiction)
      • Wordplay As Foreplay/Pinto
      • I'll take a shot at just about anyone I'm familiar with because a lot of fun can be had with celebrity/celebrity
      • Also open to celebrity/regular person
    I hope you found something that you like. If you're over eighteen and would like to do one of these plots, or can think of something that I might like, post here or send me a PM!
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    Anyone? :c I'd really like to do some of these.

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  3. I'd be interested in your werewolf one.
  4. I'm quite interested in a few of yor ideas, specifically the Dancer/Bartender (M/M), Kirk/Spock, and Human/Vampire (M/M)
  5. Awesome! :3 They're all open, so take your pick!
  6. Dancer/Bartender FTW!
  7. I'll PM you :3
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    Still looking for partners if anyone wants to take a crack at some of these plots. If you don't see anything you like, I'm always open to suggestions!
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